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Rush by AlexandriteTheGreat
Rushby AlexandriteTheGreat
All new life on Cybertorn was extinguished during the war. Not a single sparkling remained. But years later, on Earth, the Autobots uncover a small stasis pod, holding a...
The Unity Of Two by Emil678
The Unity Of Twoby Emilh
Once upon a time, Primus and Unicron got up to some funky business, had a creation and lived happily ever after. But then a war broke out. And their happy lives are shat...
The Little Sparkling-TFP OC Fanfiction by PrObLeMsWithME
The Little Sparkling-TFP OC ❤
When an escape pod crashes on earth, the Autobots investigate the pod to find a Predacon Sparkling. What will they do, and who will care for it? (I DO NOT OWN TFP IN AN...
Seeker Parenting by AzureumVxV
Seeker Parentingby -Kaeya's no. 1 simper-
What if Starscream had a Seeker sparkling with him during the war? Everyone thinks Seeker parenting is like normal parenting, but no, they. are. wrong. A story on where...
Megatron's Vehicon by GalaxiusOrca
Megatron's Vehiconby Galaxius Orca
The vehicons are a ruthless army cloned to do their warlords bidding. But they are not mindless. When a Vehicon knows that they're in danger they protect themselves, or...
Ratchet's Sparkling 🧡 Transformers Prime [Officially Discontinued] by DarkerStars
Ratchet's Sparkling 🧡 ⚡ꜱᴛᴀʀ ✨
•A TRANSFORMERS: PRIME FANFIC• Team Prime gains a new member when a lone sparkling is found in the clutches of the Decepticons. Unfortunately for Ratchet, the youngster...
Little Gladiator by nickelouschloride
Little Gladiatorby Nicky
Transformers Prime AU: In the waning vorns of Cybertron's Golden Age, Bumblebee grows up to be a fearsome gladiator under Megatron's tutelage. But there's more to Bee th...
The Spark of the Decepticons by DandyDaisy4
The Spark of the Decepticonsby Daisy
What will happen when the Decepticons find a young femme sparkling that just crashed landed? Will Lord Megatron ignore the helpless sparkling, or will he give in to the...
Reborn as a Sparkling in Transformers Prime by WhiteWolfNinja
Reborn as a Sparkling in WhiteWolfNinja
Read Intro because that is basically a description there will most likely be swearing but in Cybertronian.
Sparkling: Transformers Prime Fanfic by BiancaEvans2
Sparkling: Transformers Prime LegolasG5*
This story starts in the second season of Transformers Prime. In between Operation Bumblebee and Loose Cannons. A pod landed not far from the autobots base. Inside was a...
Beware Of The Silent One's by Unexplained_Council
Beware Of The Silent One'sby 🔪 Kitty Baby!! <33
|||~21 Different Ranks-Highest: #1~||| |||~#1 In Transformers~||| |||~Streak Since: 9/18/18~||| Once long ago, when Cybertron was filled with life, there was the most fe...
Raising a Sparkling Together (And Apart) by kaitlynn-bush
Raising a Sparkling Together ( sourcherry
From behind him, he heard Breakdown step closer and start the cannon on his back. Knockout pulled the object closer protectively before slowly turning to face his conjun...
Not Only A Prime by MaxForgotLogic
Not Only A Primeby Max Night
Optimus and Ratchet have bonded for a short period of time, and with being bonded comes little surprises. (Ratchet X Prime) (Warnings: mechpreg, doesn't really have a p...
Forgotten Soul by Drangerwolf
Forgotten Soulby Drangerwolf
Soundwave found a sparkling on a mission that would change his life forever
Another Chance by JumperBee
Another Chanceby CliffBumble
This is a reader sparkling reborn story their ganna be called "they"
Son of Airachnid (Transformers prime) by springtrap3glass
Son of Airachnid (Transformers springtrap 3glass
Megatron and Airachnid Have a sparkling who was raised on earth by humans. do I really need to say more
New Life  by UsualGeneration
New Life by UsualGeneration
Jack, Miko and Raf are accidentally turned into sparklings. Rewrite for 'The World From a Different Point of View'.
MY BABY BUMBLEBEE by AmandaMchugh7
MY BABY BUMBLEBEEby redbowedwriter
after a violent battle, bumblebee is found and taken in by the Autobots. Baby shenanigans ensue!
Book 1: Lively Silence (Soundwave x sparkling reader) by BrewolfHowl
Book 1: Lively Silence ( Firespark
After a Decepticon escape pod crash-landed on Earth, a new mystery was beheld. A sparkling. Upon her arrival, her new sire, Soundwave, has found that not all silence is...
Megatron's Missing Sparkling by TransformersRules
Megatron's Missing Sparklingby StormBlazer
Updated version of 'Megatron's lost Sparkling'. In this book, Ayla Monroe loves the Transformers Prime universe. No matter what universe she's watching, Ayla always feel...