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John Doe's Twin Sister  by SimplySacred
John Doe's Twin Sister by angela ♡
Angel Doe is the epitome of childish. She never lost control like her twin brother, John Doe. In fact, she was the one who stopped him from killing all those students th...
  • webtoon
  • blyke
  • unordinary
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DEVIATE / / (An unOrdinary fanfiction) by The_Perilous
DEVIATE / / (An unOrdinary Pearl
This world is much different than I imagined. You give a sliver of power to every individual in this world, and it shifts the Earth slightly, ranging from the social hie...
  • rei
  • unordinaryfanfiction
  • unordinary
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ephemeral | unOrdinary x reader by yoongicorn_93
ephemeral | unOrdinary x readerby yoongicorn_93
In this messed up world, power determines everything. Those with great strength towered above all while the weak bow down. Meet Y/N. She had been blessed by something ot...
  • remi
  • action
  • powers
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What if? by BookWormDevil
What if?by BookWormDevil
What if John hadn't learned from the Readjustment Facility? What if, instead, he felt a need for revenge on all who wronged him. What if, he came back to t...
  • elaine
  • john
  • authorities
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Time Travel UnORDINARY by a95freakencool
Time Travel UnORDINARYby Girly Girl
All Characters belong to Uru-Chan from her comic Unordinary. I Am simply writing on what I believe would happen if John was to accidentally time travel back to the begin...
  • school
  • johndad
  • mr
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Can't Hide From Yourself- an UnOrdinary Fanfiction by Lemoinx
Can't Hide From Yourself- an Lemoinx
After Seraphina gets abducted by a group of mid tiers, Arlo and Elaine find her and carry her to safety. John gives the insolent teens a piece of his mind, and later rev...
  • turf
  • seraphina
  • wellston
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Long Live The King (UnOrdinary Fanfiction) by chastieheart
Long Live The King (UnOrdinary chastieheart
(This story takes place in an alternate universe from the world of UnO, where the Royals of Wellston High are now the royals of the kingdom of Wellston) After New Boston...
  • cecile
  • jack
  • ace
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NIKA NIKA KUĪN by LuluWhippedPie
NIKA NIKA KUĪNby Author-Chan
An unOrdinary fanfiction. Nika Sansuita has been to thirteen different schools, and has run away from each one. She has extraordinary powers, earning her a God-tier stat...
  • webtoon
  • sera
  • remi
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The Ace - An Unordinary Fanfic by laurelsolaris
The Ace - An Unordinary Fanficby L a u r e l
"There's a reason why everyone's targeting us. And that reason is very simple--we have two Aces and they're one of the most powerful high tiers in history."...
  • fanfiction
  • seraphina
  • fanfic
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Under the Mask - An Unordinary Fanfiction by Distorted_Domain
Under the Mask - An Unordinary Distorted_Domain
In episode 129, it isn't Elaine and Arlo who reach the kidnapped Seraphina first. Instead, it is John and Cecile! What will happen when Sera finds out that it is John un...
  • reveal
  • mask
  • fanfiction
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unOrdinary | Cyffredin by Zedianx
unOrdinary | Cyffredinby Zedianx
After expelled from New Bostin, what if John changed his personoa differently from his experiences compared to canon? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=...
  • unordinary
  • ability
  • john
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unOrdinary: The Loyal Kingsman by D3AD_ReTr0
unOrdinary: The Loyal Kingsmanby serwalt
A new student enters Wellston High! Events will change, relationships will form, and secrets will uncover. (Note: Chapter 1 will start at the events around Episode 12.) ...
  • mystery
  • fantasy
  • seraphina-x-john
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  "unORDINARY" THEORIES!!! webtoon by uru-chan by Mythical-astute
"unORDINARY" THEORIES!!! Mythical-astute
  • isen
  • unordinary
  • theories
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The Reign of Tuesday (unOrdinary fan fiction) by _unordinary_love_
The Reign of Tuesday (unOrdinary _unordinary_love_
John's ability has been exposed and the safety of everybody at Wellston has been put at risk. Rankings reached- #1 in Remi out of 241 stories(6/24/19) #2 in Voicesinmyh...
  • uruchan
  • authorities
  • arlo
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My King {Completed} by MysticForestWriter
My King {Completed}by Demønic Wølfie
Its been almost a year and a half since John's old friend Ash had moved to america for her fathers job, she left at the wrong time as a week latter John was betrayed by...
  • johnxarlo
  • webtoon
  • elaine
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Be With You || unOrdinary by ShippingTeaLeaves
Be With You || unOrdinaryby TakeASip
After a tiring and eye-opening year, John has finally taken the right steps to getting better, and becoming a better person. He has accepted his title as Wellston's Joke...
  • arlounordinary
  • jeraphina
  • blyke
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Changes by CelestialDraco6
Changesby Celestial draco
Everyone in Unordinary is changing whether it is for good or bad. Blyke is changing his perspective on the low tiers and is trying to be friends with them. Seraphina is...
  • elaine
  • secret
  • unordinary
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Ordinary After All (Revised And Re-written) by GlyterFreeze
Ordinary After All (Revised And GlyterFreeze
Before the book unOrdinary's controversy, before the events of Wellston Private High, before John ever knew Sera, Arlo, Isen and Blyke. John has more friends, more powe...
  • fantasy
  • uruchan
  • johndoe
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The Unordinary by elephant576
The Unordinaryby elephant576
Six high school students looks like anyone else acts like anyone else but are capable of things no one else is. They learnt from a young age no one that means NO ONE can...
  • extraordinary
  • fantasy
  • twins
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The Kings by Fierzza
The Kingsby ~Fierz~
After John was expelled from New Bostin, Fierzza always watched out for his brother, John Doe. When John destroys his middle school classmates and was deemed uncontrolle...
  • battle
  • drama
  • sera
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