The Doctor's Wizard- Twilight by jessie_bell2001
The Doctor's Wizard- Twilightby Slytherin Queen
Everything is not as it seems. Harriet was the twin sister of Harry Potter, and the adopted sister of Bella Swan, a accident prone muggle. Harriet grew up with Charlie...
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  • potter
  • edward
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Edwards True Mate and Bella's Cousin  by The_bratty_earl
Edwards True Mate and Bella's Cous...by Hisbrattyearl
Edward meets his true mate In Gemma Williams Bella's Cousin of course bella will be upset jealous and angry cause her cousin is Edwards true mate
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The Hunters Love by SupernaturalLover65
The Hunters Loveby Laura
I do not own Supernatural or Twilight. All I own is my OC's. This takes place in Forks, Washington (A few weeks after Supernatural Season 3 Episode 16 No Rest For The Wi...
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Harmony Swan (A Rosalie Hale Mate Lovestory) by The_bratty_earl
Harmony Swan (A Rosalie Hale Mate...by Hisbrattyearl
Bella Swan little sister moves to Forks. When she goes to high school.She meets her mate Rosalie Hale.
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my life will continue... by Twilight_moon2006
my life will continue...by Holly Smith
Edward left Bella pregnant...
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Animal Facts by karinaBierley
Animal Factsby Karina Arianna
All the strange facts you need to know to keep you going! So come and read 1 a day and you have learned something new!! Will be posting when I can. The more you vote th...
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Half Sister's by FaithfulVampire
Half Sister'sby FaithfulVampire
Bella's half vampire half human and Elena is human...read to find out more
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  • forbes
  • salvatores
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The Angel In Disguise (On Hold) by SupernaturalLover65
The Angel In Disguise (On Hold)by Laura
Kathryn Swan is 19 years old. She is also Bella Swan's older sister. Kathryn is a hunter. But Bella doesn't know. All she knows is that Kathryn has a dangerous job. Anyw...
  • gabriel
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Paul Lahote Imprint  by The_bratty_earl
Paul Lahote Imprint by Hisbrattyearl
You Shall See LOL........
  • marriage
  • romance
  • friendship
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When I was seventeen... by jemstone491491
When I was seventeen...by jemstone491491
In a year where plastic is illegal, Kate - now 87 - tells her Granddaughter what the world was like when she was seventeen... Cover by @jemstone491 (me)
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4mates{Rosalie.H Jasper.H Emmett.C} Lovestory  by The_bratty_earl
4mates{Rosalie.H Jasper.H Emmett.C...by Hisbrattyearl
This is a Rosalie x Jasper x Emmett x Oc lovestory
  • friendship
  • comfort
  • kids
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Jacob's little sister and Paul Lahote Imprint-Mate{Lovestory Fanfic}  by The_bratty_earl
Jacob's little sister and Paul Lah...by Hisbrattyearl
{this take place in New Moon} The rest you will see in the story 😉
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The White Swan by ShimmerGirl16
The White Swanby ShimmerGirl16
Princess Quinn was beloved by all in the small kingdom of Herde. That is until she was stolen the night of her engagement ball. The only thing that remained was a single...
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Bella's little sister and Jasper mate  by The_bratty_earl
Bella's little sister and Jasper m...by Hisbrattyearl
It's Bella and Cullen's graduation(p.s bella's Sisters is only 10 at first and then goes to being 16)And Bella's little sister comes
  • hales
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Little Dove ~ Twilight  by Wolf_Queen_101
Little Dove ~ Twilight by ᵀᴴᴱ ᴬᴺᴳᴱᴸ' ˢ ᴰᴱᵛᴵᴸ
"Hello, Little Dove." "Why are you calling me Little Dove?" "Because you're the younger Swan and I love Doves." {OC x OC} {...
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