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Satellite Heart ~ A William Lennox Love Story. by NicoleEmmaNeville
Satellite Heart ~ A William FiftyShadesOfShane🍟
Aria Collins is Sam Witwickys Half sister, Niece to Morshower and Admirer of William Lennox, With the War of the Autobots and Decepticons coming to earth, how is she sup...
  • transformers
  • lennox
  • llamasaremylife
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Ethereal - a kiani au by chelsea_marie48
Ethereal - a kiani auby ♛chelsea♛
ethereal (adj.) extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world [completed]
  • cubesmp
  • xbayani
  • fanfic
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Movie Buddy | Guanho by pen_guanho
Movie Buddy | Guanhoby pen_guanho
[COMPLETE] "Seandainya kamu tahu siapa saya sebenarnya, memang kamu masih mau nonton sama saya?" | GuanlinxSeonho and another pairs. Alternate Universe. Movie...
  • leedaehwi
  • cubechicks
  • romance
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I Did This For Me (BTS 8th Member) by meimeimoikeha
I Did This For Me (BTS 8th Member)by Meimei.moikeha
You are Kim Eunbin and your stage name is Twilight. You have been BTS's 8th member ever since the "Danger" Era. But Ever since Namjoon's new girlfriend moved i...
  • bts
  • sm
  • starship
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Revansyah Family by xmarkrispyx
Revansyah Familyby markrispy
kehebohan jonghyun dan sejeong mengurusi ketiga buah hati mereka yang sudah mulai beranjak dewasa. dari mulai kisah cinta, kehidupan sekolah dan keributan mereka bertiga...
  • cube
  • gugudan
  • produce101season2
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cherry entertainment. by vnderrated
cherry 『蝴蝶』
" cherries are always on top, you know. " ‹ OPEN › © vnderrated | 050119
  • gg
  • cube
  • sm
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unpopular or maybe popular opinions. y'all can leave if your going to be rude.
  • opinions
  • jyp
  • exo
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Cube Oneshots by HeyitstheCube
Cube Oneshotsby HeyitstheCube
Oneshots of cube ships.Comment down a oneshot to do and I might do it.
  • dusher
  • cubesmponeshots
  • thecampingbee
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blue moon // cube smp group chat [✔] by pokeberry12
blue moon // cube smp group chat [ aŁ
robot boy created this group. ✕ {HIGHEST RANK: #1 on the #cubesmp What's Hot list}
  • groupchat
  • xbayani
  • cube
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Condoms | Wooseok ♖ by myxmoon
Condoms | Wooseok ♖by 悲しい🌵
;In which a Cashier gets asked for condoms;
  • edawn
  • pentagon
  • jungwooseok
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PENTAGON | Chattin' It Up! by magazinejinho
PENTAGON | Chattin' It Up!by sha la la~
HighNoteGodHwitaek: WHO IS THINMINTS? ThinMints: i am HighNoteGodHwitaek: 😡 i think im going to kill him a compilation of my finest PENTAGON group chats~ /yes, this des...
  • jinho
  • ships
  • ptg
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❝texts❞ by ANAJWOA
❝texts❞by ⁿᵃʲʷᵒᵒ
【 GIDLE FF 】you: i need life soojin: you do have one shuhua: i killed her miyeon: shuhua minnie: with what, i wonder soyeon: probably with her beauty pfft shuhua:...
  • gidle
  • soyeon
  • texting
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bad luck | guanlin.  by HALSEYPLANET
bad luck | guanlin. by rae’s hideout ツ
❝ laiguanlin: i'm my own bad luck. ❞ + sns spin-off dedicated to lai guan lin.
  • leedaehwi
  • ongseongwoo
  • laiguanlin
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gone. › justin huang (9 percent / idol producer / pd101s2) by YUUZHI
gone. › justin huang (9 *:・゚DAY ✧
❝please help me.❞
  • guanlin
  • produce101s2
  • justin
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What am I to You ? 《Wooseok x Yuto》 | ✔️ by titrbl
What am I to You ? 《Wooseok x mmm
"What am I to You?" ----- "If I asked you to say I Love You. Would you say it? Even if I asked you for 1000 times. Would you still do it?" ----- &q...
  • angst
  • completed
  • adachiyuto
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instagram | sungjoy ff by _smolpotato
instagram | sungjoy ffby jian.mendozaaa
@realyook liked your post @realyook has followed you - It started when he followed me and liking my pics and commenting in them - ⚠️: This contains mature languages ⚠️:...
  • parksooyoung
  • btob
  • redvelvetjoy
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▪ GuanHo: Wanna date stranger ? [guanlin × seonho] by qmt_tmp
▪ GuanHo: Wanna date stranger ? [ ▪甜▪
In which Yoo Seonho randomly sends his love confess in order to make a prank texting, a defiance by his jerk bestie. p.s: since English isn't my main language, i'm sorry...
  • boyxboy
  • seonho
  • guanho
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as we lay ; eazy-e by kayla-nicole
as we lay ; eazy-eby kayla-nicole
[COMPLETED] 1990 just hit and Jada, known as Stoney, is ready for some changes. After breaking up with her boyfriend of three years, all she had to worry about was conti...
  • kaylanicole
  • 1990s
  • 90s
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We Got Married (The Other Side) | Sungjoy by _sweetcheesecake
We Got Married (The Other Side) | ×
Virtual shows weren't always meant to stay virtual. Highest rank in #wgm tag: #1
  • sungjae
  • kpop
  • redvelvet
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West Coast Lovin by WWEFOREVER0823
West Coast Lovinby WWEFOREVER0823
Dr. Dre's niece is an aspiring singer who just moved California to make her dreams come true. She puts her career before anything and anyone, well that is before she mee...
  • straight
  • dance
  • outta
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