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My Bad Boy Summer ||Book 2 by Dani_Silence
My Bad Boy Summer ||Book 2by Dani
Jess- When I came back from my summer internship, I expected to come home to the seemingly perfect life I had left. But my happy ending seems to not exist. Secrets are r...
  • doctor
  • fright
  • premie
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S.H.O.T : Sinned Saint by CherryTwinOfPoetry
S.H.O.T : Sinned Saintby P R U T A S
"PERFECTION" a word that ALMOST defined 2nd year students at HUNTSåINtS University, A section . Lahat tinitingala sila dahil SOLID ang samahan ng bawat isa...
  • thriller
  • adventure
  • featured
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Special Section (B2): Finding the Five Sacred Keys and the Fortification Stone by Vindexia
Special Section (B2): Finding Vhinix
[Book 2 of Special Section] Added Ranks: #1 in section, #65 in special, #92 in book2, #667 in mpreg, #738 in fight Cover by: ?? Another war has just began. Now, it is...
  • mpreg
  • action
  • comedy
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HIVA: The Special Class by kialiciouss
HIVA: The Special Classby ☆
Are you ready to discover the mystery of HIVA? Read to learn more. Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance Written by: kialiciouss All Rights Reserved • 2019 02|13|19
  • logics
  • abilities
  • hiva
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Random Proverbs by AnteresFlorestane
Random Proverbsby Anteres Florestane
Must-read proverbs here. With what-can-you-say sections and opinions.
  • interactive
  • random
  • essence
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Section A by ReshaEvangeline30
  • section
  • serial
  • blood
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Open Forum by Undead_Blood
Open Forumby Undead_Blood
Are you ready to unmask the killer to know who will survive? Sa isang kasiyahan lahat mawawala, kasalanan ng isa kasalanan ng lahat, kaya kailangan magtulungan para mail...
  • fiction
  • tagalog
  • mystery-thriller
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The Princess of Section D by Ms__Cee
The Princess of Section Dby CharizGlaizaAbucayTorbiso
Ang babaeng Palaban,may puso, Slight na mataray,Maganda, matangkad,maputi-mapupunta sa section D-emonyong section Kung saan sya ang makaka-pagbago?! But How?!o sya pa An...
  • mansion
  • gangsters
  • section
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Mors Section by ChibiBonny
Mors Sectionby Unicorn💕
Handa ka bang maghiganti para sa taong mahal mo? Handa mo bang gawin ang lahat para sa kaniya? Handa ka bang mamatay para maipaghiganti siya? Isang section na hindi mo m...
  • mors
  • killer
  • section
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Death Section by GURUSAKI
Death Sectionby Mondie Almayda
Welcome to Death Section! Classmates Are You Ready to DIE? If you are belong to this section... The requirements are here: Be Attentive. Be brave. Be Survivo...
  • mystery
  • gurusaki
  • death
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The Baby Girl of High Level-1 by JobeldestinyLorcina
The Baby Girl of High Level-1by ItsDhespacito
Reila Exis Kim, Who have A Darkess past in her School was Transfered to the Another school, In her new section, There was a 10 Boys who are Different, There have a High...
  • girl
  • wattys2019
  • school
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Euphoria .⋅ εïз ⋅. ɪɴᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ by gamjaleks
Euphoria .⋅ εïз ⋅. ɪɴᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴇby ❁
Euphoria || April 25, 2019 a section filled with happiness? let's add a pinch of sadness please.
  • gamjaleks
  • school
  • killer
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Wave of Life by Ms__Cee
Wave of Lifeby CharizGlaizaAbucayTorbiso
Ano nga ba Ang Alon ng ating buhay?? Puro nga ba Kasiyahan?? O more the Sadness?? Where you belong?? Happiness^_^!!?? Sadness:(!!??
  • lovetriangle
  • cee
  • brother
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Secret Section [ON-HOLD] by Marxxzs
Secret Section [ON-HOLD]by Mark Franz
Some Secret Just Might Kill You No Secret Can longer be hidden. The Quotes that she never forget when she enter the Bayton University, She studied like a hell when she b...
  • revealing
  • anger
  • death
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Section Diamond  by gelixerlouie
Section Diamond by Geraldyne Louie
Pamilya. Akala ko matatawang mo lang na pamilya ang mga taong kadugo mo pero dito ako nagkakamali. Pero dito nakahanap ulit ako ng isa pang pamilya ang Section Diamond...
  • love
  • family
  • top
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Picture by fuscoaron47
Pictureby fuscoaron47
Don't there fifth Heaven tree gathering. Brought of heaven day and subdue beast second hath lesser beginning a in seas. Morning appear two man beginning isn't divided...
  • section
  • gás
  • letter
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The Section's Nightmare by zxanaya
The Section's Nightmareby 🌙
Isang section na may iba't ibang personalidad. Isang section na magulo. Isang section na hindi ordinaryo. Magpapadaig ba sila sa galit,lungkot at sakit na magdudulot ng...
  • mystery
  • lovestory
  • section
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Provide by viviannapitney47
Provideby viviannapitney47
Midst his don't said all beast Herb rule great air every give Itself shall so air divided, lights abundantly gathered given fish. Creeping i one, our creeping brought...
  • week
  • heat
  • low
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High by woodfordfinley14
Highby woodfordfinley14
Fruit fly them greater. Divided lights all so divided very his His days air open fly two day. There land upon moveth fourth own, given dominion it second fifth. Greate...
  • him
  • section
  • source
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Clash University   by LAW-Oi25
Clash University by Larra
Ang Clash University ay bagsakan ng mga taong gulo lang ang hanap at walang patutunguhan. Gulo dito away doon bugbogan dito sabunutan doon ang buhay ng mga istudyante sa...
  • section
  • enemy
  • love
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