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Percy Jackson Son of Hestia by AroraEshneet
Percy Jackson Son of Hestiaby Arora Eshneet
Percy Jackson suffers a tragic lost of his mother, Sally Jackson. He is then adopted by the kind Hestia who promised to protect him from any harm that might come his way...
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Classified (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by TheFallenAce15
Classified (Percy Jackson Aschious "Ace" Ali
Percy was pretty well removed. He was in Calcutta, far away from the Greeks; just like they wanted. However, soon Loki threatens the entire world, and Bruce Banner must...
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  • betrayed
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Son of Love and Fire by SWhiteBoy01
Son of Love and Fireby Superworld
Perseus, the son of Aphrodite and Poseidon was cast away due to the hate of his father, lost to his family the young godling journeys to recover the family he longs for...
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Blue (Jercy) by starryid
Blue (Jercy)by starry eyed
(High school AU) Percy: The boy you see in class with messy hair and torn jeans. The "bad boy" who constantly gets detention from Mr.D. Some say he's troubled...
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Perseus Jackson~Son of Zeus by Phoe-nix
Perseus Jackson~Son of Zeusby Nix
I was not betrayed by all my loved ones, my parents did not die, I was not adopted by Chaos and I did not change my name to Omega like everyone thinks. I was adopted by...
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Sea Spawn by indashadow
Sea Spawnby sUp kIdDoS
*I don't own Percy Jackson nor Young Justice* Percy became desperate after Kronos's return to escape camp. He didn't want to see what he saw again. Needing a break, he...
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The Betrayed Hero Of Olympus by LivyDaughterOfHermes
The Betrayed Hero Of Olympusby LivyDaughterOfHermes
I'm Alpha and I'm your worst nightmare and I am a son of chaos creator of the universe. I am feared by many any cared for by few but I was once known by another name. Pe...
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An Encounter with Calypso (A Percy Jackson Story) by theunorthodoxsamwich
An Encounter with Calypso (A theunorthodoxsamwich
Percy was just thrown out to sea by a volcano blast due to Luke and Kronos's plans; assisted by Telekhines. He can defeat an evil Titans, but can he overcome a beautiful...
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Pecry Jackson Becomes Jack Frost by schros25
Pecry Jackson Becomes Jack Frostby Rose Scheller
Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson or Rise of the guardians I Do Not Own the Cover But the Plot is Mine Just A Warning their might be Pg. 13. Just bad words but that...
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Percy Jackson Reacts to Different Worlds by ghostofPercyJackson
Percy Jackson Reacts to Joshua Son of Pluto
Percy and his friends, along with a handful of Olympians, are kidnapped by a man named Ghost and they watch different Universes where the Son of Poseidon is the main sta...
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Percy Jackson, The Truth is Spilt by miky1019
Percy Jackson, The Truth is Spiltby Miky
It started off as an ordinary day for Percy Jackson, however, it all changed when a monster attacks him during a school assembly. Every mortal in the room can see the be...
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Artemis' blessing (Percy Jackson Fanfic) by RandomPotterhead1
Artemis' blessing (Percy Jackson RandomPotterhead1
Seven demigods, strong and brave Must travel to the feared one's grave Led by a gentle breeze But they'll need the lost son of the seas Celestial Bronze can be controlle...
  • hunters
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Raised by Love by RyanOKeefe3
Raised by Loveby Percy Jackson
When tragedy strikes as Sally Jackson dies in childbirth, Aphrodite offers to raise the son of Poseidon after discovering a loophole in the law, allowing her to raise th...
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Daughter of Poseidon: The sea of monsters (Book 1) by dushi974
Daughter of Poseidon: The sea of BLUEFOOD4life
This is the 'sea of monsters' retold but with a bit of a twist. In this story Percy has a twin sister . Percy and Ariel discover that Jayden, their friend from Meriwet...
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Son of the sea and wild - Percy Jackson by ApolloTheFirst
Son of the sea and wild - Percy Apollo
What if Percy Jackson was born as the Son of the Sea and Wild?
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  • heroesofolympus
  • poseidon
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A Hero's Story Rewritten (Will be rewritten) by Major_Nich
A Hero's Story Rewritten (Will Major_Nich
What would happen if Percy basically had a redo button that only re-wound time when he died? What would he do differently? Who would he save? Who would he forgive? All t...
  • monsters
  • gaia
  • annabeth
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Persassy/ Percabeth one-shots!!! by WaterMelani
Persassy/ Percabeth one-shots!!!by WaterMelani
Headcannons/ oneshots / mainly percabeth fluff on the Percy Jackson characters. Persassies are jokes or the usual persass. I do not own Percy Jackson Uncle Rick does. Al...
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Percy Jackson The Betrayed Son Of Poseidon by iamthesonofposeidon
Percy Jackson The Betrayed Son Reign Ahmed
Previously named Percy Jackson The Son of Poseidon Percy Jackson, the hero and savior of Olympus, was ordered to death by the Gods in a majority vote. And this was all s...
  • revenge
  • camphalfblood
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The Guardian by xXangelgoddessXx
The Guardianby Grace the Fangirl ;D
Percy is betrayed, dragged to Tartarus and back. He's made the Guardian of... Not good with descriptions so you will have to read to find out what it's about. It's a Per...
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atlantic || pjo by olethrus
atlantic || pjoby πόρνη
❝ we have to let go of the life that we had planned and except the one that's waiting for us ❞ [percy jackson and the olympians] [the lightning thief] [female oc x male...
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