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apathy by vigilantedekus
apathyby wattpad users dni
ap·a·thy /ˈapəTHē/ noun lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern By the time that Bakugo puts his hand on Izuku's shoulder and tells him to jump off the roof, Izuku is a...
Bakugo Boyfriend Scenarios by yunohhhh
Bakugo Boyfriend Scenariosby 𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐚
Katsuki Bakugo x Reader ((Requests are open))
Bakugou's Sister by RawrZkittenZ
Bakugou's Sisterby RawrZkittenZ
Sister Complex? How about "look at her and I'll kill you" complex? The Bakugou's noticed something missing in their life. One day they decide to adopt a young...
Version A | Boku No Hero Academia Reader Insert by aidemint
Version A | Boku No Hero Academia...by 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐲 𝐦𝐞𝐢 ! ☠
❝And for the first time in history, a quirkless person has been admitted to UA's prestigious hero program.❞ (The sequel is out!) (#9 MHA 8.2.20, #2 BNHA 8.5.20, #18 Anim...
BakuDeku Smut Shots by just_a_smol_fanhuman
BakuDeku Smut Shotsby just_a_smol_fanhuman
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 30K READS! Yeah, sometimes I'm just in the mood to write some one shots. So. Ya know. Be aware. smut. Oooh scary! I will do my best to warn y'a...
You Drive Me Crazy ~Katsuki Bakugo x Reader~ [✔] by Marlena7338
You Drive Me Crazy ~Katsuki Bakugo...by marl
Energetic U.A. Student, Y/n L/n, makes her grand debut into the world of heroes with her friend, Katsuki Bakugo. As childhood friends, they've unconsciously grown close...
The Cursed Alpha by Rubeyrose
The Cursed Alphaby Scarlet
Izuku Midoriya is an omega with a very unique quirk and an even rarer ability. Katsuski Bakugou is an Alpha with a very explosive personality and a hidden ancestry. Ca...
Fantasy Bakugou x Reader by Belongs_To_Bakugou
Fantasy Bakugou x Readerby ♡
◾ Cover Credit: SlutMight ♡ ◾ Art Credit: @Moromi100 ◾ I do not own My Hero Academia ◾ or this fantasy AU ◾ Characters belong to Horikoshi You, a young hunter, leav...
➯ IN WHICH YOU ARE A TIKTOKER AND PRESENT MIC'S DAUGHTER ! ❝eh. bad bitch taste like cherry kiwi.❞ ❝uhm, excuse me?❞ ❝real big titties, these double dds.❞ ON HOLD #1 in...
Unexpected『Shōto Todoroki』 by KunoHikaYashi
Unexpected『Shōto Todoroki』by WeirdSpeakeu™
"I heard there's a new transfer student!" -x- -x- -x- Meet Shiro Kurayami, the new girl of U.A High Class 1-A. She's what you call the typical 'innocent', 'sm...
Saiki's Disastrous Life at UA High by Beefcupcakes
Saiki's Disastrous Life at UA Highby Beefcupcakes
A SAIKI K AND MY HERO CROSSOVER! When Saiki decides he's tired of his universe he switches things up a bit, merging the My Hero universe with his own. He thought he coul...
Bakugou x Black Fem Reader by mickeyy_156
Bakugou x Black Fem Readerby KBW
This is a Bakugou x Black Fem Reader. I'll probably do scenarios too💕
Don't Do It... by bad_Writer08
Don't Do It...by bad_Writer08
Izuku Midoriya. A boy in a messed up society who was labeled 'useless' and 'disgraceful', all because he didn't have a quirk? No, he had a quirk. A very powerful one at...
Hero Hunter Deku [My Hero Academia x One Punch Man Crossover] by THEBIGO08
Hero Hunter Deku [My Hero Academia...by THEBIGO08
80% of the world is born with quirks but not izuku. He's one of the lucky 20% that has no powers. He lives his life hoping to be a hero but once his idol crushes his dre...
My Little Angel || Shoto Todoroki x Reader by Shurui-chan
My Little Angel || Shoto Todoroki...by ❀Shurui❀
(Y/N) is a young girl who just wants to be a hero just like everyone else. Her life wasn't easy though. She has always kept to herself and didn't like to make friends. S...
Neko Deku--Bakudeku fanfiction by Tom_Holland_Is_Cute
Neko Deku--Bakudeku fanfictionby Tom_Holland_Is_Cute
Deku has a lot of secrets 1. Having One For All 2. Liking boys 3. Liking Kacchan to be exact 4. Deku, is a Neko Deku swears he will keep his secrets like he has all his...
||don't touch||                                                bakugou x reader  by tomodachi09
||don't touch||...by ☾intelligentpandax☽
bakugou has hated you since elementary school. he bullied and looked down on you all you're life, without any reason. bakugou doesn't know, but all the bullyi...
KATSUDEKU COMICS !!! by simpfornaruto
KATSUDEKU COMICS !!!by ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
‡ ❀.' -❛ ❍ KATSUDEKU COMICS !!┊ ༅ ೃ༄ ⌦ Son cómics de esta Shipp traducidos por mi. ⌦ La pareja esta conformada por Izuku Midoriya (Deku) y Bakugou Katsuki (Kacchan) ⌦ N...
BAKUDEKU ONESHOTSby Scout Sophia Dixon (Icefire)
🔞this is rated M for a reason!!!🔞 HEY GUYS! This is my first smut book I've ever published so I hope you enjoy!!
Deku, Why?! by LiarLiarStarsOnFire
Deku, Why?!by LyingStars.2107
"Take a swan dive off a building, you might have a quirk in your next life." Katsuki laughed maliciously. Izuku had finally had it, that was the last straw. Iz...