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Accidentally In Love - A Mark McMorris Story by michiebrew
Accidentally In Love - A Mark michiebrew
Autumn Brennan hops a plane to California to take a break from Canadian winter, little does she know the universe has bigger plans.
  • winter
  • travel
  • markmcmorris
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Crushed It || Mark McMorris by freshhsnow
Crushed It || Mark McMorrisby freshhsnow
Beat that sucker
  • 2018
  • chloekim
  • redgerard
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the days.... by IJNIPATWT6
the Jane:)
Sage lives in Norway and has gotten many sponsors for snowboarding. She is still questioning it until Marcus helps her make her mind up.
  • redgerard
  • snowboarding
  • slopes
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Stepbrothers by hammythebear
Stepbrothersby Ellie H.
Noah Storme's mother died when he was six. Seven years later, his dad finally married a nice woman named Claire. However, Claire is the mother of the three most popular...
  • snowboarding
  • nerd
  • stepbrothers
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Snowboarding Shorts by k_rodd21
Snowboarding Shortsby k_rodd21
Imagines of all your favorite snowboarders, requested by you, written by me!
  • imagines
  • markmcmorris
  • snowboarding
Whirlwind Summer (Mark McMorris Fan Fiction) by 19sunnyday
Whirlwind Summer (Mark McMorris 19sunnyday
Alix Borromeo is on the trip of a lifetime with her best friends, celebrating the end of her A-Levels with a journey around the world. She is living her best life, ticki...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • surf
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LEGEND [M. MCMORRIS] | ✔️ by lehkys
in which she goes for the games, but stays for him. [mark mcmorris]
  • winter
  • snow
  • markmcmorris
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Olympic Gold ❄️ Yuri Plisetsky by vktrnkfrv
Olympic Gold ❄️ Yuri Plisetskyby A S H
"What is your favourite colour?" You ask as you take a slip from your drink. "Olympic gold." He replies as he puts his hands behind his head and lea...
  • fanfiction
  • yurionice
  • yurixreader
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Ski Slopes || Jack Avery  by -labellamac
Ski Slopes || Jack Avery by ❄️
When they meet going down a snow-covered mountain but things keep going up from there.
  • whydontwe
  • skislopes
  • corbyn
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No Fear (Red Gerard) by Olympics2
No Fear (Red Gerard)by Olympics2
"When we first met, you told me you knew no fear when holding a camera. I told you that I knew no fear when I was on a snowboard. But I was wrong. I felt all kinds...
  • beijing2022
  • slowburn
  • redgerard
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shRed // Red Gerard (Wattys 2018) by Antoinette_327
shRed // Red Gerard (Wattys 2018)by Antoinette ♥️
"Haha, you're a dork. I think I'm going to call you Rojo, instead of Red. Suits you better," Casey stated promptly. "Rojo waits for no hoe!" Red excl...
  • wattys2018
  • teamusa
  • drama
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Snow Crush by theoceps
Snow Crushby Bookie
Tris... She has a passion for snowboarding and her family owns a ski lodge. She has a group of friends that all look out for each other, and everyone has known one anoth...
  • tobiaseaton
  • divergent
  • fanfiction
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Slopes-Josh Dun by Guineapigtrash
Slopes-Josh Dunby Guineapigtrash
Grace is at a ski resort and sees Josh get crashed into by a fellow boarder. Josh is injured and can hardly move so she helps take him to get first aid. They begin to kn...
  • josh
  • snowboarding
  • skiing
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Corked; A snowboarding fan-fiction by shredstories
Corked; A snowboarding fan-fictionby Shredbots
20 year old Jordan Cruise has one dream and one dream only; to become a professional snowboarder. She leaves her friends a family behind and heads out to Canada to pursu...
  • shredbots
  • canada
  • sebtoots
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the snowboarder : scotty james  by mikigm
the snowboarder : scotty james by mikigm
The Olympic Snowboarder. My best friend. Not necessarily in that order. Scotty James and Tilly Murphy, the best friends from Warrandyte, were basically born on the snow...
  • instagram
  • scottyjames
  • snowboarding
Mark McMorris or Nothing by wheneveryonewaslike
Mark McMorris or Nothingby wheneveryonewaslike
Canada was it's finest at being freezing and driving Sammy a little insane. 17 year old Sammy has been chasing her dreams of becoming something more then what her family...
  • imagines
  • olympics
  • snowboarder
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cloud 9 by RoseBrooks803
cloud 9by Rose Brooks
not really like the movie but it's kinda like it. read in to find out more about this book
  • snowboarding
  • kayla
  • love
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Snowboarding imagines by BTS7-EXO9
Snowboarding imaginesby BTS7-EXO9
I just realized that I've never made a book for snowboarding imagines, so here is my first one. Since the Olympics just happened I'm kind of into snowboarding right now...
  • snowboarding
Snowboarding (slow updates) by armadillo45
Snowboarding (slow updates)by spidergirl
Could her snowboard be her wing-man? Haylee goes on a ski/snowboarding trip during her winter break of her junior year of high school. Her mom and little brother stay ho...
  • snowboarding
  • love
  • fiction
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Our Life (Shaun White Fanfic) by gg92901
Our Life (Shaun White Fanfic)by gg92901
Shaun and Grace are both carefree snowboarders. (Editing. Will write the rest of this later XD)
  • shaunwhite
  • olympics
  • snowboarding
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