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An Angel Amongst the Stars (Supernatural x Doctor Who) by Fanatic_Squared
An Angel Amongst the Stars (Supern...by Fanatic Squared
Angela is the middle child of the Winchester family, she leaves for London, England when her youngest brother, Sam Winchester is sent to the cage. Even though she just w...
The Lost Time Lord (A Doctor Who/Tenth Doctor Fanfiction) by BreadstixandFanfix
The Lost Time Lord (A Doctor Who/T...by BreadstixandFanfix
Mary Perdita didn't know a thing about herself. That's not just seem deep metaphorical phrase, she really didn't. Mary Perdita is just a name that she made up. She doesn...
TenxRose One-Shots by Starkidfan224
TenxRose One-Shotsby Starkidfan224
A series of one-shot stories about the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. Updating will be continuous.
Lost Soul by issyh0
Lost Soulby issyh0
"Twin Flames; Two souls that are always meant to be together. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it takes a parallel universe, but the thing about twin flames is th...
The Doctor Barty (Doctor Who & Harry Potter) (Being Rewritten) by PixelMicchi
The Doctor Barty (Doctor Who & Har...by PixelMicchi
The Doctor finds himself stuck in another dimension. He had been mistaken as Barty Crouch Jr. The Hogwarts teachers believe him, luckily. Shenanigans happen as he fixes...
Bad Wolf and Her Pup by psychobaby1199
Bad Wolf and Her Pupby Miss-Scifi
Soulmate AU Everyone on Gallifrey has a soulmate signified by a tattoo on their left wrist. Well, everyone except the Doctor. He was ok with the fact; after 900 years of...
Doctor Who x Reader One-Shots by StrangeWhiteGirl321
Doctor Who x Reader One-Shotsby Strange White Girl
Imagine being swept off your feet by the Doctor. Befriending his companions, crossing time and space. The dangers its worth, and the trouble you two cause. (I will take...
Until We Burn  |  Dr Who by Cate_Xx
Until We Burn | Dr Whoby Cate_Xx
Being alone is not so bad. It's when the loneliness kicks in that you realise how scared you are. You try to fill the void with all the friends you can find, but nothing...
The Girl Who Knew | doctor who (Book 2) by romanismysoul
The Girl Who Knew | doctor who (Bo...by Alice Roman
If she wishes for the truth, is she willing to lose everything? *** Willow has travelled with the Doctor and Rose for a year and has seen so many things. The only thing...
Butterfly by TheWorldIsYou13
Butterflyby Emma C
Rose dies of an illness that has progressed to far to be cured. The Doctor then sees this butterfly, which after a while is with him all the time. Is it possible that th...
Parallel: From Another World [1] (The Parallel Series) ✔ by Turtlii
Parallel: From Another World [1] (...by Ash
Rita Stone lives in our world. The world where a big blue box bigger on the inside is simply impossible. However, this all changes after what is most definitely an impos...
The Thief and his Wolf by Wildone2191
The Thief and his Wolfby Izzy-Tizzy
While talking Rose on another adventure the Tardis get a call for help, who is this person, why does she need help, and why is she so important to the Doctor find out in...
Show Me The Stars (Doctor Who x Male! Teacher! Reader) -10- by PrincexRamen
Show Me The Stars (Doctor Who x Ma...by 𝘎𝘳𝘦𝘮.
Y/n L/n is a science teacher at a local secondary school. His favourite subject to teach is astrophysics, he loves the Andromeda. One day, he meets a man, who can show...
CHARLOTTE ::: DW¹ by hotarsonist
CHARLOTTE ::: DW¹by — r
Charlotte Bolton wasn't supposed to disappear in the middle of the aisle. She was supposed to get married. Instead, she finds herself jumping around a fictional characte...
The rage of a Timelord by jessicawright285
The rage of a Timelordby jessica wright
When Jimmy stone attacks Rose , the Doctor is in intense rage , the rage of the timelord .. what will the renagade timelord do?
DoctorDonna, Reborn (Doctor Who AU) by GrippedYouTight
DoctorDonna, Reborn (Doctor Who AU)by ~AngelOfTheLord~
The Doctor was nothing without Donna Noble. He had to get her back. He had to try. He was tired of always wondering where their relationship could've gone, so, he return...
Meant to Be (TARDIS Family Adventures: Part 1) by cptscarlett7
Meant to Be (TARDIS Family Adventu...by cptscarlett7
After the Doctor saved Donna from the Racnoss, and before he met Martha in the hospital, he had another adventure. One he doesn't talk about to anyone. But why? And now...
Cursed by Gryfflepuff3
Cursedby The Eccedentesiast
Antigone was the warrior princess of Gallifrey, she was considered to be cursed by the Time Lords as she was the only Gallifreyan who was born with magic ability. As a p...