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FOR YOUR HEART-BOOM by TheUltim8_Life4m
Sonic gets crush on the least expected mobian in Seaside Island and tries to overcome all the obstacles in order to get through the hard shell surrounding the dark hedge...
JUJUTSU KAISEN X (Male reader x JJK)  by BlackFlashYuto
JUJUTSU KAISEN X (Male reader x Code-Cipher
Y/N was born with a strong technique,which made him relate to Satomi gojo. They became friends as kids until the world of Jujutsu needs them to be stronger. (Will cover...
Knuckle's Brother?  [Male Echidna Reader]  by BehindToo
Knuckle's Brother? [Male Under your Bed
Knuckles is known as the last of the echidnas, teaming up with sonic and tails, saving and defeating eggman for years...until he just find out he have a brother all this...
King of Lightning (Yugioh Zexal x male reader insert) by dragonhunter106
King of Lightning (Yugioh Zexal dragonhunter106
Hi everyone! person reading this. I Just wanted to firstly thank you for deciding to read this, and secondly I wanted to explain a couple things First: This is...
My Hero Academia: Rise of Accelerator  by thedoctorgonepale
My Hero Academia: Rise of Thedoctorgonepale
In a world where the majority of people have abilities called quirks, a white-haired boy gets stuck with a strange little girl. After saving her life, the boy finds him...
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal boyfriend scenarios by metanoiaphic
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal boyfriend scenariosby metanoiaphic
A collection of scenarios and headcannons for Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Guys and gals.
His Runaway Bride | Seokjin✓ by Namjoonaahhh
His Runaway Bride | Seokjin✓by 김남준
"What are you doing?" "Suicide." "Suicide from 1st floor?" "No right? Now come on, give me your hand idiot." "Why?" &qu...
Don't Go Back! (Sonamy) by b0wl_0f_rice
Don't Go Back! (Sonamy)by Rice
*COMPLETED* A girl named Amy has been living in a village since she was born. Suddenly, a person named Dr Eggman attacks her village. She ran away, but she is alone. She...
Yugioh One Shots by b_c-Archive
Yugioh One Shotsby b_c-Archive
The title explains it This book and account have been archived. This means that the book is no longer being worked on and may be in incomplete state.
Dreams of an Absolution by SetForthADream
Dreams of an Absolutionby Set Forth A Dream
After the events of "Sonic '06" The future is now safe at last! But Silver had yet to enjoy his new future when Blaze tells him his very existence is in jeopar...
Fate's Bullet by GL0SS0PH0BIA
Fate's Bulletby https:Axisvilxa
{This story takes place after Sonic Forces} While helping clear up debris from the war, one of the badnicks uses its last bit of life to shoot Silver out of the sky. In...
Need to Want by BibleBubba20
Need to Wantby Austin Tucker
Sonic meets Blaze again. In times past, Blaze remains a serious individual, staying vigilant of her duties and harsh realities of her life. But meeting him for a third t...
Chameleon means "earth lion" in Greek by Fandomfrenzy625
Chameleon means "earth lion" in Fandomfrenzy625
espio is an anthropomorphic chameleon, but a chameleon non the less here are some fun facts about chameleons and how they show through the daily life of our favourite i...
• PINK! • Graphic Tutorials Vol. 1 • by naoella_
• PINK! • Graphic Tutorials Vol. naoella_
In which a random potato (who likes the color pink) teaches you graphic stuff whilst improving her own skills. n o t e : • app = ibisPaint X Things you can learn : - fla...
Intertwined (Vector x Reader) by WisteriaWriter
Intertwined (Vector x Reader)by Hibernating
[This book is hella old and cringe but completed nonetheless. Read at your own discretion.] When it was revealed that your crush was some maniacal Barian Emperor trying...
The Man Out Of Time [A ShadAmy and Silver Story] by depressoexpresso15
The Man Out Of Time [A ShadAmy despresso_bean
Ranked #2 in 'silverthehedgehog' stories! Ranked #1 in 'taiream' stories! - It has been seven years of peace following the grueling war with Eggman and his army. Though...
MEGA Smut-Shots by jamalgripperton46290
MEGA Smut-Shotsby jamalgripperton46290
What up PaRtY pPl🎉🎉🎉🍸🍸🍸🍸🎈🎈🎈 Welcum to dee extraordinary world of ✨MAGNUM DONGS✨ We greet you with good luck and prosperity (amen✝️🙏) as we take you into our...
Book 4. Choices through time and space. by Lumaking7
Book 4. Choices through time and Lumaking7
Sequel to book 3 under the same name. The hunt over the mytherian numbers are now officially over and Zaira and the gang are back in heartland, living their lives. Or so...
A story on the train... [SONADOW FANFIC] by hedgie_style
A story on the train... [SONADOW Gliͥᴛⷮcͨhͪ ᴋⷦnuͧcͨᴋⷦleͤs͛
The events take place in the game on the first of April, namely "The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog". Only here there are moments with ship, which is already wri...
cursed ships 🤯😏😍😈💦 by taeilandnickiforever
cursed ships 🤯😏😍😈💦by big guy 😈
cursed oneshots 😈😈😈 includes- shrek despicable me mha trump Biden hxh