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Silence (How To Train Your Dragon AU) (Hiccup x reader OC) by Littlecamo8
Silence (How To Train Your Littlecamo8
In the kingdom of Berk, the only heir is finally becoming of age to wed. In a hurry to pass the kingdom off to his son, the king calls up all eligible young ladies in t...
Broken At First (Lams) by Nobody_says_nothing
Broken At First (Lams)by Fandom-Master
Alex is a broken boy in a horrid world but what will happen when he moves to America with the Washington's and his new brother Lafayette. this is my first real book hope...
BakuDeku- Early One-shot by Yaria-Chan
BakuDeku- Early One-shotby Yaria-Chan
Deku is a selective mute and only really speaks when he's alone with his secret boyfriend. The class comes back early from a mall trip to hear the two conversing. Spotif...
Silent  by jellypugtv
Silent by jellypugtv
Tomioka had a tough past and has struggles with overcoming his trauma read as he either sinks or floats. He hasn't been talking or smiling since being traumatised by HIM...
Quieter than Quiet by BeTheRainbowInClouds
Quieter than Quietby Ginny
A/N: So... finally, another! Sorry I haven't updated my others, I honestly just am not in the mood :/ I hope you like this, I promise the chapters are a lot better than...
Silence- Larry/Ziam AU by Joyhollon
Silence- Larry/Ziam AUby Joyhollon
It started with the death. The depressing darkness that is death. It left a giant hole in my body once it happened. After the death came the grieving. The grief includin...
Soundless by Satans_daughter_13
Soundlessby Anna-Chan
Annalisa Star is a selective mute and an awkward girl. She's had problems with being around people for years. Now she decided being cooped up in her house in southern Te...
The Mouse and The Snake by WritingSlab
The Mouse and The Snakeby WoodSlab
Anderson, a selective mute, moves from his hometown out of state to back to his hometown where he had a bad reputation with the bullys as "the mouse" Being alo...
Stuart's Silent Surprise by ZombieVomit
Stuart's Silent Surpriseby ZombieVomit
This is another story I've thought about writing. It features my oc his name is Charlie Evans who is an 10 year old boy selective mute. Charlie has a abusive father who...
Bent by death_will_rise
Bentby death_will_rise
A cool breeze swept up dark hair, making it dance along rope. Its owner, clothed in nothing but rough scraps of burlap, the tobacco company's marking faded along the sea...
My Silence Speaks Volumes by refrxction
My Silence Speaks Volumesby refrxction
A second person story. I wrote the opening in an attempt to get people to understand how I feel. It is loosely based around my life experiences but is still purely ficti...
Greif of an Alien by Alien-Slushie
Greif of an Alienby Slushie and the Angst Machine
For me to vent my issues. This is meant for ME to vent, if you must comment please dont tear me to shreds, I really don't need it. I also don't need help, or to talk so...
Alone by kia1234455
Aloneby kia1234455
Jun hyuk- 18 yrs old he looks like villain from plt Rich but not that rich phyocpath Carries metal bat around all the time Mute Orphan parents were murdered in front o...
Merlin and The Prats by Loveless212
Merlin and The Pratsby Draken
For many years Uther and his kingdom have hunted anyone/thing that had a relation with magic, unless you were unfortunately literally related then you would have to behe...
The Empty  by FlyingFandoms10
The Empty by FlyingFandoms
"Dear God, I pray that Sam stays safe. Maybe give him an angel, The nicest one you have. Sam likes candy, Maybe the angel could have a sweet tooth. It would give Sa...
Donna x transmale!OC by Scath00
Donna x transmale!OCby Scath Konrad Roth
Donna is touch starved and always runs cold, OC is affectionate, but no longer has anyone to be affectionate with, and always runs hot.