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Abigail Morris is a run away daughter.She ran away because her family maltreated her And just a blink of an eye she's became part of a section,section that full of boys...
only girl in section aquamarine by jannescalnte
only girl in section aquamarineby Jem
matalino maganda sexy hot cool mayaman yan si hyacinth zallana zaika Lopez Clarkson nag iisang anak ng CEO ng Clarkson group of Inc at famous designer tagapagmana ng com...
Dark Section(COMPLETED) by Celestial_Zin
Dark Section(COMPLETED)by Zin
Dark Series #1: Princess Eunice Smith Princess Eunice Smith is the daughter of a wealthy family. She is also a famous model in Asia because of her beauty. Others think s...
The Only Girl In Section Ice by DaOneForU
The Only Girl In Section Iceby Dien
Read then you will know.
Taming my Devil students by playfulmate2
Taming my Devil studentsby playfulmate2
"so this is the Section C huh? Interesting" i said and stared at the files "Yes ma'am, and that group is the one who is ruling your University, they are a...
The Only Girl In Section D [On-Going] UNDER REVISION by xelleiries
The Only Girl In Section D [ Ailiseu
Warning: Super Slow Update! Freylin Ayiinah Monteverde, a 20 year old badass girl who always gotten into a fight. She been kick out for so many times, so her dad made a...
The Popstar Hidden Secret by Liahale25
The Popstar Hidden Secretby Lia Hale
Ventique Series #1 The popstar that you will never expect to have a very dark secret. She's the popstar that become a student again. Because of the mission that her fath...
HANJI X READER  SMUT by Wh0re_4_Hanji
HANJI X READER SMUTby wh0re_4_hanji
THESE ARE HANJI X READERS I FOUND ON TUMBR ⚠️NON OF THESE ARE MY STORIES⚠️ Contains- Smut-🍋 Fluff-☁️ Angst-💜 Also contains- Hanji x fem Hanji x gender neutral
Worst Section || Gugu by starxkgr
Worst Section || Guguby amora
❝I'd rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else.❞ Gusion, who had been graduated and became a professor in such a young age. He probably just had t...
Only Girl In Section Sunflower | COMPLETED ✔️ by helloiamyuri
Only Girl In Section Sunflower | Trixie Yuri
Meet Aira Luna Valdez the heiress of Valdez inc. Heriet G. Valdez and Marco Valdez are the parents of Aira, Aira's parents own A company of Skin Cosmetics, and they als...
The BADAAS Girl In Section D  by Trisha_qtie
The BADAAS Girl In Section D by Trishjajl
"You're dead" -Yhana Reese Witara-Monteverde
THE FAITH PRINCESS {Part One} On-going by lorrie_espi
THE FAITH PRINCESS {Part One} lorrie_espi
Ang BABAENG UBOD NG GANDA AT BAIT ay mapupunta sa isang section na puro BASAGULERO at walang MODOat higit sa lahat puro lalake na estudyante pero ang mga tanong Paano...
Your Eyes Betray Your Secrets (Jay Lisondra) by GelmaeMoon
Your Eyes Betray Your Secrets ( Glmmn🌔
Why don't we fall inlove tonight.. Jay Lisondra was a guy who doesn't show to others that he cares for them.At the age of sixteen,he thought he had found his soulmate,pe...
Savage Love by shatapyurmawt
Savage Loveby N
Love is a Sacrifice, you need to be hurt to be happy. Love will come thru a lot of things to be strong, but don't give up! Date started : April 30, 2022 Date ended : ???
The Mysterious Black Princess by JustyourAndie3041
The Mysterious Black Princessby Andie Nevera
They hate girls, Mga bad boys sila, wala silang awa, wala silang modo, Wala silang sinasanto, 'once you fight, then you will have to risk your life.' Para silang mga ha...
Spy School goes Commando by SPYGUY124
Spy School goes Commandoby JumpMan
In this story, Joshua returns to Spy School with a plan to get rid of Ben (part of Murray's Project X), but Ben escapes and joins David "Section" Mason and Mik...
Atonement? by Lusterdragon72
Atonement?by Danieljames Joaquin Domar
We all have regrets. We all smile. We all frown. Sometimes all we need is an encouraging word from others or seeing that someone else is also going through pain to under...
Tells a story of a seven student is accelerated to the GOLDEN SECTION, the highest and most special class in school where only a handful of students are accepted. Soon...
Only girl in section D (demon) by sofiaanngelica
Only girl in section D (demon)by mamat
May isang babae na akala mo lalake dahil magaling makipaglaban pano kung napunta sya sa section na lalake lahat kakayanin nya ba?oh makikisama nalang sya?at pano kung an...