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F1, F2 & F3 : Finished by F1Babes
F1, F2 & F3 : Finishedby F1Babes❤️
A book containing short stories of f1, f2 and f3 drivers with youuuu Disclaimer: I don't write Nico Rosberg chapters because erm... I strongly disapprove of bad YouTube...
2D x Reader by ImaDebaser
2D x Readerby Obibambam
You accidentally piss of the wrong green monster and end up becoming a maid, more like slave for a band you've never heard of! How long will it last? Will you fall for t...
murdoc x reader  by rrhinestoneeyes
murdoc x reader by ga🐝
Murdoc was out on a run to get some instruments to start a new band during a small break up of Gorillaz. His second stop was a small music shack to get some new guitars...
In a Dream (2d x Reader) by dannielajuliet
In a Dream (2d x Reader)by danniela
"Just looking out on the day of another dream." "I only see him in my dreams...and he only sees me in his memories." (SMUT WARNING!)
// 2-D X Reader //  by MindlessGorillaz
// 2-D X Reader // by MindlessGorillaz
Just a simple 2-D X Reader for those who love him like I do
Stuart. - 2D X Reader  by Tottalyobsesedwdrama
Stuart. - 2D X Reader by Tottalyobsesedwdrama
Y/n has known Stuart since the first day of secondary school. A final kiss goodbye separates them when Y/N has to leave and now Stuart remains as a fond memory in her he...
2D x reader: promised by flyingmonsters
2D x reader: promisedby flyingmonsters
Y/n was promised to marry Tom since a kid. But she moves away and leaves her childhood love behind. Tom promises that he will find her and that they still would get mar...
Chance... Probably. (Gorillaz 2D x Reader) by CasualCactus
Chance... Probably. (Gorillaz 2D CasualCactus
First fanfiction... NUU! WAIT! COME BACK! I promise this will at least be readable. You convinced? Okay. The plot will be pretty simple, but if you're like me and have...
I LOVE YOU! by KingaMorus
I LOVE YOU!by 2d’s mum
2d is in love with Murdoc but the feeling isn't mutual. Yet he somehow managed to become friends with benefits with him. Will 2d manage to make Murdoc fall for him? Or w...
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Love kills Murdoc x Reader by Readingiscoolfam
Love kills Murdoc x Readerby Bleh
the reader is an assassin contracted to kill murdoc by Jimmy Manson. As they were about to shoot murdoc noodle stumbles apon the reader, the reader try's to escape, murd...
Gorillaz oneshots!  by murdocsthong
Gorillaz oneshots! by Lewis
includes non binary reader! Also Russel, ace, murdoc, 2d, noodle, Paula, del the ghost, and jamie are in this <3
UNCOOL (2DOC AU) by 2doc-forever
UNCOOL (2DOC AU)by 🏳️‍🌈 Matt 🏳️‍🌈
Let's be honest soft Murdoc is great so here y'all go ❤️
°•Yew Love Meh•° {°~2D x Reader~°} by A_Bugg_
°•Yew Love Meh•° {°~2D x Reader~°}by B u g g u
You were a Huge Fan of Gorillaz You loved everything about them (except Murdock XD) You dreamed about meeting them one day You went to most of their concerts...
Truth Or Dare by Tannahbananal
Truth Or Dareby Tannahbananal
This one game.... this stupid game, Made 2D and Murdoc realize they had deeper feelings for each other... Fluff warning☡ Cringe warning☡ Annddd for you little perverts o...
Love Confusion - Currently on hold... maybe.. by Cutie_2D
Love Confusion - Currently on SUPERSOAKER
Uhhh I probably gave up on this story idk lol. I might come back to it one day I will say that tho. In the meantime it's a mess like girl what were u thinking?? 🤨 anyw...
My Medicine | 2doc by 5unny5ide
My Medicine | 2docby SAD!
"Murdoc is a fucking jerk and doesn't get me at all!" "The bloody dullard's too narcissistic to even notice us, let alone me!" Complete opposites who...
:•:•:•:O B S E S S I O N:•:•:•: by Tannahbananal
:•:•:•:O B S E S S I O N:•:•:•:by Tannahbananal
:•:•:•:O B S E S S I O N:•:•:•: -Stuart is 16 in this. -Murdoc is 17 -Noodle is 15 -Russel is 17 -Slight smut -Uncensored cursing -Suicidal themes -Child abuse If you...
Gorillaz Headcannons  by rhinestxneeyez
Gorillaz Headcannons by Gorillaz
Requests: OPEN Includes x reader headcannon
Save Her, Leave Her Alone. (Noodle x Reader) by _swooo_
Save Her, Leave Her Alone. ( _swooo_
I guess it's a little bit of everything mixed into a story. I really love Noodle and there should be more stories for her, so here is an over 60 chapter story!