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Throne of Glass: unOrdinary Fanfic by uru-chan-is-queen
Throne of Glass: unOrdinary Fanficby uru-chan-is-queen
In a world where Hierarchy reins supreme and dictates the lives of all those unfortunate souls who are controlled by the system, Unordinary -a controversial book- causes...
Falling Together {COMPLETED} by hannahnicolebooks
Falling Together {COMPLETED}by han :)
"Please, Princess, by the end of the semester, you'll be begging for me," I had never been too good with the opposite sex, and I mean I've had boyfriends befor...
The Things Left Unsaid by bookgirlali
The Things Left Unsaidby Ali-BOO <3
Abigail Celeste Anderson was only 16 years old when she took her own life. Now her friends and family are left feeling lost and broken, left to wonder if there was anyth...
WRITING MY WRONGS  by -uneuphoric
an abundance of poetry and thoughts scribbled in my notebook, which has cluttered the many depths of my mind.
100 Things That Make Me Mad. by isaverybella
100 Things That Make Me chaaarlie
Everyday rants that I have, and how society is so messed up. Use this hashtag if you agree. #Weneedtochange
All these painful thoughts by meohmy4567
All these painful thoughtsby meohmy4567
Just a bunch of random poems about how depressing I find life. vote, comment and/or follow me I guess. Whatever.
Impulse Control by NonBinaryfRoGLOseR
Impulse Controlby liamconnors
January 26. The day when I realized that we're all doomed. Society norms. Gender norms. Politics. Religion. It's all insane. Everyone in the world is manic. They can't d...
In life, there is Death by right_in_the_eyeball
In life, there is Deathby right_in_the_eyeball
Poetry. Kinda dark poetry. Lots of kinda dark poetry. Enjoy. ~*~*~*~ NOTE: ~*~*~*~ May be triggering.
Just Once by BoycottNormal
Just Onceby Grayson Alexander-Vaughn Jones
TRIGGER WARNING: A lot of sadness and love in the world of women. Descriptive suicidal situations.
Miles by silent_inknight
Milesby silent_inknight
Broken over time, Jamie Carter was once a fun loving girl, till all hell broke loose in her head. This story represents life of the broken so you can understand and feel...
Society Doesn't Have To Rule by RIYAS007
Society Doesn't Have To Ruleby Riyas
Reece Johnson. The stereotypical nerd. Straight A's, not talkative, not much if any friends, and a person people don't really care to know. Shane Rhys. The stereotypical...
Is this a SIN by coolsamaja
Is this a SINby sam
Maria, is your average 24 year old medical student! However how she sees herself through this worlds eyes is not the average thinking at all! Her main issue, her body, a...
Dear diary: Unmasked by Polar_heart
Dear diary: Unmaskedby Polar
My diary. All the humiliating, funny, heartbreaking moments of life. Have fun and be a part of this horrifying journey with me. :)
Boys will be boys by Anne_Gerrel
Boys will be boysby Anne Gerrel
Something like a society criticizing short story by an untalented teenage-writer! Check it out, it won't take you too long.
Ghostly Beating  -(Quote book for the loney and sad) by ls5695
Ghostly Beating -(Quote book nobody
"BAD THINGS JUST HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE" -Book for the sad, loney,depressed and hurt souls. *First of all i do not own these quotes i just sorta collect them in...
in too deep. by justjackson01
in too Molly jackson
but when you walked out of that door, a little bit of me died inside.
what i hate about ppl by milkiiu
what i hate about pplby why do i still exist
basically what i hate about people in a nutshell and why society is shit
Kyōjin by Samantha_Mite
Kyōjinby Sam
12 year old Sam is a bullied orphan who just wants to die. she knows that no-one will ever love her and trys to find a reason not to leave. even though it uses me 99% of...