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Luxiem imagines | a fanfiction book written for luxiem fans by CoreTakada
Luxiem imagines | a fanfiction Core
right off the bat! I do not own the cover, found it on google. I don't own anyone in the nijisanji franchise. the first.. maybe two?? chapters are going to be child rea...
Luxiem smut shots | a Luxiem Fan book by CoreTakada
Luxiem smut shots | a Luxiem Fan Core
Basic stuff: -not apart of Nijisanji -do not own anything except for the book -13+ (serious.) -don't read if you are sensitive to sexual stuff or you're homophobic mos...
wednesday preferences/one shots! by cheeseygrippers
wednesday preferences/one shots!by grippers
i might do smut just give me a plot and i'll be on it! i'll do any characters just like i said a plot
crushing on him → pooter  by animesadiddies
crushing on him → pooter by naruto's bitch
Naya Jones has a celebrity crush named Pooter. He notices her one day, and they become more than friends. trust will be tested and so will feelings. over all this, can l...
Haikyuu snapchat and Instagram by Princehaesoo
Haikyuu snapchat and Instagramby Ereヅ
Haikyuu snapchat and Instagram for everybody lets see what they up to! Started: Sep 7,2018 Finished: Nov 21, 2018 <><>Top Rankings <><> Cool- #4...
Rants and Random Things by ImAamon
Rants and Random Thingsby waku waku
Just some rants that I want to let go of without the fear of judgment from my closest friends, family, or relatives. Please, if you don't like my idea, just educate me i...
My poems by AnimeNerd2022
My poemsby Anime
Just a bunch of random poems that I wrote for fun
OCS (redo) by Thatoneuselesstool
OCS (redo)by That one useless tool
Had to do em again cause: 1. I actually have a backstory for all of them now 2. I finally had the time to make them in GC 3. I might make more... 4. I was bored ...
classy sassy and bad assy by macygreybrown
classy sassy and bad assyby Macy Grey Brown
Sue, foxy, Lilly, Elena, bryana, Kayla, rose, Gemma, cat, and liz as well Beatrix, i'll have one thing in common they have tattoos. And a lot of tattoos and piercings b...
An arrow straight through the heart ( Carlos de vil love story ) by GoldenRaphLover
An arrow straight through the goldenraphlover
Phoenix Hood is the Daughter of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. She's just a normal girl who steals here and there she's best friends with Ben. She doesn't really care about...
Musically Me: (Original) by LuckyBugBooks
Musically Me: (Original)by ON A WRITING BREAK
Siena loves music. Everything about it calls to her. A gentle beat gets her toes moving and the strum of a guitar makes her hum softly. She's a shy girl living in big ci...
The Million Dollar Girl by smreetee
The Million Dollar Girlby smreetee
~Choose wisely for you can only choose once~ She had it all. Money, beauty, intelligence everything. He was just another high school footballer. The norm...
Love you forever (Yakko x Reader) by AkemiHonda1
Love you forever (Yakko x Reader)by Akemi Honda
Hey! Don't judge! He's cute! Here's a Yakko x reader for those of you who agree! Goodnight everybody!
Stalker Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic) by brynbarb
Stalker Styles (Harry Styles b
{C O M P L E T E D} "I like the curly haired one. Harry." Presley Davis had no idea that sentence would change her life. She had gotten famous over a YouTube v...
My Blue Baby Boy by Scarlett_Hedgie
My Blue Baby Boyby Be Back Someday
You got your interests, and I've got mine. Don't like, don't read.
Sidemen smut imagines. by xxPrincessw2sxx
Sidemen smut Bass player💙🤘🏼
So basically you're reading because ur as horny as I am for the sidemen. Jk. Well maybe. I am not good at writing sexy shit, but if you do like what I write, please reco...
Cosplay adventure by nbldragon
Cosplay adventureby Rin 👀🔥
This isn't a story. This is just me on a cosplay adventure so you can keep touch with this all you want
Zendaya/MJ Imagines  by sydthegoat123
Zendaya/MJ Imagines by ℐ𝓃ℯ𝓈❤️
#lgbtq and if you have a problem go away :), have fun reading this I made this bc NO ONE HAS💙 Slow updates, ongoing!! requests are always open xxx