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♡my stardust♡ by Raye-animation
♡my stardust♡by Raye
this is a stichwrath x solar story just testing out a new ship idea
Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach w/Male Reader: Ruin  by AwesomeReadingUniver
Five Nights at Freddy's Security ARU
After a few months of settling down, Y/n L/n and Vanessa are forced to return to the pizzaplex whenever Gregory goes missing and calls, telling them he returned. The fir...
eternity together (Solar x Ruin) by QuinnFeline
eternity together (Solar x Ruin)by QuinnFeline
sun and moon show (sams or tsams) fanfiction + Au
Ocean Rules | Sun and Moon show by ReadingStatic
Ocean Rules | Sun and Moon showby Rainbow System
A story with pirates and traumatized characters is great. Oceans Rules is a Sun and Moon show based book, though is placed in a competely different dimension, and doesn'...
solar x ruin!! by BostynMarksmeier
solar x ruin!!by Bostyn Marksmeier
I decided there was not enough solar x ruin so here you go!!
Treat You Better - A Shawn Mendes Fanfic ✔️ by GeekEvergirl
Treat You Better - A Shawn ❁ Sara ❁
[Winner of The Fanfiction Award 2017 for Best Magcon/OGOC Fanfiction] Sadie Salvay, a girl who is never in trouble. A girl who was never asked on a date, knew a guy who...
The Dark Ages: Convergence (Prequel to the P.O.E. Chronicles) by shadowcheah
The Dark Ages: Convergence ( Nam
*This story is the prequel to the P.O.E. Chronicles and will reveal some mystery in the novel (think Star Wars). If you want to read chronologically, go ahead, otherwise...
How To Ruin A Wedding by OhMyxo
How To Ruin A Weddingby Sara
Usually, being picked to be a maid of honor is... well, a honor. For Jordyn Kent, it's an invitation to a nightmare that might as well be hell. But, she can't say no. Jo...
FNAF SB - New and Old Friends by XxLeagueOf7xX
FNAF SB - New and Old Friendsby Lunar Productions
Note: Credits to Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool Studios Cover Not Mine- Credits to rightful owner Warning : Contains Spoilers and some disturbing descriptions Gregory just...
Love Is An Accident [] Ruin x Solar by TooS0berF0rThisSh_t
Love Is An Accident [] Ruin x Solarby Bugz
"The creator council must be destoryed." Ruin had to make the others believe they are a trustworthy animatronic to continue their plans, and to do so, they pla...
you are below me~ (dark sun x eclipse) by Eci_Eclipes
you are below me~ (dark sun x Eci/Eclipse
in this AU dark sun has taken over sun and moon word for his sick game he was seen as a gods the person that help them. eclipse and ruin being dark sun helper(nuns) they...
The Eclipse [Sundrop/Moondrop x Female!Reader] (COMPLETED!) by RenWasNeverHere
The Eclipse [Sundrop/Moondrop x +- Avery -+
I was bored. THIS IS IN FIRST PERSON! *COMPLETED - WILL/MAY UPDATE FOR HOLIDAYS* SUMMARY: After a virus breakout in 2019, people haven't been born humans. Now it's t...
Scandalous Engagement✅(PREVIEW). by NanaAmiinah
Scandalous Engagement✅(PREVIEW).by WiltedRose🌹.
One Number Dialed wrong. Could it have been a coincidence? Nah, i would preferably stick to fate. Amirah Adamu Bawa, the well known daughter of His excellency Alhaji A...
Mechanicalshark One-shots (Solar x Ruin)//Sams by yourSaMsfriend
Mechanicalshark One-shots (Solar YourSaMsFriend
Solar × Ruin (Sun and Moon show) One-shots
The Ruined Pizzaplex (FNaF Security Breach Ruin) by RoxanneWolf820
The Ruined Pizzaplex (FNaF Roxanne Wolf
Lena is once again stuck in the now-abandoned Pizzaplex and this time Roxy isn't there to help her! Lena's friend Cassie ventures into the scary, neglected and dangerous...
The one to save us all by LADYWORKINGFOREVER
The one to save us allby LADYWORKINGFOREVER
FNAF RUIN story.The one to save us all is a book about a teen girl who discovers she has nothing to do for the next summer so she decided to finish her bucket list and h...
Remembrance ~ Glamrock Freddy x Glamrock Bonnie <3 by froggywonderrs_
Remembrance ~ Glamrock Freddy x froggywonderrs
AMAZING COVER IS FANART DONE BY @LadySkeletøn ON TWITTER! GO CHECK THEM OUT!! What ever happened to Bonnie? He was loved by all, and would never purposefully hurt himsel...
The Villain show oneshots (OPEN) by cringe_fizzy
The Villain show oneshots (OPEN)by cringe_fizzy
An au I made based off the recent videos where some of the shows villains play games. Basically they all just act like siblings and get themselves into the weirdest situ...
Ruin x Solar  by Sylvester175
Ruin x Solar by Sylvester Caldwell
Ruin and Solar are boyfriends frfr
Solar x Ruin by Lunar-Rose_Star0001
Solar x Ruinby Rose
Ruin gets attacked by Bloodmoon and is about to get killed until Solar comes to the rescue and scares Bloodmoon off. Solar has a secret will it get out or stay a secret...