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Yandere merman x reader  by idkanymore7111
Yandere merman x reader by WeirdHumanWhoWrites
Y/n is a very open minded mermaid, she's always wanted to go and see what the big world has to offer, but in her journey she finds someone, someone who loves her a littl...
Unexpected Jungkook ff||COMPLETED||√ by Kookiecreamscake
Unexpected Jungkook ff||COMPLETED| Anna
Jeon jungkook 's fake girlfriend ............. or real? Read to find it out!! Romance, drama, fake girlfriend, au! A story...
Chase Atlantic Preferences by The-Lonely-Otaku-
Chase Atlantic Preferencesby 🕊Ravenclaw🕊
Hello yes, its been a while sorry about that...alot of shit has been going on in my life right now i'm and sorry but i'm obsessed with a new band...well not new band cau...
Illicit Love ||COMPLETED || by Kookiecreamscake
Illicit Love ||COMPLETED ||by Anna
"Cheating is never right, even if you are insanely in love with the person "
MEMES by she_is_music
This book contains the best memes of all you can find! I repost pics from mostly Instagram accounts so message me if you want to know them ^^ Btw the perfect cover is fr...
Gentle Soul [Jeremy Agriche x Jennette Margarita ] by Mawllow
Gentle Soul [Jeremy Agriche x Mallow
Jennette Margarita, she hasn't been loved, at least that's what she thought. She never managed to take the heart of the duke, emperor, or the princess and magician, not...
Faded Memories , Reincarnated Into My Hero Academia (Bakugo x female reader) by xsomeonex732007
Faded Memories , Reincarnated xsomeonex732007
imagine passing out due to a car crash and waking up finding yourself and the people around you , are 2D characters and recognizing it is an anime you watched before , ...
Itazura na kiss 3 {COMPLETED} ✔️ by cookiemandy
Itazura na kiss 3 {COMPLETED} ✔️by cookiemandy
Hey guys this is my first time doing a Itazura na kiss story. If you have suggestions or questions just tell or ask me and I'll answer. • • Story is about the continuat...
I love you~ Shy! yandere boy X Female! reader by FoxKawaiiGirl564
I love you~ Shy! yandere boy X Yandere Freak
Y/n L/n is the only girl in a "All boys school." when she saw a shy guy gets bullied, she stands up the bullies and became the shy guy's friend ( his name is A...
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴘᴏᴛɪᴏɴ [ᴠᴋ] by hi___Hyemi
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴘᴏᴛɪᴏɴ [ᴠᴋ]by Hyemi
"Би чамайг үнсмээргүй байна" "Гуйж байна хён, ганцхан удаа" "Би үгүй гэж хэлсэн!" "Gucci авч өгье" "....Хаанаа үнсүүлмээр ба...
The fault in our cheese (MARCELL TOING X READER)  by Alegalpumpkin
The fault in our cheese (MARCELL Brussel Sprouts
*HIGHSCHOOL AU* Marcell is your pretty and smart friend and randomly he starts acting strange around you! Find out what happens next please read it oh my god please do i...
You're only Mine [COMPLETED] by SandaminiSenadheera
You're only Mine [COMPLETED]by Sandamini Senadhera
jjk ff 《《 කොපි කිරීමෙන් හෝ වෙනත් සමාජ ජාල වල පලකිරීමෙන් වලකින්න.》》
🖤Love You🖤 by MiraISNotYour
🖤Love You🖤by Mirabell
မင်းကို စစတွေ့ချင်းထဲက ချစ်ခဲ့မိတယ်💕🖤
sunny in twisted wonderland [Omori x Twisted Wonderland] by Mawllow
sunny in twisted wonderland [ Mallow
SUNNY was brought into twisted wonderland, tho he doesn't know why. (omori x Twisted wonderland) Twisted Wonderland belongs to aniplex and Disney Japan Omori belongs to...
Sweet Caress by Runaway1983
Sweet Caressby Runaway1983
Read the first chapter!
Fairy Lovers (FxF) (DISCONTINUED) by 1SamTheMan1
Fairy Lovers (FxF) (DISCONTINUED)by Sam Barto
STORY DISCONTINUED (Only charcter that's mine is Sam) • • • ° • ~* "You're a fairy Sam." • • • • "I'm a w...
"Cairkan hati yang beku" by adlinx_
"Cairkan hati yang beku"by adl.
Setelah sah menjadi sepasang suami isteri, misi memikat sang isteri kini dimulakan. Isterinya itu, hatinya terlalu keras! Penat nak lembutkan, tapi tak pernah nak lembut...
My Bad Boy by RenaeEmma
My Bad Boyby Emma Dilemma
What the hell are you doing? He asked Obviously I'm poking this car. Well stop. No. You look like a creep. You are a creep. Shut up, Princess. Crap. ------- Maddison How...
Drowning~  Dazai Osamu x Reader (F)  by Tomiokasbaby
Drowning~ Dazai Osamu x Reader ( indecisiveweeb
Life was going just fine for you but when an unexpected incident brings you to the ADA and you encounter a figure from your past you believe you had long left behind. Fe...
You Are The Only One- Syaqeel by hnfhdyhzr
You Are The Only One- Syaqeelby hanifah Dyah Azaria
Rassya, Lelaki yang awalnya mendekati sesosok aqeela entah karena apa, Namun kedekatannya pada gadis itu membuat dirinya bukan mudah melupakan melainkan sangat sulit unt...