The best Sophitz you'll read

The best Sophitz you'll read

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oldcerial420 By oldcerial420 Updated Jun 26

Sophitz Kotlc fan fiction. Minor swearing and mature material. This is mostly a romance but definately has some moments of comedy and drama. 

Plot wise there will be a lot of "overnight stays" and daily life (with a little bit of spicing up!) The story will tackle sexual themes (Sophie and Fitz 😏), violence (hopefully someone actually murders Alvar 😈), use of substances (teens might be having a lil too much fun), and assault (oop plot stuff). It's the more mature version of kotlc we all wish Shannon gave us, and I hope it really is the best sophitz you will ever read. 

#1 in kotlc 
#4 in sophitz 
#1 in Fitzphie 

 The cover art is a combination of two drawings  done by @soso_doodles on Instagram.