My sisters boyfriend. My mate. (Editing)

My sisters boyfriend. My mate. (Editing)

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Zaria and her sister Vanessa have been close since Zaria was first born. Vanessa is a golden child even after their parents die and she is left to take care of Zaria along with their aunt who doesn't know a thing about them, or how to take of a child. Zaria has it rough though, she's a socially awkward teenage werewolf girl that is living in her sister shadows. Zaria loves her sister, so whenever Vanessa gets a gorgeous new boyfriend she is surprised to find that she is kind of jealous. But is she just jealous or is it something more?

Oliver is the second most powerful alpha in the US. At the age of 23 he has already been through one mate. Since the tragedy of his first mate Oliver is expecting death to follow him, but when it doesn't Oliver starts the search for his second mate. He leaves his pack in the hands of his beta and searches the world only going back to check on his pack every six months. After two years of searching the world Oliver has no luck of finding his mate, so what a surprise when he goes back to his pack to check up on things he find not one, but two wonderful girls. The newest members of his pack, and to his dismay he dates one of the two sisters, but could he be dating the wrong sister?

Will he play it safe and stay with Vanessa, because she makes him sort of happy? Or will he risk it all and find true love with Zaria?

Cover made : @Infectious_Mortals 

Book four in the My Mate series. Other books do not need to be read to read this one.