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My Own Way... (Minecraft/Setsorcerer Fan-Fic) [Watty Awards 2013] by JaFoJade
My Own Way... (Minecraft/ Jade
What if minecraft was real... Like your life IS Minecraft? You're not born, you're spawned. Some became famous leaders... Like SkydoesMinecraft, Deadlox, TrueMU and many...
Game Over by CATtheDrawer
Game Overby Milah (WrittenDarkness)
Your rank. Your life. Or that is what Adam always thought was the straight-forward road of life. However all of that changed when he happens across a mysterious necklac...
The Lost Ones Book 2: Welcome Home by TheStarShipUniverse
The Lost Ones Book 2: Welcome Homeby The Crew of the Star Ship Uni...
It seemed like just another ordinary day, wake up, make videos, go to sleep. Just like yesterday, right? But now he's being told he's been missing, for over two years no...
You and Team Crafted by Everfall
You and Team Craftedby Bonjour le stranger!
Like every other day you log into minecraft. But it isn't your average day, no. As soon as the former team crafted members join, you know that something isn't right. How...
The Lost Ones by TheStarShipUniverse
The Lost Onesby The Crew of the Star Ship Uni...
What happens to Youtubers when they stop uploading? In this world the disappear, never to be seen again until they randomly show back up in town a few years later. Where...
Hybrid War |A Team Crafted FanFic| by candyflossed
Hybrid War |A Team Crafted FanFic|by CandeyThePal
A long time ago, hybrids and normal humans lived peacefully. There were no chaos, death, or fear. However, that peace did not last long. The humans then suddenly sent a...
The Test Subjects by ToxicWaffle183
The Test Subjectsby Toxic
6 year old Sky was taken from his home to be put in a lab as a test subject. Sky was the only one until one day many years later two new boy's show up. Together they try...
Team Crafted's New Member (Team Crafted Fan-Fic) by ToxicDJ
Team Crafted's New Member (Team ToxicDJ
Meet DJ. She's a 17-year-old girl who lives with Mitch who is also known as the BajanCanadian in Team Crafted. He invites his other mates in Team Crafted down to stay wi...
Welcome to the Manor by HKpika
Welcome to the Manorby HK
Basic Summary: Adam = Dead Note: This story will contain swearing, blood, and of course, murder. So if your sensitive to that, go read Stuck. Or some other book. This st...
Love & Lies <コ:彡 Team Crafted Fan Fiction (w/ SkyDoesMinecraft) by Mitchs_Microwave
Love & Lies <コ:彡 Team Crafted Microwave of Mitch
What happens when Minecon is held in London? Some pretty cool stuff. But what happens when the Team return to LA? Their lives are turned up-side-down! Read this amazing...
Lost Light (Book One in the Legends of Minecraftia Series) by Spacezii
Lost Light (Book One in the Spacezii
Mcyt Headcanons #1 by Hacks_The_Trash
Mcyt Headcanons #1by Gays in space
Just because headcanons are really fun to put down,they will mostly come in large blurbs since I write so many things at once for hcs
Never Normal {Enderlox, Skybrine WitherMU FanFic} by TheDiscoDino
Never Normal {Enderlox, Skybrine Timelord of Time bis
Adam, Ty, and Jason are just normal Minecraftians, playing around, hanging out with friends. Until these suited men come in and try to take away Adam, Ty and Jason try t...
Herobrine's Daughter **DISCONTINIUED** by Galaxy_Artemis
Herobrine's Daughter ** Galaxy_Artemis
**DISCONTINUED** Herobrine is known as a cold hearted, merciless killer across Minecraftia. But when he has a daughter, will he be able to change? Or will he stay as ho...
Whisper their names... {Tc Au} (Discontinued) by LittTheBandit
Whisper their names... {Tc Au} ( LittTheBandit
In a world where duplicate names are highly illegal, Where magic exists and murders occur regularly. The simpler the name. The more important the child's future is suppo...
Hybrid Gods #Wattys2018 (UNDER EDITING) by 05andDishonor
Hybrid Gods #Wattys2018 (UNDER iwanttokashootmyself
CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING Whenever someone is born, their Mob God is chosen. The Mob God can be any mob in the world, going from a chicken to an Ender Dragon. Sky isn't ha...
When The Lights Go Out (A Derp Ssundee Horror Story) by wolfkitten45
When The Lights Go Out (A Derp Mo <3
Derp laughed manically. 'Aww why not Ian? I only want to... Play with your friends.' You leave them alone... Derp continued to laugh, almost as though he already had all...
Love and Lies ↠ The Finale To The Not Again Series ↠ BajanCanadian Fanfiction by lucybrooke
Love and Lies ↠ The Finale To Lucy
In which a girl forgets her mess of a past and has to decide which future she wants. Three words sum up her screwed up life. Love. And. Lies. "And in the end, none...
YouTuber X Reader (ONE-SHOT) (LIFE STORY) by TheBananasss
YouTuber X Reader (ONE-SHOT) ( Eva
(REQUESTS OPEN) This is a reader x Youtubers I allow any kind of youtuber
Face The Facts: Your One of Us! *Discontinued* by Bluefire20
Face The Facts: Your One of Us! * Kayla
Hearing strange rumors about people going missing and turning up later not being the same as they was before. Sky live in a quiet, small town of GoldMines (ButterMines)...