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My Worst Enemy {Transformers Story} by DemonsDaughter
My Worst Enemy {Transformers Story}by DemonsDaughter
Lord Megatron has always found Starscream to be more trouble than he was worth, but when the idea of gaining more of the rare Seeker breed is placed in his processor, th...
Mother of the Transformers  by BlazeCharmeleon
Mother of the Transformers by BlazeCharmeleon
When Penny Drake finds a box full of metal robotic babies, she makes it her task to take care of the sparklings. Will she be able to take care of a bunch of adolescent c...
The Autobot's Sparkling by Neonlight05
The Autobot's Sparklingby Neonlight05 & Light_ Gal8620
(I do not own any idea of Transformer made by the Hasbro Company but I do own my own OCs. Again I so not own any idea of Transformer made by the Hasbro Company.) W-where...
Sarintetera  by Deijavu_prime
Sarintetera by Deijavu_prime
Sarintetera was only a sparkling when she was taken away from her parents and her sisters. She is the youngest of a triplet set which is very rare in Cybertron and she s...
Final Breath(OptimusxOC) by sweetnightmares807
Final Breath(OptimusxOC)by sweetnightmares807
When Unicron, Sparkfire's brother, had set out to destroy and enslave every race, Primus and Sparkfire tried to stop him. They succeeded, but her praxian doorwings were...
Lost and Found (TFP) by _error_1010
Lost and Found (TFP)by Enigma Primo
The Autobots and Decepticons were fighting as usual for Energon when they plunged into a hole, falling unceremoniously into the abyss. There was one massive Energon in t...
My Sparkling... by BillyBob893
My Billy Bob
There has always been many theories about Primus's sparkmate. Many Cybertronian think that every theories are false but only Alpha Trion know the truth. With the war be...
Baby Prime by CatDaddyAizawa
Baby Primeby 相澤「イレイザーヘッド」消太
My OC Technoaxe will be in the story as usual. Nothing belongs to me except Technoaxe.
The small scout by _Bunishi_
The small scoutby Bunishi
While looking for a relic optimus and bee get ambushed by decepticons and bee get hit by the relic and ... *Slow updates sorry :(*
Catformers RID: The Great Awakening by DarkReaper436
Catformers RID: The Great Awakeningby DarkReaper
Cora and Ray are back. Now will be joining a new series where they will meet new friends. Cora will be back as Lady Darkblade and Ray will be back as Sunblaster. They wi...
Baby Bee (series) CANCELED  by Drugged_Caffeine
Baby Bee (series) CANCELED by Peppermint
a series about a little Bumblebee and how his team treats him, find out more uwu G1 universe btw
Transformers Prime xReader Oneshots by starscreamsgirlfrend
Transformers Prime xReader Oneshotsby Starscream's Wife & Girlfriend
A story full of oneshots galore, all for you! Written carefully by an experienced writer! Enjoy! ♡Weekly updates! ♡Now includes Sparklings! ♡Almost all requests are ac...
TF children once by 7warsawa4
TF children onceby LongTimeNoSee
They were fighting over a relic, just Optimus and Megatron. This was a fight for leaders, no one else dear to interrupt. But then they suddenly were swallow by the light...
Transformers Prime - Broken Misery by JessicaMarie72
Transformers Prime - Broken Miseryby Jess
She's the daughter of Megatron. She's a fighting prodigy. She hates the Decepticons for the murder of her mother. And she's falling in love with WheelJack. What could po...
Blue Blood by _naraaa_
Blue Bloodby -Nara-
After blasting the autobot's base to ashes after Optimus Prime destroyed the Omega Lock, their only way of ever returning home, Megatron gets some news delivered to him...
Transformers Prime The Techno Organic Child by kathrynjacob
Transformers Prime The Techno kathrynjacob
(Just a heads up Breakdown is alive in this story and is Knockouts mate) Knockout and Breakdown have a beautiful sparkling, but they worry when she is born weak and Kno...
Sparkling Troubles by SpiderSilkTales
Sparkling Troublesby SpiderSilkTales
[ CANCELLED - sorry i'm not gonna be updating this anymore ] While on a mission, Bumblebee and Smokescreen are turned into what they never thought they'd be again... SP...
Back where you belong by 01bumblebeefan
Back where you belongby 01bumblebeefan
After fighting the Cons Team Teletran-1 start finding out more about Bumblebees past after the yellow mini was nearly killed in battle. But when the Decepticons catch wi...
Lollies  by TransformersFanHelp
Lollies by Smutlord
RiD2015 Grimlock x Reader) It's been years since your... "interesting" encounter with a Dinobot, but now you have your own adorable little one. stupid idea I'...
Newsparks- Hotshot x Medix (Rescue Bots Academy) by Dangergirl64
Newsparks- Hotshot x Medix ( Danger™
(Slow updates) Book 3 of the Medshot series! Hotshot and Medix have been married for 3 years now and are excited to welcome their first sparkling into the world. But, as...