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To Defy A Duke by vickitickitoria
To Defy A Dukeby Victoria
(COMPLETED) Lady Eliza Turner is content to be resigned to her books and has no interest in finding herself a wealthy husband. When her curiosity gets the better of her...
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hell ; a.i. by grlfrndsbtchn
hell ; w
"you're going to hell, ashton irwin."
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5SOS ONESHOTS by AlexClifford526
5SOS ONESHOTSby AlexClifford526
So this is just a collection of 5sos oneshots I have written, some may not be well written but I like the ideas. I'm not a professional writer so there will be mistakes...
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is it love Colin: ouvre ton cœur by soumihya
is it love Colin: ouvre ton cœurby soumihya
C'est l'histoire d'une jeune fille de 24ans qui vient d'arriver à New York et qui à été embauché à Carter Corporation, elle fait vite la connaissance de Matt et Lisa, qu...
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Demiwizards? (A Percy Jackson Harry Potter crossover) (wattys 2015) by sunglasesgirl
Demiwizards? (A Percy Jackson I wear sunglasses.
What happens if Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, and Nico (and maybe a few more) find out they have wizard/witches blood in their veins? They go to hogwarts, of course!!! I DON...
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Allie & the Sandlot Kids by mistywinter152
Allie & the Sandlot Kidsby ♡HOPE HOFFⓂ︎AN♡
This story takes place in 1976 in the Sandlot 3 but the thing is I'm Tommy's little sister.and when he get's knocked out. I end up being surrounded by teenage boys with...
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We Fight by arrowxmae
We Fightby arrowxmae
A Revolution is raging on their doorstep, and they find themselves caught in the very midst of it. But sometimes the beautiful will grow in the darkest of places. ~•~ F...
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ANAI X READER  by timberbloodymoonCP
ANAI X READER by Ultimate f U r-
yo, I'm the first anai x reader because all you guys hate the poor boi XD. GIVE MY BOI SOME LOVE, MAN!
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"Retsuko. Is. Mine!" Aggretsuko x Yandere Everyone! by uh-huh_yeah
"Retsuko. Is. Mine!" Aggretsuko hey there
There's so many ships in the Aggretsuko fandom so I just figure, why not do them all? But with a twist~? (This will be on season 1-2, so when and if a season 3 comes aro...
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Heaven Sent (The Wrong One) PREVIEW ONLY by VJDunraven
Heaven Sent (The Wrong One) VJDunraven
Heaven Sent (The Wrong One) is the second book in the Heirs of Cornwall Series. It is the story of Cassie's older brother, Allayne, heir of Viscount Rose. Please note...
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Assassins Stick Together by AssassinBunJay
Assassins Stick Togetherby Fluffy Bunny Jay
What would happen if Charles Lee had a daughter with an Assassin? Connie Juno Lee, the daughter of a Templar and an Assassin. Abandoned as a small child, taken in by Nat...
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Davenport by RM_94_07
Davenportby Rose Mary Lightwood
Nora es una joven que siempre ha estado maravillada por el mundo de los assassins, mundo al que pertenecía su padre tiempo atrás. Por este motivo se dirige a la hacienda...
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Anai  X  Reader Fanfic by Sakura29071
Anai X Reader Fanficby Sakura chan
Pls note that the only reason I'm doing this is because ever since the creators of aggretsuko introduced this little badger cherub to the show I have fallen head over he...
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Đừng nhắc em nhớ lại by NgcAnhNguyn153
Đừng nhắc em nhớ lạiby khoi20_10
Em từng ước ba điều trước khi thả cây đèn thần xuống biển khơi bao la, quá nửa trong đó là có thể vĩnh viễn, vĩnh viễn, vĩnh viễn quên đi anh. Anh đã ngây ngốc cho rằng...
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5SOS boyxboy oneshots by watlashton
5SOS boyxboy oneshotsby watlashton
A book full of oneshots written by me, watlashton
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[SasoSaku][Nữ tôn] Thuốc by harunosakuraworld
[SasoSaku][Nữ tôn] Thuốcby ♥Haruno Sakura World♥
Disclaimer: Fic thuộc về mình, nhân vật là đi mượn. Author: Love Pairing: SasoSaku Status: Complete WARNING: Đây là một thế giới người ta sống theo chế độ mẫu hệ, phụ nữ...
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[Nữ tôn][NejiSaku] Trưởng thành (Cao H, 18+) by harunosakuraworld
[Nữ tôn][NejiSaku] Trưởng thành ( ♥Haruno Sakura World♥
Tác giả: Love. Couple: NejiSaku. Thể loại: Nữ tôn, 18+ Tiến độ: Oneshot, Hoàn thành. Cảnh báo: Fic thuộc thể loại nữ tôn, vai trò của nam và nữ trong xã hội bị tráo đổi...
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Waching miraculous ladybug by mi_gato
Waching miraculous ladybugby mi_gato
los hijos de marinette y sus amigos estan de vacaciones y se les ocurri ir al pasado ir enseñales su serie con ayuda de felina que es de otra dimencion pero ellos decidi...
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Uhhh...... (Eddsworld x Reader) (REWRITING IN THE BOOK) by KenzieMorrow3
Uhhh...... (Eddsworld x Reader) ( A Clear Sunset
(Hey, bout time I updated this lmao) Y/n wasn't rich, no, she was actually quite poor. She had no job, and pretty much stole for fun. Yet after a job offer with the infa...
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Night under the stars (Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton x reader)  by __Suisen__
Night under the stars (Connor/ 🌹Jen🌹
I wrote this ages ago and decided to just post it on here The reader spends a night under the stars with Connor
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