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Izuku's quirk  by Jiu_Jitsu_Kitty
Izuku's quirk by JJK_Anime
You know the title. He will have a levitation quirk but, I will not ship him with Uraraka because it's to vanilla for me. Btw Izuku will be more edgy and hate Bakugo onc...
M E L A N I N : Katsuki Bakugou x Black Fem! Reader One Shots by Br33dingBunny_
M E L A N I N : Katsuki Bakugou x...by 𝘽𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙙𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙚
These are one shots for black girls because I noticed that we didn't really have any. This is my first piece of work so the writing may be bad.
All Mights daughter (Katsuki Bakugo x Reader) by GameTimeYT
All Mights daughter (Katsuki Bakug...by ArsonistOfficial.cos
Y/N is secretly All Mights daughter and gets into UA Hight by Recommendation. Her mother passed away when she was little so she barely remember anything about her. Y/N i...
Mine (BakuDeku Oneshots) by crashthyme
Mine (BakuDeku Oneshots)by moss
Just some BakuDeku oneshots. A little bit crack a little bit smut some of everything- I greatly appreciate scenario suggestions and I hope you like it //DISCONTINUED ;-;
just another world by shittyshitaki
just another worldby Shittyshitaki
I swear I died just a few minutes ago... so why am I still breathing? ---------------- Reincarnation fic of BNHA ---------------- Warning: updated sporadically :D (meani...
Time travel- Bakudeku  by Chezcat321
Time travel- Bakudeku by I’m Author-Chan ✍️
Katsuki Bakugou has never been the same after the kid he bullied for years, the poor quirkless Izuku Midoriya, ends his own life. Bakugou refuses to use his quirk and ev...
✔︎One Sided by BeanQueen_29
✔︎One Sidedby Hazel✍︎
This Is a BakuDeku fanfic. Izuku's dream of being a hero changes after he got diagnosed to be quirkless. That dream had become a distant a fantasy but he soon twisted...
My Friend's Cousin \ A BakuDeku Story by Itsjustmoi07
My Friend's Cousin \ A BakuDeku St...by ✨ Sucky Author ✨
Mina Ashido, a 17-Year-Old girl, decides to have a slumber party with some of her friends. Including Katsuki Bakugou, her favorite gay buddy. However, the blonde male do...
Calm his storm (bakugo x shy quiet reader) by londonlea06
Calm his storm (bakugo x shy quiet...by London C.
Y/N is a student who was transferd to UAs very own class 1a! She comes from America where her parents are well known heros there. They also attended UA when they were yo...
The Hate You Give ( Bakugo x Reader) by BlayBlack
The Hate You Give ( Bakugo x Reade...by BlayBlack
(y/n) just wanted to become a hero more then anything. Sadly because of her quirk she was labeled as a villian. One day when the Principal Nezu of UA found her in the st...
Tied Together (Bakudeku) by inxani
Tied Together (Bakudeku)by inxani
"He was warm.. and I felt safe. I never feel safe when I'm anywhere near him. Actually the opposite. I'm... I'm afraid of him, right?" ⚠️WARNING⚠️ This story c...
Just One Day (Bakudeku) by Astranger015
Just One Day (Bakudeku)by 🌟❄️Amy❄️🌟
Bakugou gets into some trouble with the law and is forced to do some community service at the local hospital. He hates the place and all he wants to do is leave, until o...
Dekubaku Oneshots🛐🥂 by _KamiKam_
Dekubaku Oneshots🛐🥂by 神
(REQUESTS ARE WELCOMED I update when i have time it's just for when i wanna do some oneshots Impressive rankings: #3 out of 540 stories in Kami 22/10/2021 #2 out of 535...
Kage (Vigilante Deku AU) by KatNeedsSleep
Kage (Vigilante Deku AU)by Kat
"Is it possible for someone to become a hero without a quirk?" "... No. I'm sorry." - Basically Izuku without OFA - NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS ARE MINE...
Your scent \ A Bakudeku Story \ MPreg by Itsjustmoi07
Your scent \ A Bakudeku Story \ MP...by ✨ Sucky Author ✨
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Kacchan deku smut omegaverse  by emonkster
Kacchan deku smut omegaverse by Emily
Since I haven't been writing in a while , I want to present a new and improved version of my writing. Deku is about to be in heat and kacchan doesn't know since they a...
Bakugo Boyfriend Scenarios by yunohhhh
Bakugo Boyfriend Scenariosby 𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐚
katsuki bakugo x fem!reader one shots and ongoing. absolutely no proof read.
Random BakuDeku Memes And Stuff by Itsjustmoi07
Random BakuDeku Memes And Stuffby ✨ Sucky Author ✨
The Title says it all! XD | MEMES ARE NOT MINE |
Better Without You by AwkardAllor
Better Without Youby Literal Arson
Deku was in a happy poly relationship with Todoroki and Bakugo for three months... at least that's what he thought. He's been feeling more and more left out lately, a...
Broken||KatsuDeku by Kaizawashi
Broken||KatsuDekuby 🤯
Some bonds are meant to be broken, and some are meant to repair.