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THIS DARK WORLD//a fan fiction  by lyra-rxddle
THIS DARK WORLD//a fan fiction by Riddle AF
I'm a Riddle, you have to find a way to solve me I'm Larissa "Lyra" but I'm known as Chloe Wilson, at least that was what I used to be..... In my early years I...
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Premiera by Flinkyo
Premieraby Flinkyo
Ceci est un recueil de poèmes. Il sera rempli au fur et à mesure, au cours de mes émotions, de mes sentiments. Réelle introspection, cela sert avant tout à m'exprimer, m...
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Kylie αиd Julian by SimplyTheAnne
Kylie αиd Julianby Anne
When Kylie Johnson's overprotective older brothers continuously ruin her love life, she decides to permanently eliminate the word 'love' from her vocabulary. But when th...
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Soy el Monstruo Que Te Protegerá by Mauro104201
Soy el Monstruo Que Te Protegeráby Ezzio_Connor
Abandonado y traicionado por quienes alguna vez confío, sufrió los abusos por ser diferente, sometido a un experimento cambiando su cuerpo y mente. Todo esto desde el mo...
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Sentiment [Urban Imagines] by DollsKeeper
Sentiment [Urban Imagines]by Doll❄️
sen·ti·ment ˈsen(t)əmənt/Submit noun 1. a view of or attitude toward a situation or event; an opinion. "I agree with your sentiments regarding the road bridge"...
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i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓ by joyfulweirdo
i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓by frans
marceline abadeer, a thousand-year-old vampire who loves her battle-axe bass guitar, remeniscised about her times with bonnibel bubblegum - a prim and proper princess wh...
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Sentimientos Inesperados by Caro512History
Sentimientos Inesperadosby Carolains Studies
Evaluna y Evan son dos gemelos con un pasado confuso, vivían encerrados en un habitación, todo cambia cuando Evaluna va a un instituto y conoce a Nicholas un chico popul...
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Feux de détresse by lila7426
Feux de détresseby lila7426
Christina et une femme heureuse avec son fils Lucas jusqu'au jour ou elle rencontre Christophe riche homme de modeste famille elle croit vivre le bonheur mais elle décou...
Loving A Spoiled Billionaire by relaxandwriteit
Loving A Spoiled Billionaireby Jer Strong
❝How to love a spoiled brat?❞ When a spoiled Mexicano billionaire Luciano Sanchéz gets what he wants and it is to take a man into his bed and life, he never vowed to fal...
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He's My Buddy by aisa12242
He's My Buddyby 𝔸 𝕃 𝕐 𝕊 𝕊 𝔸
He's my Buddy. A short story about a dog who creates dreams. Warning; cute story, but it may bring you to tears. • • • Can be read in one sitting. Easy read. #701 in...
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RK's Beti by TainarIsSyRen
RK's Betiby Tainar
Father's love for his newborn baby girl.
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For You, Sincerely Me by emilyawesome383
For You, Sincerely Meby ·Emily·
Poetry in which the author attempts to write for either upcoming books of hers, concepts she has, or emotions we often hold in. • · · • · · • ❝These words bleed from my...
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los sentimientos de un broken by tucorazonesmiluz
los sentimientos de un brokenby MARK FENIX
este libro es especifico para dar a especificamente para esos sentimientos los cuales la mañoria tenemos pero no sabemos como explicarlos plasmarlos y en eso yo mi papel...
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My View. My thoughts. Sad but real. by _Bts_Yoongi_Suga_
My View. My thoughts. Sad but 🏳️‍🌈DarkJoke🏳️‍🌈
Here are my daily sad and depressive thought.
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Sincere Apology|Hwang Hyunjin|upcoming by ChronoStrayKids
Sincere Apology|Hwang Hyunjin| STAY Forever
When a lie becomes the truth... ••• Will she ever forgive him? ••••• Hwang Hyunjin X An Shin
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When the peonies bloom. by CrystalEio
When the peonies Crystal
An unexpected sword fight and slain man propels an unusual wanderer into the life of a opulent yet jaded oiran, in the confines of Yoshiwara. Two bond over a yearning fo...
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A long way to go  by mihirimah_g
A long way to go by Mihirimah
#1 in sentimental! (11.June. 2019) Derek is 25 years old CEO of Stevenson enterprises. Emily is 22 year old girl who is striving hard to make things right in her life. ...
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Madhu's Little Heaven by TainarIsSyRen
Madhu's Little Heavenby Tainar
Madhu's love for her family.
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A Hosie Story by Roxane011
A Hosie Storyby Roxane Martinez
One-shot about Hope and Josie's true feelings finally getting out in the open. Ps: this is my first fanfiction so please be kind in the comments
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The BIG Book of RANDOM by FallenStarXOXO
The BIG Book of RANDOMby FallenStarXOXO
Basically where I let out my random energy and things I would like the world to know. CAUTION: Too many intakes of random jokes may result in LAUGHTER :D
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