Harmony Swan (A Rosalie Hale Mate Lovestory) by Ciel_Madison_love
Harmony Swan (A Rosalie Hale Mate...by Ciel and Madison
Bella Swan little sister moves to Forks. When she goes to high school.She meets her mate Rosalie Hale.
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Warrior Princess by silverhunter1760
Warrior Princessby Pranavi Kondapalli
Kara Hathaway, a royal princess of the Northern Kingdom, has finally been found after being missing for 11 years. But even after finding her family, Kara is still lost...
  • action
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  • royal
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4mates{Rosalie.H Jasper.H Emmett.C} Lovestory  by Ciel_Madison_love
4mates{Rosalie.H Jasper.H Emmett.C...by Ciel and Madison
This is a Rosalie x Jasper x Emmett x Oc lovestory
  • kids
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The Hunters Love by SupernaturalLover65
The Hunters Loveby Laura
I do not own Supernatural or Twilight. All I own is my OC's. This takes place in Forks, Washington (A few weeks after Supernatural Season 3 Episode 16 No Rest For The Wi...
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Half Sister's by FaithfulVampire
Half Sister'sby FaithfulVampire
Bella's half vampire half human and Elena is human...read to find out more
  • bella
  • mikaelsons
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Swans by savannahcreel
Swansby Savannah Banana🍌🦖
Sophia and Madison are two different types of people: Sophia is good and Madison is bad. These two completely different girls battle for the same guys love: Daniel hunt.
  • swans
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Paul Lahote Imprint  by Ciel_Madison_love
Paul Lahote Imprint by Ciel and Madison
You Shall See LOL........
  • kids
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  • friendship
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Stigma ➵ Twilight FF by sadlucifrr
Stigma ➵ Twilight FFby luce n.
E.C. / J.B. | " Are you calling me a sinner? " - The bastard kid. Unwanted. Abandoned by her mother. Charlie's illegitimate daughter. I've heard it all ever si...
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The Next Swan Princess  by AlittleExtra101
The Next Swan Princess by AlittleExtra101
Once upon a time Odette and Dereck finally have a baby girl! The new princess is named Leda. The whole kingdom is rejoiced, well not everyone... the evil sorcerer rothba...
  • swans
  • fairytale
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Between Earth and Sky | ✓ by rskovach
Between Earth and Sky | ✓by Rita
Once Upon Now Grand Prize Winner published by Gallery Books. Sixteen-year-old Mira Sighansen never questions her place in the majestic wilderness of the Yukon Territory...
  • weneeddiversebooks
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  • retelling
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Bella's little sister and Jasper mate  by Ciel_Madison_love
Bella's little sister and Jasper m...by Ciel and Madison
It's Bella and Cullen's graduation(p.s bella's Sisters is only 10 at first and then goes to being 16)And Bella's little sister comes
  • swans
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Natalie Swan is Paul Mate/Imprint  by Ciel_Madison_love
Natalie Swan is Paul Mate/Imprint by Ciel and Madison
(Instead of Bella) Edward left Natalie in the woods and Sam still found here 3weeks later Paul's wolf roared that Natalie is his Mate only his.His Natalie his Life His I...
  • clearwaters
  • nobella
  • carmons
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Renesmee has a twin sister?! by athackeray
Renesmee has a twin sister?!by MockingJay
This is not your typical renesmee twin story oh no it is much more read to find out!!
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Selena Lahote{A Jared Camron Mate-Imprint lovestory} by Ciel_Madison_love
Selena Lahote{A Jared Camron Mate...by Ciel and Madison
This is How Selena Lahote became Selena Camron
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  • olympiccoven
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