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Duri/Thorn One shots (request is very much please) by imkinddasus
Duri/Thorn One shots (request is °YanaRi°
Angst⛈️ manipulative🖤 abuse☠️ fluff❤️ brothers bonding 🤙 Random✨ Can either be In English or malay My drawings btw
You Matter Too! | Elemental story | 💖 by AngelCercan
You Matter Too! | Elemental AngelCercan
after another success mission boboiboy watch was hit by a machine gun and his watch suddenly glowed and all the elementals where out and but then a mysterious person cam...
BBB One-Shots  by ZelZen_
BBB One-Shots by Senesky
New One Shot, you can check in. will probably put Scenarios/One-Shots/Incorrect Quotes/ and just random so yeah. hope you enjoy your read in
Just Maid For Him [Ice x Blaze] by SleepyheadU_U
Just Maid For Him [Ice x Blaze]by DikSha~
~Omegaverse~ Blaze Taqawashi, Seorang lelaki omega yang mempunyai masalah kewangan untuk mendorang dirinya dan keluarganya. Dengan suka rela Blaze berkerja di sebuah r...
Talk to us Brother II Eng ver by galaxiagacha_29
Talk to us Brother II Eng verby GalaxiaGacha_29
This is the story of two brother's who come from a family of 6 members, namely the Fusion Beliung Family. The two brother's are the fusion of the lightning element & lig...
The Siblings AU by Unkn0wnTora
The Siblings AUby Yosaru Yuu
[Changed story title] Oldest - Thunderstorm 2nd Oldest - Cyclone 3rd Oldest - Earthquake Mid - Blaze 2nd Mid - Ice Younger - Thorn Youngest - Solar Most of the AU in thi...
BoBoiBoy Elemental Story(First Book) by SlimyoyaOya
BoBoiBoy Elemental Story(First bluexred
Thunderstorm and his brothers meets one villain that wanted thunderstorm. After the incident Cyclone and his other brothers always tries to company and protect thunder
I Don't Want To Lose You Too... (Duri Freaking Angst) [Complete]✓ by imkinddasus
I Don't Want To Lose You Too... ( °YanaRi°
I noticed how boboiboy duri have only a little amount of Angst so I decided to create this story, story about an element name duri/thorn who wishes to be just like his b...
Where am I? After being hit by Wishbot powers, Boboiboy suddenly found himself in a world where currently most of the human population possess superpowers called quiks a...
In Search of Him! by GoldDragonKnight
In Search of Him!by ~~
A new enemy appeared when Boboiboy was resting after his fight with Retak'ka. In the middle of the battle, Boboiboy made a foolish decision and now it's up to his friend...
Boboiboy - So that we can be Together Again  by rinnRinn947
Boboiboy - So that we can be rinn Rinn
That day, he lost his brothers. it's painful, Taufan could only grip into his chest. "please tell me this is only a dream.." "please.." "give...
[YOO IM BACK!] THIS IS A BOOK FULL OF ONE SHOT AND OTHER THINGS TOO THIS IS MY SECOND Ohh almost forgot. Boboiboy and his friends are not mine it's from the rightful own...
Trouble Battle 3: The Elementals by Shinichi2504
Trouble Battle 3: The Elementalsby Shinichi2504
This fanfiction take place after Boboiboy Movie 2! After getting through the consequences, now Boboiboy and his elementals are together. How long will it lasts? Read to...
Boboiboy Elements x Reader Scenarios | Headcanons | Oneshots | Artbook by V1R51L
Boboiboy Elements x Reader V I V I A N V I R A I
Because we love BBB :D Requests: CLOSED I am procastinating now :') BBB: Quake Thunder Solar Cyclone Blaze Ice Thorn Frostfire Glacier Supra
Boboiboy x mha but different  by pydark
Boboiboy x mha but different by Py_dark
Okay, I know you'll think this is a series like the others when Boboiboy is transported to the world of the Mha universe right? But this will be different, what if inste...
Inside by Shinichi2504
Insideby Shinichi2504
After that one mission, it change Boboiboy's life to a whole new world. He was force to face the greatest enemy of his life, himself. Commission: @fuyuchino (Prologue s...
Collection of short stories, AUs, and random stuff. Mainly about BBB!
The Elemental Hero in Teyvat - Boboiboy x Genshin impact Crossover by Martinthegamer20
The Elemental Hero in Teyvat - Martin
After fighting Retak'ka, Boboiboy managed to get all his elements or his siblings back from him. But he felt very exhausted for using too much power from Supra. Suddenly...
BOBOIBOY IN BNHA by arezvrost
After defeating Retakka..BBB fell into dam of ice and he was being teleported into BNHA world.BBB meet Izuku-a boy who wanted to a hero although he was quirkless...BBB...
the Missing Light by queencassey256
the Missing Lightby Aina Inducta
they're gone what am I suppose to do we failed I failed solar lost everything and everyone, tapos has been destroyed, power sphera's has been scattered trying to hide...