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The Alpha's Possession by Monstreph
The Alpha's Possessionby Lissa
(Book #1) Nora Myers despises werewolves after they murdered her mother, so what happens when she encounters an Alpha who claims she's his mate?
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Pull and Push (Completed) by 045-SUVI
Pull and Push (Completed)by SUVI
This story is just imaginary that I want this to happen. Mew was depressed by heart broke, after a while he decided to move on with his carrier. He get confession from...
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Sophie's new problem by diapergirl05
Sophie's new problemby diapergirl05
After Sophie has an accident in her girlfrien'ds bed for the third time, Ellie decided its time to take action.
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Pull Me Closer by RascaIs
Pull Me Closerby Rascals
- - - - Kami Jenkins doesn't believe there's such a thing as 'the one' and that all love is conditional. When she meets Jett, however, everything she believed she knew i...
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7 year old back to pull ups by Diaperstorys12
7 year old back to pull upsby Diaperstorys12
A 7 year old that has a little sister that was getting potty trained at 2 years old and she was Not ready
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The Alpha's Witch (UNEDITED VERSION) by midlander
The Alpha's Witch (UNEDITED VERSIO...by Lydia
Serena Carlylse has always known she was different. Her entire family is apart of an ancient bloodline of powerful witches. She has been waiting all her life for the Rev...
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One Kiss... (Completed) by daisy_chain
One Kiss... (Completed)by Daisy Anne
Toby White is sixteen, and he lives in Springfield Falls with his mum and sister, Lottie following his parents’ messy divorce. Confused, and frustrated, he turns to his...
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cameron the new baby the bedwetter by cameroncst1k84
cameron the new baby the bedwetterby cameroncst1k84
Cameron mom and dad have a new baby Noah but cameron's start wetting the bed and having day accident too also acting like a baby so his mom and Dad think it a good idea...
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"If I gave you a gun, would you shoot it?" by Katsuki_Black
"If I gave you a gun, would you sh...by Madie
Warning- Feels.
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P U L L   A W A Y  [The Gifted Fanfiction] by Borealas39
P U L L A W A Y [The Gifted Fan...by Genie Grant
"And there they stand, Hand in hand, With demon to destroy the land. And they who adorn, A power scorn, Shall wipe the world clean of man." ...
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RUMI {Book two of the Others series} by pickelTheanimelover
RUMI {Book two of the Others serie...by PiiiiPip
Rumi is the only survivor out of the attack and she has her own story of how she made it through being married off to the killer son Xais a very cold hearted child. How...
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Reed's story: An ex-husband for hire by lyndominic
Reed's story: An ex-husband for hi...by Holly D.
cover by @gabbys UPDATES ON FRIDAYS She wants someone to play the role of her ex-husband. He never imagined life in a ranch. **** "Let me make you a deal Reed,&quo...
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Working Progress by libby296
Working Progressby libby296
A story about a girl whose life doesn't seem to give her any answers, and where life itself wants to control her. Needless to say she tries to rebel against it's plan fo...
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Why we dont let OC's who are parents teach by KonataTheCatDemon
Why we dont let OC's who are paren...by Konata
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Honor's Lark (Lark, #1) by RachelHamm
Honor's Lark (Lark, #1)by Rachel Hamm
In a world where everyone is assigned a lifemate at birth by the Gods, thirty year-old Honor is still looking for hers. When her new boss, Sedric, points out that her ma...
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Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hearts by taylorinwonderland
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hea...by Taylor
A young teenager gets peer-pressured into doing drugs, drinking alcohol, going to parties, and sneaking out.
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Teasing emison  by ktrain_1234
Teasing emison by ktrain_1234
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Sea by madianmoglia88
Seaby madianmoglia88
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Pass by friedmansocolow17
Passby friedmansocolow17
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