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Sweet Thing ~ UshiTen  by Haikyuu_nerd
Sweet Thing ~ UshiTen by A͓̽u͓̽t͓̽h͓̽o͓̽r͓̽-͓̽s͓̽a͓̽n͓̽
Second book for Tongue Tied ~ UshiTen "Sweet boy... I'll be home soon." Ushijima looked over at his phone where Tendou was smiling at him. He smiled back, kno...
Freak by Deathly_Hollow
Freakby Disney Maniac
For as long as he could remember, he had been Freak. But he didn't really mind... he liked being Freak, Freak was him. He was Freak. Being Freak meant he wasn't expecte...
Rogue's Secret Mate by QueenAmity97
Rogue's Secret Mateby piss off
WARNING: BXB/Mpreg No one knows who, All they know was that a young man stumbled upon their pack, with a mute kid, pregnant and beaten. Words were not his cup of tea but...
They'll Never Know by thatonefandom_69
They'll Never Knowby copyright ™
After the war, everything went back to normal, well, almost everything. Harry Potter. Everyone knows him, his mask. No one knows his true side, in truth, he is broken. O...
The Mute  by presidentofdumbass
The Mute by presidentofdumbass
Sam goes to college and meets someone new. Someone without a voice. Without the energy or power to speak. Sam's older brother comes to town and rest assured something'...
Silence (How To Train Your Dragon AU) (Hiccup x reader OC) by Littlecamo8
Silence (How To Train Your Littlecamo8
In the kingdom of Berk, the only heir is finally becoming of age to wed. In a hurry to pass the kingdom off to his son, the king calls up all eligible young ladies in t...
Broken At First (Lams) by Nobody_says_nothing
Broken At First (Lams)by Fandom-Master
Alex is a broken boy in a horrid world but what will happen when he moves to America with the Washington's and his new brother Lafayette. this is my first real book hope...
Silence- Larry/Ziam AU by Joyhollon
Silence- Larry/Ziam AUby Joyhollon
It started with the death. The depressing darkness that is death. It left a giant hole in my body once it happened. After the death came the grieving. The grief includin...
The Muted Hero - Percy Jackson by Jdog-o930
The Muted Hero - Percy Jacksonby Jdog-o930
Percy has always had a low morale. Even more so, with money, and excuses running out. He's a selective mute, rarely speaking even-especially at home.
Shades Of Pain by Menna_saied_394
Shades Of Painby Menna Saied
My mum thinks I'm special But I don't think that's the case. If I could talk I would take tell her that I'm not special- I'm not unique- Because here's the problem: I ca...
Stuart's Silent Surprise by ZombieVomit
Stuart's Silent Surpriseby ZombieVomit
This is another story I've thought about writing. It features my oc his name is Charlie Evans who is an 10 year old boy selective mute. Charlie has a abusive father who...
|| Silent Love || {Joshler} by _Tyler_Joseph_
|| Silent Love || {Joshler}by Tyler
"Hello! I'm Josh!" "..." A Boy who talks non stop and a boy who simply chooses not to... let's see how this goes. CAUTION! MENTIONS OF SELF HARM! AND...
Songbird by Detective4Life
Songbirdby May
A teen boy sings with his window and catches the attention of a punk boy on a bike.
Greif of an Alien by Alien-Slushie
Greif of an Alienby Slushie and the Angst Machine
For me to vent my issues. This is meant for ME to vent, if you must comment please dont tear me to shreds, I really don't need it. I also don't need help, or to talk so...
The Empty  by FlyingFandoms10
The Empty by FlyingFandoms
"Dear God, I pray that Sam stays safe. Maybe give him an angel, The nicest one you have. Sam likes candy, Maybe the angel could have a sweet tooth. It would give Sa...
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Low Volume by GraceReinke
Low Volumeby Grace Reinke
Westwood High student Jarod Kim is a selective mute. But, to the people around him, he appears to be unable to speak. He doesn't respond to his name being called. He doe...
Quieter than Quiet by BeTheRainbowInClouds
Quieter than Quietby Ginny
A/N: So... finally, another! Sorry I haven't updated my others, I honestly just am not in the mood :/ I hope you like this, I promise the chapters are a lot better than...