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Keeper of the Lost Memories (COMPLETED) by drlivvy
Keeper of the Lost Memories ( drlivvy
I WROTE THIS BEFORE LEGACY Sophie Foster doesn't remember she's an elf. She lives as a human in college, unaware of the people searching for her until a mysterious boy...
Ms. Sencen? by hunterofartemis109
Ms. Sencen?by 🦋
"This isn't funny, Keefe, why are we in the same bed?" Sophie shrieked, her hair like a rat's nest on her head. "I don't know, Foster, but why are we so...
Good Match (A sokeefe [kotlc] fanfiction) by turtleswift01
Good Match (A sokeefe [kotlc] emily... or turtle
Set in the future and avoids Everblaze subjects, such as joining the Black Swan, but does involve some topics like Biana being a vanisher and Keefe's mom being a douche...
The Moonlark Project by drlivvy
The Moonlark Projectby drlivvy
Sophie Foster wasn't taken to the Lost Cities when she was twelve. In this story, the Black Swan waited for their original plan. Sophie is only about to be seventeen and...
Unlocked by keefe4eva
Unlockedby Jay :)
A kotlc fan fiction taking place right after Legacy. Caution: CONTAINS A LOT OF SOKEEFE FLUFF! (Completed)
HIM || A Sokeefe Human AU ||  by bookloverforever987
HIM || A Sokeefe Human AU || by °•||JANE ||•° #BLACKLIVESMAT...
15 year old Sophie was childhood friends with him until his parents decided it would be better for his future if they moved to California. Now her parents are moving to...
Worth It, A SoKeefe Unlocked Fanfiction by SokeefeAsAlways
Worth It, A SoKeefe Unlocked SokeefeAsAlways
Sophie's has been waiting weeks for her hair obsessed prankster of a friend to wake up, (though we all know he's much more than a prankster) When he finally wakes up dra...
Overlooked Love by xXMarinaDeSantisXx
Overlooked Loveby Summerlover7
The world is full of secrets...who's job is it to uncover them? Sophie Foster is an outcast and she's finding it hard to have a reason to keep fighting in her life. She'...
President of the Sophie Foster Fan Club by tapqueen101
President of the Sophie Foster Grace
Keefe wakes up from a long coma in order to regain strength. Dex is stronger then him, zero muscle Dex! Struggling to lift weights is one thing, struggling to move your...
Unlocked- KOTLC Fanfiction by squishmallow09
Unlocked- KOTLC Fanfictionby Qᴜɪʟʟ/ꜱQᴜɪꜱʜ | (ᴘʟꜱ ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴘᴍ ᴍ...
Sophie is confused. And devastated. And a million other emotions she knows she'll never be able to put into words without everyone's favorite Lord Hunkyhair. But when he...
Sokeefe Softness by smilxymulti
Sokeefe Softnessby Lauren
just a bunch of sokeefe fluff <3
sokeefe oneshots by reina_writes_
sokeefe oneshotsby she/her/they
just a collection of sokeefe oneshots for my fellow sokeefe shippers i hope you enjoy! ||rankings|| 8/13/20 - #1 fedex 8/14/20 - #1 marellinh 10/9/20 - #1 kotlconeshot...
Mission Moonlark | KOTLC AU by squishmallow09
Mission Moonlark | KOTLC AUby Qᴜɪʟʟ/ꜱQᴜɪꜱʜ | (ᴘʟꜱ ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴘᴍ ᴍ...
~#2 in Sokeefe~ Twelve year old high school senior Sophie Foster finds herself recruited as a spy for a mysterious agency called the Black Swan. On a dangerous assignmen...
19 PARTS SO FAR! We all are waiting for it and I have made my own version of it TURNED INTO A STORY! Find out who gets matched with whom in Keeper of the Lost Cities, an...
Sokeefe Fluff by writingfractures
Sokeefe Fluffby Jay ❥
Random one-shots. Enjoy :)
Sokeefe Oneshots by JuneFlowers24
Sokeefe Oneshotsby ₊⊹ Hope Tavish
Just another book filled with mushy gushy Sokeefe fluff because we all know it's the best thing since sliced bread. Copyright of nearly all included characters to the lo...
Keefe's Legacy by basicblondegirl
Keefe's Legacyby basicblondegirl
Keefe still hasn't woken up since he fell asleep when his mother changed him forever. When he wakes up it is nothing like he expected. Her breaks heart to see him like...
Forever Blaze (Sequel to Good Match) by abitstressed
Forever Blaze (Sequel to Good Damnit Johnny, don't go in th...
THE FIRST BOOK IS WRITTEN ON MY FIRST ACCOUNT, TURTLES2001 -- After getting engaged, Sophie and Keefe are swamped in new challenges and things to do to prepare for their...
Spinning, Uncontrollably (Human AU) by Meerkat716
Spinning, Uncontrollably (Human AU)by Mer
"Hey, Foster." Those were words she'd grow to love, grow to try and forget, and words she'd end up cherishing, even through everything. Starting off stable may...