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SonAmy Boom/EXE: Perfection is a name by NOVATheHedgehog14
SonAmy Boom/EXE: Perfection is a NOVA T. Hedgie
WARNING: There will be a lot of blood mentioned, and some gore (I guess) if you're not ok with these then don't read this fanfic Eggman zapped Sonic with a gun in his h...
Do You Believe in Ghosts? (Triple S x Reader) by T-Night
Do You Believe in Ghosts? ( T
The monsters are real. They roam this land. They terrorize the citizens. No one knows where they came from or how to stop them. That's what (Y/n) is for. She's immune t...
Izuku Midoriya: The Blue Blur by Shonaku
Izuku Midoriya: The Blue Blurby Shonaku
Izuku Midoriya is a quirkless kid who dreams of being a hero until one eventful day happened. He found a mysterious gem that somehow gave him a brand new quirk. His new...
My Hero Academia Transported My Hedgehog Academia  by OtakuXXX7
My Hero Academia Transported My Otaku XXX
A anime weeb who made fanfics one day fell a sleep on his bed but as he fell sleep he arrived in his favorite anime world My hero Academia but not in a form he was expe...
The Speed of Sound by Vik_Russo
The Speed of Soundby Victoria
Reader insert. As a shy and insecure mobian, you don't spend much time around others. You'd much rather speed through the forest alone, taking on your own quiet "ad...
The Past He Tried to Leave Behind by Star_OfTheShow
The Past He Tried to Leave Behindby Fable
Sonic dug through a box of his old things. "Why are we selling our old stuff again Tails?" He asked as he pulled out some old sneakers "It's either this o...
Forbidden Lovers by GokuStormOfficial
Forbidden Loversby Goku Storm
Metal Sonic finds Sonic in the woods and then they keep meeting up.
Our Favorite Toy~|Yandere!Sonic.exe!FNF Mods x Male!Child!Reader by Dracunyan1987
Our Favorite Toy~|Yandere! Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
When Y/n started playing his favorite Sonic.exe related Friday Night Funkin' Mods on his parents computer, he doesn't seem to notice that the many different versions of...
sonic characters react to him by giyuufan98
sonic characters react to himby screen
yeah its what the title says
RWBY: Sonic the Hedgehog by CatChannel3
RWBY: Sonic the Hedgehogby Cat Channel
When Doctor Robotnik is sent after Sonic the Hedgehog, Weiss Schnee finds herself forced to help him to escape Remnant.
Sonic Twitter Takeovers x Reader by Sea21345
Sonic Twitter Takeovers x Readerby ✧SeaStar✧
Join Sonic, Y/n, Eggman, and others as they answer questions from Twitter! Takeovers 2-5 Takeover 6 coming soon! (Sight Shadow x reader) ~☆~ I do not own any of the Soni...
Stubborn Love: Lost In The Amazon (Sonadow) by CrystalynnPetoskey
Stubborn Love: Lost In The Crystalynn Petoskey
Shadow must embark on a mission, but Rouge isn't here with him this time, so he's forced to take Sonic instead. They hate each other, down to the very guts, but as the m...
Equestria Girls: New Frontiers by WozWriter
Equestria Girls: New Frontiersby Woz
Y/n "Sonic" L/n on the surface is an average teen, but he holds a power that is just too fast for anyone to believe. Y/n is secretly the fastest thing alive, r...
Sonic Boys x Reader by xXNumnutzXx
Sonic Boys x Readerby xXBrownieXx
This will be a Sonic Boys x Reader one shot book! I will take requests, no OC's! I can write lemons, and please don't report.
Sonamy Boom: Baby (On Hold) by Lilli0161
Sonamy Boom: Baby (On Hold)by Lilli0161
Amy got kidnapped by Eggman. After Sonic rescued her she started acting strange and Sonic got all overprotective of Amy. Now Tails and the others want to find out why th...
Remember Me? (Movie!Sonic X Reader) by OhNoCringae
Remember Me? (Movie!Sonic X Reader)by OhNoCringae
Y/n has lived in Green Hills with her family for as long as she can remember. When she was little, her father, Tom Wachowski, held a party for the neighborhood. Unfort...
Someday (Sonic Underground) by JaninneSudjatmiko
Someday (Sonic Underground)by Janinne Sudjatmiko
Sonic never told Shadow, Tails, and his friends about his life about Sonic Underground, or the fact he was a prince, searching for his mother. When Dr. Rototnik threate...
Sonic x Splatoon: The Untamable King by MasterCalibur
Sonic x Splatoon: The Untamable KaiserCalibur
Kyle White was a fan of Jurassic Park series, especially the movie Jurassic World, specifically the Indominus Rex, so he decided to go to a Movie Con as said dinosaur, b...
Times That We Had by Sh0w-me-1sh
Times That We Hadby Sh0w-me-1sh
3 years of no contact with sonic. 3 years with losing his last family member. 3 years feeling abandoned by his idol. 3 years with being taken care of by Shadow. Being wi...
Sonic IDW: Shard A Robot with a Soul by TheGhost619
Sonic IDW: Shard A Robot with a TheGhost619
Offscreen Eggman kidnapped a young hedgehog and exprimented on him for a project to destroy his nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog. But the project never finished and the subjec...