Man and Wife (Wifely Duties 2) by FrustratedGirlWriter
Man and Wife (Wifely Duties 2)by C.D. de Guzman
The heart never forgets. But what if it does and never remembers back? This is the second book of Wifely Duties. Cover (2018) by Shaica Saldivar
  • anderson
  • reeve
  • wifelyduties2
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AGATHA by HelenKarmelia
AGATHAby HelenKarmelia
Ketika semua yang kamu inginkan tak selalu kamu dapatkan. Alvin titisan dewa yunani memiliki tubuh atletis dan di karuniai otak yang cerdas, ini pasti pria yang di impik...
  • agatha
  • alvin
  • sadending
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The Ghoul by AgathaPlayziez
The Ghoulby Agatha
A girl named Agatha. Yep, its me! My intimidating character makes my whole school got scared of me.. but that one boy. We met only a few hours but.. What is this feeling?
  • troll
  • daghoul
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Hidden Tears by ViiiBae
Hidden Tearsby ViiiBae
🚧Perbatasan, jangan dilanggar!! ⛔Berhenti ditempat apabila ini tidak sesuai kaidah!! ⚠21+ Geisha Agatha, putri tunggal dari Raymond Mar dan Firly Laura adalah seorang w...
  • fallinginloveagain
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My Planned Destiny by alisyamhrnp
My Planned Destinyby Alisya
Masa lalu mu, itu urusan mu. Aku tidak akan mencampuri itu. Masa depan mu bersama ku. Izin kan aku menata itu. Aku memang tidak boleh egois menyuruh mu melupakan masa la...
  • romance
  • baby
  • agatha
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The unexpected ending by The_ice_element
The unexpected endingby Holly
This is a Agtha and tedros fanfiction, based on after book 3(Cause I haven't read book 4 yet). This is a comedy romance novel. Please read...
  • sophie
  • gothic
  • funny
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Return of the Mage's Heir by hashtag_l1ly
Return of the Mage's Heirby Lily
This is an unofficial, fanfictional sequel to Carry On, following the love of Simon Snow and Basilton Grimm-Pitch. All rights go to Rainbow Rowell, I do not own any of...
  • simon
  • magic
  • worldofmages
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Countless Love by queenera05
Countless Loveby Marion
[Re-publish. Judul awal Unlimited Love] Apa jadinya jika seorang Agatha Qiandra Hernandez si bad girl dengan segala sikap dinginnya termasuk ke orang tuanya sendiri bert...
  • sma
  • fiction
  • teen
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❝we stand in his shadow❞ by aweirdsister
❝we stand in his shadow❞by 𝕯𝖔𝖗𝖈𝖆𝖘
status | gifs | muse | starters | character info | role play | message board | ooc | etc. 🕯
  • theweirdsisters
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Chapter By Chapter Poems For Stay Awake, Agatha by XenoX_x
Chapter By Chapter Poems For Xixth
I created poems for each and every chapter of Stay Awake, Agatha. This is dedicated to Ms. @SerialSleeper. You've been my inspiration since I've read your stories. than...
  • chapterbychapter
  • cooper
  • agatha
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Is it really Ever After? by ElianaJRose
Is it really Ever After?by ElianaJRose
Five years after the fall of the School Master... A dangerous disease, a misconceived romance, a shocking announcement... In the midst of it all, true Evil rises again...
  • theschoolforgoodandevil
  • goodandevil
  • schoolforgoodandevil
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School For Good And Evil Wedding by jessbumbleberry
School For Good And Evil Weddingby Jessie
It Is The Wedding Of King Tedros And Queen Agatha. All your favourite characters are back but when Agatha finds out some scary news is the wedding still going to continu...
  • schoolforgoodandevilfanfiction
  • schoolforgoodandevilwedding
  • moreschoolforgoodandevilfanfiction
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A Single Snowflake by ChatNoirIsMiraculous
A Single Snowflakeby Baz_Bloody_Pitch
Since when has Simon cared about Baz? Since when has he been more than an enemy? Since when has their relationship gotten out of control? SINCE WHEN HAVE THEY HAD A RELA...
  • snowbaz
  • penny
  • watford
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Back-Draft Camelot [DISCONTINUED] by KrazyReader17
Back-Draft Camelot [DISCONTINUED]by Kristen❤️
**** The School For Good And Evil Fanfiction**** This is the ongoing life of Tedros and Agatha. Follow their adventures of drama, sadness, and happiness. ****I do not ow...
  • theschoolforgoodandevil
  • agatha
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✔️ |Tedros X Agatha | Another Life | Tagatha AU by DestinyErza
✔️ |Tedros X Agatha | Another Trash 💕🌙✨
> Tedros X Agatha/Tagatha AU > Another world, Same characters, new opportunities, Similar stories. ---------------------------------------------------------- >...
  • hort
  • wattys2017
  • sophie
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Tagatha Oneshots by AstraWoods
Tagatha Oneshotsby RebelliousEver
I accept requests. May contain swearing. #1 - schoolforgoodandevil 5/12/18 #3 - sge 5/22/18 #1 - theschoolforgoodandevil 6/4/18 #1 - tagatha 6/25/18
  • tedros
  • sge
  • theschoolforgoodandevil
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When History Repeats It's Self by A_and__E
When History Repeats It's Selfby A and E
What if what happened between King Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot happened again? What if Rhian liked Agatha instead of Sophie? How would 'Quests For Glory' play out...
  • tedros
  • tagatha
  • sophie
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Hercule Poirot - Murder in the Spotlight by hxlnyh
Hercule Poirot - Murder in the Helny
Elizabeth Tipton: the woman with everything. When Betty Tipton receives a threatening note, she takes upon every precaution possible. With a dozen constables by the sp...
  • agatha
  • shortstory
  • hercule
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When I Court Him  by cadburybae
When I Court Him by cadburybae
"Kung ayaw mo'kong ligawan, well then ako ang manligaw sayo!" -Agatha
  • courted
  • danielpadilla
  • him
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Truth or Dare DISCONTINUED by AstraWoods
Truth or Dare DISCONTINUEDby RebelliousEver
This takes place on Agatha and Sophie's first year at sge. Things are a bit different. Agatha, Sophie, and the rest of the gang are friends. But a simple game of truth o...
  • sophie
  • theschoolforgoodandevil
  • schoolforgoodandevil
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