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I Wanted You Back(Wandagatha) by Ruxx25
I Wanted You Back(Wandagatha)by Ruxx25
Wanda keeps hearing her kids in her head and she knows she has to do something about it. She tries to call Dr. Strange to help, but he's too busy, so she only has one op...
A Maximoff By Marriage ✔️ || FReaderxWanda by emilys_chapters
A Maximoff By Marriage ✔️ || Emily Weasley
"You do know that I can move those with my mind, right?" I hear her say from behind me. "Then why didn't you remind me earlier?" I say as i turn to...
i need you || tagatha fanfic by -dxngerouswomxn
i need you || tagatha fanficby ve <3
What if Agatha ran away when Merlin wasn't paying attention to her? What if she ran away because her best friend was basically dating her ex boyfriend Tedros and she fel...
Marvel Females Smuts by MMmarvel4LiFE
Marvel Females Smutsby Marvel
My suggestions are... Open! Loads of fluff and smuts of the female MCU characters. I take suggestions so you can just private message me or comment them and I'll hopeful...
Running Through Her by Noraemmon
Running Through Herby Nora
Who would have known that Wanda would find her addiction in a off-hours game?
Witnesses by aggieofwb
Witnessesby Angel
When Agatha first hitchiked a ride with a guy named Tedros, all she had in mind was getting home. Now her life has changed significantly- she and Tedros have been entang...
The true Love by Shakira988140
The true Loveby NatashaMaximoff1234
⚠️ spicy ⚠️ Y/n, Wanda and Natasha accidentally fall in love with each other. But who will they all choose to stay with? What will happen in the future.... with the...
Path of Night by Power6Is6Everything
Path of Nightby Lela Alison Pierce
There is another girl raised within the Spellman family. She is 3 years older than Sabrina and she already signed the Book of the Beast. I am starting from Part 1 and I...
School for Good and Evil Memes PART 1 by snailjamsge
School for Good and Evil Memes Snail_jam.sge
SGE memes that I've posted on my Instagram (@snail_jam.sge)! Awards! #1 in theschoolforgoodandevil (Nov. 2020) #27 in art (Dec. 2020) #7 in Joke (Dec. 2020) #2 in school...
The School For Good and Evil(Switched) by ylpark07
The School For Good and Evil( Y.L Park
What if Sophie went to the School For Good and Agatha went to the School For Evil? What would happen? Will they stay there and be happy? Will Tedros and Agatha still hap...
Don't Mess With Time by Hestadil_For_Life
Don't Mess With Timeby Hestadil_For_Life
The next generation of School for Good and Evil kids are sent back in time to make sure their parents fall in love and have them.
School for Good and Evil Memes by Hesters_Demon
School for Good and Evil Memesby Meme Queen
I've realized that there isn't any school for good and evil meme books, so I'm here to answer all your prayers. You're welcome. All rights of the memes go to: -Woodsbey...
Midnight Sun ━━ N. SCRATCH ✓ by starfragment
Midnight Sun ━━ N. SCRATCH ✓by hiatus.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❝Now I pass a handful of those same ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ sparks to you, daring one. Show them ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ the same mercy they showed our ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ancestors all those years ago ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (...
Ash's ghostly tale by natashadpeverett
Ash's ghostly taleby Natasha Larson
After a traumatizing near death experience Ash gains a new understanding and affinity for ghost type Pokémon. join Ash on his journey to become the worlds greatest ghost...
Capture me a Mermaid by queeninclumps
Capture me a Mermaidby queeninclumps
Prince Tedros is sent on a voyage by his father, to capture a mermaid. King Arthur has been told that the scales on a mermaid are worth quite a lot of gold. Tedros and h...
Magneto's Powerful Daughter by InfiniteDawnPhoenix
Magneto's Powerful Daughterby InfiniteDawnPhoenix
"There is always more to the story than meets the eye." "Ahh yes, there might be more to the story than meets the eye, but there might be more to the stor...
Your life at the Avengers  by Shakira988140
Your life at the Avengers by NatashaMaximoff1234
Small Comedy, wlw, small smut, Avengers, things always seem to happen fast? But we don't mind. I might add "Wanda's POV etc etc" during the fic wlw story Ave...
avengers family ❤ by chazza678
avengers family ❤by chazza678
the avengers being a family :) also... the avengers meet Yelena :) *SPOILERS FOR THE BLACK WIDOW MOVIE* *all characters belong to marvel* Feel free to vote and comment...
The Actresses and Their Designer by gayformarvxlwomxn
The Actresses and Their Designerby 𝙺𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊
Kella is recruited for a new job in Marvel's new show, WandaVision. What happens when someone(s) find out about her secrets? Will she allow them into her crazed life or...
SGE  His Darkened Heart  (A Japaric Fanfiction) by FeatherxClaw37
SGE His Darkened Heart (A Alexis Peters
"I WAS JUST A BOY. A BOY WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH A MONSTER. I NEVER THOUGHT I'D BECOME ONE MYSELF." ----- When Aric was only six, he was abandoned by his mother...