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The Sandlot: Girl Edition (Fanfic) by beerbabe
The Sandlot: Girl Edition (Fanfic)by beerbabe
"YOU PLAY BALL LIKE A GIRL!" It was never Scotty Smalls who moved into town. It was Emily Brookes! She moved into the house across from Benny (The Jet) Rodrigu...
  • thesandlot
  • scottysmalls
  • newyorkyankees
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Character one-shots by mynameisdrella
Character one-shotsby Drella
A series of one-shots for some of the ships listed in my bio, such as: Benny/Smalls, Phillips/Smalls, Dallas/Johnny, Two-Bit/Ponyboy, Jasico, Lunarry, Pernico, etc.
  • bennyrodriguez
  • pernico
  • bussy
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Highly Addictive || Benny Rodriguez || SLOW UPDATES by anyajean
Highly Addictive || Benny ♡anya♡
"She's fierce and reckless, is it bad that I think I'm addicted?" Summer has arrived, school is out, and Scarlett Porter is coming home from a school...
  • timmyandtommy
  • younglove
  • scottysmalls
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Sandlot Love by booklover542
Sandlot Loveby booklover542
When Ashley moves back to her childhood town she's expecting to be reunited with her old friends and pick up right where she left off. What she's not expecting is a whol...
  • thesandlot
  • phillips
  • ham
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Break That Way 。 Wally West by tinkertaydust
Break That Way 。 Wally Westby — TAY.
BREAK THAT WAY. ❝ does she know that we bleed the same? don't wanna cry but I break that way.❞ A SPIN-OFF BOOK TO THE A DANCE WITH THE FLASH SERIES A BRAVE HEARTS BOOK...
  • west
  • fanfiction
  • wally
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Future Days With The Flash 。 Barry Allen [3] by tinkertaydust
Future Days With The Flash 。 — TAY.
FUTURE DAYS WITH THE FLASH. ❝'cause I can't stop time you keep blurring in my mind and space is undefined these tracks left behind we can't stay the same.❞ BOOK THREE I...
  • allen
  • cisco
  • phillips
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 ˢⁱˢᵗᵉʳˢᵖᵘᵃᵈ | gc by jellostains
ˢⁱˢᵗᵉʳˢᵖᵘᵃᵈ | gcby bleach
" sisterspaud gc yes not sistersquad but sisterspaud "
  • ethandolan
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  • phillips
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NEVER HAVE I EVER (Sandlot Fanfic) by gissyfernandez
NEVER HAVE I EVER (Sandlot Fanfic)by gissyfernandez
Believe it or not, back in elementary there was an inseparable trio. Benny, Alexandra, and Phillips. Yes, Sandlot Benny and Tiger Phillips didn't always hate the others...
  • bennyrodriguez
  • baseball
  • phillips
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More Than a Diamond | Benny Rodriguez by straewbaerry_
More Than a Diamond | Benny ˗ˏˋ J A S M I N E ˊˎ˗
❝I don't love her! She's just some girl who I teach baseball to! Besides, she's in love with Philips. And she always will be.❞ For Ruth Roberts to get her boyfriend back...
  • rodriguez
  • california
  • ham
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Michael's secret daughter (A GTA 5 Franklin x Reader fanfiction.) by MollySxx
Michael's secret daughter (A GTA Molly <3
Meet Grace Smith. Michael DeSanta's long lost daughter. She moves to Los Santos on the hope of finding her father, but unexpectedly finds love instead.. - A Franklin Cli...
  • gta5
  • sandyshores
  • michael
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Just Luck (Ben Phillips love story) by bandgeekof2018
Just Luck (Ben Phillips love story)by Disney is life
Ben Phillips and Olivia rogers have been dating for over 2 1/2 years now, they do pranks together on his channel. Later enough Olivia gets the most shocking but exciting...
  • bae
  • love
  • fanfiction
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Sandlot:  Benny Love Story by Sandlot_Girl_
Sandlot: Benny Love Storyby Sandlot_Girl_
"You can take the girl out of the tomboy stage but you can't take the tomboy out of the girl." ----------------------- Babe is Scott Smalls's twin sister. She...
  • tomika
  • smalls
  • bertram
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You Think Love Is A Joke? by Eren__Davis
You Think Love Is A Joke?by Erin
Isabelle 'Izzy' Ashmore joins the CSI team as a forensic pathologist/scientist to help Doctor Robbins but will Gil let her be on the field or will she have to stay down...
  • ashmore
  • greg
  • stokes
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The Sandlot Preferences by Delaney_The_Ghoul
The Sandlot Preferencesby ¿Delaney~Chan¿
All in the Title!! Enjoy!!
  • squints
  • timmy
  • ham
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Loving the Enemy by booklover542
Loving the Enemyby booklover542
When Benny's older sister Ari comes home from boarding school the last thing he expects is for her to fall in love with his arch nemesis. Will this be the end of the riv...
  • bennyrodriguez
  • phillips
  • sister
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Oh My Nerd by heartingcloud
Oh My Nerdby ☼
The sandlot boys decide to place a bet on the most shyest, and nerdiest girl of Peachwood High.
  • ham
  • kenny
  • benny
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You're From the 70's But I'm a 90's Kid (The Sandlot Next Generation) by FandomLuv
You're From the 70's But I'm a 90' Caroline
This is a Fanfiction about the Children of The Sandlot Boys Idk why, i just felt like it. Don't expect much from this I Dont Own Sandlot
  • smalls
  • bertram
  • yeahyeah
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Another Smalls?! [Benny X Reader] [HIATUS] by Lord-Bella
Another Smalls?! [Benny X Reader] Lord-Bella
Hi im [Y/N] Smalls i have been moving alot since im kinda famous for being the first girl to start playing baseball. I have a stepmother and stepbrother beacause my real...
  • phillips
  • benny
  • ham
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Gansta Way by breezy_yungin
Gansta Wayby breezy_yungin
Khlani Bridges= KAYLA PHILLIPS Chris Brown= CHRIS BROWN Khlani bridges is a 15 year old rich girl starting her sophomore year in the high school she just joined last yea...
  • brown
  • love
  • kayla
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The 1st Hunger Games - Carter Phillips' Story  by Clara-Water
The 1st Hunger Games - Carter Clara-Water
The 1st Hunger Games has begun! Read the story from Carter's point of view! Carter Phillips was a 15 year old male that was reaped as the very first male tribute from d...
  • snow
  • phillips
  • transportation
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