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My Crazy Hot Interstellar Affair by BrittanieCharmintine
My Crazy Hot Interstellar Affairby BrittanieCharmintine
[This story is now FREE!] When Andie Bank agreed to take a job to help save her friend's reputation, it wasn't supposed to end up in a romance-fueled galactic rescue mis...
The Descent by TechieInAK
The Descentby Mattias Ahlvin
After Denton foils a terrorist attack at an Intergalactic sporting event, he finds himself racing to save his homeworld from a plot of betrayal and revenge. ...
Star trek lower decks//malereader  by IronDragon19
Star trek lower decks//malereader by
Space....the final frontier- Oh what the heck, I'll cut it short. YN has join the USS Cerritos as a ensin security and who is in the lower decks with his friends. Howeve...
A Starship Called Starsong by CrystalScherer
A Starship Called Starsongby Crystal Scherer
Computer updates are simple, right? Apparently, that's not always the case when it involves a Spaceship's AI in the middle of deep space. We have always relied upon tech...
A Man With Sins [ Doctor Who ] by GalleonGalaxy
A Man With Sins [ Doctor Who ]by Invasive
Caramillia Jonicale, the last female Timelord among existence. After reaching Earth in a status bubble that kept her safe, with a stolen vortex manipulator melted into h...
A Past with an Alien by Ae_december
A Past with an Alienby Ae_december
INTERNATIONAL VERSION Iris and Erier come from very different worlds - one human, and one alien. A strange twist of fate brought them together and when Erier begins to c...
The odd One (Halo OC x Azur Lane) - [SLOW UPDATES] by Juli06023
The odd One (Halo OC x Azur Lane) Juli
The UNSC Victorious Protector was a Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser that tried to escape the Covenant after the Battle of Reach, but when it tried to flee through Slip...
In the Shadow of the Starships by CrystalScherer
In the Shadow of the Starshipsby Crystal Scherer
When Jennisa delivers a spaceship database to a suspicious group, she covertly takes a copy of the group's files when she helps them connect it. She gets far more than s...
Interstellar Love Everyday [Interstellar BL]   by naravitluvs
Interstellar Love Everyday [ Ririi.
Short Title : ILE Alternate Title : 星际恋爱日常[星际BL] Status : Completed Author : Create Link : [One hundr...
The Empire's Descent by leviosa12332123
The Empire's Descentby Leviosa
In a blinding burst of serene light, the 44th Imperial Fleet is thrust into an unknown realm, damaged, disoriented, and severed from the Empire's reach. With no support...
Capricious - The Lightning Crew Chronicles by mellrbright
Capricious - The Lightning Crew Mell R. Bright
The universe holds no secrets for Captain Allan Roy and his crew of space scavengers. They have traveled to most occupied territories and to the confines of the Rim. Or...
Dragon Princess Will Do Her Best To Prevent The World's Destruction by PainfulExile
Dragon Princess Will Do Her Best PainfulExile
Reincarnation is a popular genre, isn't it? Well, I want to file a complaint to the god or system in charge of it! Where was my adventure!? My relaxing days of rolling i...
The Daughter of Gallifrey by a_kay_h
The Daughter of Gallifreyby Ashley Kay
Caroline Thomas was only twelve when she stumbled into a bookshop through a door that appeared across the street. An impossible bookshop. Th...
reverence. s by veracrynns
reverence. sby ༄aurora
reverence | "adventure is written in the stars" [star trek: the reboot] [spock x femme!oc]
HAWK by Mike_I_am
HAWKby Mike
Exciting news update - HAWK is in the very early stages of being adapted into an animated TV show! Please make sure to stick around and add this story to your shelves fo...
is time tò make my Federation  In Another World But  In Era Of Space(On Hiatus ) by FBI_intergalactic
is time tò make my Federation FBI INTERGALATIC
What happen when you suppose dead but Someone give you another chance of live in another world but in world of era of space more like era of spaceship are you ready fo...
Halo/Star Wars: Awakening (Worlds Collide Book 1) by thehackerstory
Halo/Star Wars: Awakening ( thehacker
Nearing the end of the clone wars, Jedi master Obi Wan Kenobi and a fleet chase General Grievous into the unknown regions, and find themselves trapped by a mysterious wo...
Wormhole! A Crazy Quantum Story by Quantarium
Wormhole! A Crazy Quantum Storyby Robert
Dive into an epic sci-fi adventure with "Wormhole! A Crazy Quantum Story." Captain Zeke Destin, aboard the Nexus Ascendant, leads Earth's first mission to the...
The dreamer by benzbak
The dreamerby Bakins
So many deaths are happening. Some as a result of overwhelming heat waves, floods and raging storms, contaminated air, drought and famines, health risks, rising sea leve...
The Celestial Odyysey by TheDannyFisher
The Celestial Odyyseyby John
In the distant past, the Milky Way Solar System was governed by gods, each assigned to a planet by The Father, embodying unique traits and powers. United by a common pur...