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HASBAND'S REVANGE  by ashawgaikwad
HASBAND'S REVANGE by ashawgaikwad
A beautiful girl who everybody admired in college and waited to get her glimpse... is proposed by a nerd. She insults him badly in front of his friends... making him a l...
My punishments by _moriarty__
My punishmentsby Maya Mathews
These stories are my punishment given by my master because I was being bad ;) If you find any titles uncomfortable, skip
Ex Girlfriend's Revenge by IndianDomme
Ex Girlfriend's Revengeby IndianDomme
A Rich brat gets tamed and put in his place by his ex-girlfriend, who seeks revenge with the help of his current girlfriend. They both come together to bring down an mi...
So Much Sin by haikyuusalad
So Much Sinby Salad
When Bokuto first saw Sakusa in the BDSM club he and Akaashi frequented, he thought he was caught. Luckily, that was not the case. Or, Akaashi and Atsumu get fucked into...
Lost in the Woods (18+ only) by Wholesome_Warrior
Lost in the Woods (18+ only)by Gail Creech
Just random romance and kink.
The Dorm Room by HUMAN_WITH_A_PEN
The Dorm Roomby tbdl_writer
A new college freshmen's biggest secret is found out by the RA and the consequences affect the rest of his college experience.
Wedgie Fantasy by wedgiebully
Wedgie Fantasyby wedgiebully
A Classic Bully And Nerd Wedgie Story 😌
They Bring Heaven To Me by Bubbles200567
They Bring Heaven To Meby 🐘💙Candy💙🐘
(Book 1 of the 'Heaven & Hell' series) Summer break has just started and Tilly is in for a waking surprise. Something that will change her quiet, book infested world, up...
Diaper humiliation tale by megaaustin
Diaper humiliation taleby Austin
A young adult having too much fun in the pool gets himself caught up with a humiliation situation
Breaking the bad boy by ThiccManTheSavior
Breaking the bad boyby GaryTheChristianSnail
An arrogant, chauvanist prince climbs up a lonely tower by the hair of a maiden, only to find a dominatrix witch. She informs him that his action has broken the truce b...
Tales Of Far Far Agay: A series of shrek fanfics by landoffarfaragay
Tales Of Far Far Agay: A series landoffarfaragay
Chapter 1: Your World and Mine (Lord Faarquad x The Magic Mirror) Chapter 2: Build A Wife (and kids) (Gingi x his wife) Chapter 3: There is alot of reading story/plot be...
Queen Slave (Aashvi Kaur) by daffamelton
Queen Slave (Aashvi Kaur)by Melton
This is about how a boy ended his life as a loser only by one situation changes his life by a ruthless girl Aashvi kaur starting from study life to till the end of his l...
Short stories that might become more by Justaboringgame
Short stories that might become Lil Jen-Jen
Basically I'll be putting a bunch of single chapter concept ideas for story candidates here... There will be all kinds of stuff in here so please be aware of any trigger...
My Wedgie Filled Life by kinklover69
My Wedgie Filled Lifeby kinklover69
I'm a 16 year old in high school and I get wedgies and spankings everyday from my family, friends, and even teachers.
Anyone wanna rp? by Husky4132
Anyone wanna rp?by Husky4132
Hi anyone interested in doing a wedgie rp? I would be the person to getting wedgie we could include other kinks of mine also. I am strictly submissive. So looking for a...
Football's baby nerd by kaelanelsberry
Football's baby nerdby kaelanelsberry
Lucy has trouble with the football team at school and they humiliate her
Baby Jesse's Foster Care life (Prequel) Book Two Of Eight  by JesseNoble0
Baby Jesse's Foster Care life ( Jesse Noble
This is the true accounting of my life in foster care after being taken away from my abusive mother Laura Noble it takes place right after the book Life's too short & so...
Nutshots by peppapig6942069420
Nutshotsby Peppa pig 69
Hitting my friend in the nuts was not the best idea