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Carl Grimes Imagines by Layla_Harrison
Carl Grimes Imaginesby Layla_Harrison
Just a teenage fangirl who loves to write random stories about Chandler :)
Bitter Affectionate  by pugasoraus
Bitter Affectionate by L
Drew and Brent are best friends. Attached at the hip for all the years that matter. They take care of each other. They always have. Brent is the only one who knows about...
Closeted: A lesbian story by Carissa46
Closeted: A lesbian storyby Carissagaygaygaygay
A closeted preachers daughter, Jakai goes many lengths to keep her sexuality a secret.
The Badass Omega (jinkook ff)  by lovewithstories
The Badass Omega (jinkook ff) by lovewithstories
"If being a badass is the only way to protect my self and my family then so be it." - Ksj #2 in rights (Completed)
Barrister Babu - Laws from a Girl Barrister by Hslwritings
Barrister Babu - Laws from a Girl...by Hslwritings
Can a 19 year old girl end the enmity of two rivalry villages to get her family back? °This story revolves around Bondita, who is a successful Barrister now. °Story line...
stigma  [ yeonbin ] by SkylerMaknae
stigma [ yeonbin ]by hyunjin lovebot
in which choi soobin meets a boy who's too sweet to be human...
Stay (ManxBoy) by aka-me
Stay (ManxBoy)by aka-me
Alexander Donahew is a wealthy business man with basically everything someone could ask for. For the biggest part everything is going fine, until he meets a client calle...
His Obsession His Possession by Awkward_Turtle_Army
His Obsession His Possessionby Lexi
❝But that is where you are wrong, Lilly.❞ For the first time since I've met this man, I find myself resenting his muscles as they abet him in pinning me against the wall...
I'm a Slave to a vampire prince #Wattys2018 by everyhearthasahero18
I'm a Slave to a vampire prince #W...by Kinsey (K.A.L.)
When humans live in a world where they don't eat unless they work. A lot of humans have gone missing mostly because vampires are taking humans girls and boys as slaves...
Not Just a Luna by EarlyDusk
Not Just a Lunaby EarlyDusk
Violet Thomas never filled the role that anyone wanted her to. Leading up to her 17th birthday, her father is excited for her to meet her mate, and for him to take his p...
The trouble with love  by solitude_peace
The trouble with love by solitude_peace
Her relationship with Randhir was like a rose.Beautiful at first but once she got too close,the sharpest thorns cut her too hard that she bled. Sanyukta is left with a c...
Human pet(completed short story) by 12160407H
Human pet(completed short story)by Haylie Gregory
Rose is broken, can a vampire fix her?
Gender by ohnoimasimp
Genderby ʄʟǟʍɨռ' ɦօȶ ռǟƈɦօ
Defining gender and associated terms based on the Gender Wiki and other sources on the internet so help questioning people and allies understand the basis of transgender...
Destiny - مقدر by Mirha5
Destiny - مقدرby Mirha5
"This is your fiancé and his family. I thought you knew they were coming?" Knew they were coming? I didn't even know I was engaged, I'm sixteen! Aqsa must es...
Sanders Sides Smut and fluff  by dabis0_0
Sanders Sides Smut and fluff by dabis0_0
This is mature and if you are going to continue you have either sinned or "awweed" enjoy
The LGBTQ+ Journal [Under Editing] by Sera_Senpai
The LGBTQ+ Journal [Under Editing]by PrideMonthEnthusiast
{Previously LGBTQ+ Problems} Highest rankings: #89 in NonFiction, 4/9/20 #2 in Rights, 10/17/19 #4 is Bi-Sexual, 7/12/18 #49 in Relatable, 2/20/19 Welcome to the LGB...
Revised Penal Code by NezroT
Revised Penal Codeby Nezro
The Revised Penal Code of the Philippines for law students and future criminologists.
Is He Still Mine? by LovelyCrazyB
Is He Still Mine?by LovelyCrazyB
hey you! you're still mine part 2 this is where all the conflicts will be put together... if you think that their love story went too peaceful... think again... some of...
Islamic Quotes about women  by Jahan012
Islamic Quotes about women by Jahan012
Islamic Quotes about hijab, right,& status of women,