HMS Valediction

HMS Valediction

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Rampant addictions, psychotic breakdowns, and threats of mutiny keep Commander Janika Lorn up all night. Transporting two-thousand souls safely from a destroyed Earth to a new habitat aboard the refugee ship ARC10 has been a special kind of hell - especially while also hiding her illegal pregnancy from her commanding officer. She wonders if they should turn around and take their chances in the crumbling underground bunker city they abandoned, even with the hostile invading aliens still patrolling the sky. She wonders if they're capable of surviving the rest of the journey.

Because it seems like her troubles couldn't get any worse, and they've only been in space for three months.

As usual, Commander Janika Lorn is wrong. 

When she finally hits an all-time low in the confines of an alien prison, a botched rescue operation puts her life in the black-gloved hands of Captain Shin-Hyun Moon of the HMS Valediction - a notorious vagrant and patchwork monster who was stitched together with the eclectic skins of the galaxy. Despite being instant enemies, Lorn and Moon are forced to work together to salvage their separate missions that have gone totally awry. 

After a long stint aboard the HMS Valediction, Janika discovers that Moon's lifestyle isn't so bad. He entices her to consider joining his crew as an outlaw, making her question all the promises she made to Earth's people and to Commander Dean Freyer.

The only one who could possibly bring her back from the brink of desertion is her child. Janika would do anything for him. 

If only she could find him first.

HMS Valediction is the sequel to 2017 Watty winner ARC10, the second installation of the ARC10 trilogy.

Cover art by the enormously talented @FayLane

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Only thing that took me by surprise is the blue screen of the PAHLM extending up the arm. The rest were pretty much spot on