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||Save me. . .|| by XStarVibezX
||Save me. . .||by Local Spicynoodles shipper
My AU Of Tfa Star'Scream!<3 A Tfa Starbee fanfic!~ I watched tfa and decided to make this into a Starbee book. ______________________ ______________________ "Fu...
Shadowfire by booklover542
Shadowfireby booklover542
Optimus' sister has a sparking to an unknown bot, and after her death Optimus sends the young femme to Earth for her own safety. When the Autobots take refuge on Earth y...
The Star needs the Sky by Ratchet26
The Star needs the Skyby doctor of doom
It's a normal day for Starscream, he had gotten back from the medbay due to the beating he got from Megatron, when in his room he decides he wants to switch sides, littl...
Mother of the Transformers  by BlazeCharmeleon
Mother of the Transformers by BlazeCharmeleon
When Penny Drake finds a box full of metal robotic babies, she makes it her task to take care of the sparklings. Will she be able to take care of a bunch of adolescent c...
Transformers Prime Reliving The Sparkling Years by kathrynjacob
Transformers Prime Reliving The kathrynjacob
Starscream just doing what was asked of him, finds himself in a bit of a mess. Having been turned into a sparkling. Mentally aware of everything and all his memories how...
Transformers Prime, What Was Once Lost (Reader Insert) by QueenRhubarb
Transformers Prime, What Was QueenRhubarb
(y/n) a young femme, the adopted daughter of the one and only Yoketron. The war had been raging on for many years when the cybercorp discovered that the decepticons were...
The Autobot's Sparkling by Neonlight05
The Autobot's Sparklingby Neonlight05
(I do not own any idea of Transformer made by the Hasbro Company but I do own my own OCs. Again I so not own any idea of Transformer made by the Hasbro Company.) W-where...
Unexpected Involvement by ShatteredGlassTfFan
Unexpected Involvementby SG_Starscream
It was a heat cycle. Nothing he couldn't handle, so long as he didn't involve himself with anything he'd regret.
Have I fallen for a lie? (Optimus and Megatron x oc) by AemondTargaryen2167
Have I fallen for a lie? ( Skyler Marcus
Rose pedal was the kindest and most beautiful femme anyone has known. She was best friends with both Megatronus and Orion Pax. She went with them when they went to the c...
Welcome little one by theofficialknockout
Welcome little oneby Knockout
Knockout and breakdown find out their going to be parents! let's just say there will be mixed emotions in the story. I don't really have a description for this story yet...
Transformers Prime Sparkling Adventures  by kathrynjacob
Transformers Prime Sparkling kathrynjacob
Three pods crash to earth, and what is inside shocks all cybertronians who live there. Three adults take on a tiny life, willing and all to happy to keep them safe f...
Transformers x reader one-shots by AssassinBlueX
Transformers x reader one-shotsby AssassinBlueX
All the autobots and decepticons here to love you and you only!
Cybertronian! Reader - TFP! Ratchet x Ex! Decepticon by Prima_Sirius_Pax
Cybertronian! Reader - TFP! Prima Sirius Pax
She had started to wonder if Megatron really was the good side of the war. Now, as she flees, she hopes she can find a family with the Autobots. She finds something like...
Soundwave's Vow by Da_Voices_In_My_Head
Soundwave's Vowby Schizo Writer
Everyone thinks Soundwave acts the way he does because of the vow he made to Megatron to not speak again until they stood on a restored Cybertron, but what if that vow w...
| The Last Omega | by TFP-Predaking
| The Last Omega |by -Predaking-
Dont own TFP, belongs to hasbro! Enjoy the Book if want
To Tame A Predacon [Completed] by RadioActiveSpino
To Tame A Predacon [Completed]by Spino
Jaws, one of the apex predacons on cybertron is locked into a living death, frozen in ice. She is excavated by the decepticon troopers eons after the great cataclysm tha...
Wounded Spark by NorthWindsOfArk
Wounded Sparkby NorthWindsOfArk
"There was thirty seven Primes, only thirteen survived the battle against Unicron. Now only two Primes remain and I am one of those two..." Perhaps the Great C...
Starscream's Secret Life by TheRingGeneral
Starscream's Secret Lifeby TheRingGeneral
Starscream; everyone knows him as the loyal second in command of the Decepticons. But, little does anyone know that the seeker has a whole other life that one knows abou...
Lollies  by TransformersFanHelp
Lollies by Smutlord
RiD2015 Grimlock x Reader) It's been years since your... "interesting" encounter with a Dinobot, but now you have your own adorable little one. stupid idea I'...