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The Untold Story Of Draco Malfoy by PascyM
The Untold Story Of Draco Malfoyby PascyM
Draco Malfoy; a boy who you would have thought hated everyone. Well, at least before he met Skyler. Draco enters unknown territory as Skyler finds out what exactly draws...
  • skyler
  • ron
  • potter
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Spoken Poetry  by TheUndefinedPen
Spoken Poetry by TheUndefinedPen
English and Tagalog Spoken Poetry
  • lovable
  • mahal
  • wattpad
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•UNAVOWED TALES• by _craziest_girl_
Here's to the whirling thoughts inside a fickle mind, comprising random scribbles and verses in metrical symphony!🌸 // Highest-ranking : #1 in verses #3 in strings #...
  • rhythm
  • whirlingthoughts
  • randomthoughts
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Winter (Book 2) by MS_PHOBIA_12
Winter (Book 2)by Messy_Hair_1
Before you read this story make sure na natapos niyo na yung book 1 nito na 'Married By Force Into A Mafia Boss'!! "I am back to make your lives complicated." ...
  • mafia
  • action-romance
  • enemies
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Untold Ending | Jungkookxbts | by ZafiaTara
Untold Ending | Jungkookxbts |by Zafia Tara
Sequal to Untold Friend this is going to be the last book of 'Untold' :( ---------- Jungkook is still trap in the sickening hospital.His Hyungs did visit him during the...
  • namjoon
  • taehyung
  • jin
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Petrichor | ongoing by north_light
Petrichor | ongoingby l e e
"if your heart can be at rest, i'll give it my all." (exo) • ~short chapters ~ongoing ~edited
  • art
  • dance
  • fiction
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Love Untold | AshDeep FF by TheBeautiful_Mess
Love Untold | AshDeep FFby Aamu
He was in love, She was not. He wanted her with him, She prayed for no future with him. They weren't completely opposite, They weren't suppose to attract but still the d...
  • love
  • nainamaheshwari
  • affection
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The Crocodile's Apprentice (Rumplestiltskin x Reader) by loverelentlessly
The Crocodile's Apprentice (Rumple...by Makenzie
"Your heart," he said quietly, touching your chin gracefully, "Is a broken compass. It's supposed to point North, but it doesn't... It points to me."...
  • mr
  • rumple
  • six
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ليش تاي بوتوم؟ by Hollbitch
ليش تاي بوتوم؟by ْ
جلد تيم تاي توب وطقطقه ملعونه والدين هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه بلاا سياح
  • untold
  • جونقكوك
  • vkook
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Don't let go:   An EyeballxAce story  by FuckFaceee
Don't let go: An EyeballxAce sto...by Fuckface
"You're a dick." "Yeah, but you love me" Life's hard when your dads a schicotic douchebag and all your friends are homophobic assholes. But that's w...
  • ace
  • standbyme
  • eyeball
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A Wolf's Tale (Book #1) The Secrets Untold by 15thSoccerGirl
A Wolf's Tale (Book #1) The Secret...by Misty
He turned and began to pad away, only to stop to hear a cackle. "Oh, aren't you clever. Yes, I suppose you are right about one thing." "And what is that...
  • hero
  • trust
  • tale
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THE TRUTH UNTOLD•(The 3 Best Of Friends )• [ON-GOING] by ReelMay95
THE TRUTH UNTOLD•(The 3 Best Of Fr...by ♡🍁♡
  • thethreebestoffriends
  • thetruthuntold
  • friends
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Accidental Kingdom  by Flava_Sava
Accidental Kingdom by Serenity Anne Chance
Eleanor Martin is a small time college student from Long Island. She anticipated doing many things with her life, but one thing she did not put into her planner was one...
  • battle
  • quotes
  • fantasy
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gruvia  (UTDHSWS) ✔  by ChocoFillsandberry
gruvia (UTDHSWS) ✔ by Sandie Malin
Gray is good at hiding but Juvia not while Juvia is good at expressing Gray is not. Both have a heart that crave each other and also a part that will do anything to make...
  • gruvia
  • short
  • juvia
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The Truth Untold by VotreAmour
The Truth Untoldby deputy
She lived inside a lie. She was kept from the truth untold. ⚠ This story is just a part time entertainment. Do not expect too much. Just a warning! Date Started: 09-27-1...
  • untold
  • shortstory
  • undelivered
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Mga Maiikling Kwento by alli_hera
Mga Maiikling Kwentoby alli_hera
Mga maiikling kwentong nabuo ko sa maikling panahon. Sumagi bigla sa isip ko na hindi mapakali at nais isulat para matapos kaagad. Mga maiikling kwentong hindi kailangan...
  • untold
  • oneshotcollection
  • lgbt
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Freddie's Girl by MissMuffle34
Freddie's Girlby MissMuffle34
The untold story of a young journalist who was close friends with popular lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury.
  • queen
  • struggle
  • rogertaylor
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Love Beats Death✔️ by SujzWriter
Love Beats Death✔️by SujzWriter
#38 in Fan Fiction 5 August 2K17 "You can't beat death but you can beat death in Life sometimes" & the Only Weapon to do it is Love!!!! "How beau...
  • thriller
  • leeneshmattoo
  • surbhichandna
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The Two Spies That Fell In Love by champangebaby
The Two Spies That Fell In Loveby Cass
Carmen Cortez x Gary Giggles
  • love
  • untold
  • spies
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