The Truth Hurts by 7ofspades_
The Truth Hurtsby • Gia •
"You know...I thought I was just being a good friend by telling you. But no...I just wanted you for myself right? I didn't care about your feelings?" Even thou...
  • realtionships
  • teenfiction
  • gymnastics
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Another Chance by Dark_Mysteries
Another Chanceby ⏮⏮⏮
Madara Uchiha can be many things, but being a female was not one of them. ----------- Everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how bad they were in their past lives...
  • madara
  • chances
  • warringstates
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His Heart's Love (Book 3 in His Heart's Series) by AmateurRomanceWriter
His Heart's Love (Book 3 in His AmateurRomanceWriter
Ethan met the love of his life at 20, but a stupid mistake cost him to lose her. Now five years later he has a chance at winning her back. To the world, he's known as th...
  • chances
  • second
  • fiction
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Just One Hello (Book 2 in the Just Series) by AmateurRomanceWriter
Just One Hello (Book 2 in the AmateurRomanceWriter
Book 2 in the Just Series. This is a standalone book. The series follows the life of the Anastasi siblings, with book 2 Eleanor "Ellie" Anastasi has had it w...
  • newadult
  • secrets
  • series
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To Believe Again by IndigoJewl
To Believe Againby Indigo J.
"Hello, Alpha Yuna, my name is Mason Alexander Charles, I am the Beta of the Emberson Pack. It is an honor to be here," Mason's head bowed down a little, payin...
  • hope
  • fear
  • cute
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Stranger Not So Danger by rosegolden_
Stranger Not So Dangerby Ana
"When I first met you, you were a complete stranger. But through time, I thought I really started to get to know you. To know the way you react to things, the way y...
  • music
  • girlfriend
  • relationship
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Deal or No Deal?! (JhoBea) by yohan_skyler
Deal or No Deal?! (JhoBea)by !@mwHä+!dø
"NO FALLING IN LOVE!" Is it a deal or no deal?! How long can you pretend to something that started as a deal which ended up as something for real? Will you ta...
  • unexpectedlove
  • love
  • heart
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Tears of Truth  by james_WP
Tears of Truth by J
[HIGHEST RANK: #2 in Fanfiction 05-11-18] Isa si Isabel Chandria Cruz Ford sa mga taong bulag sa pag ibig. Siya ay maalagaing asawa at mahal na mahal niya si William Dan...
  • wife
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Without You~ by EquestrianFanfics
Without You~by Equestrian._.Fanfics
(Highschool AU) The school year starts with everybody with high expectations. Tom knows he won't stick around, but is the new student going to change his mind, or will h...
  • cut
  • ewtord
  • ewtom
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A Baron for Becky by JudeKnight
A Baron for Beckyby Jude Knight
Becky is the envy of the courtesans of the demi-monde - the indulged mistress of the wealthy and charismatic Marquis of Aldridge. But she dreams of a normal life; one in...
  • chances
  • wife
  • hero
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Started off as Roommates by AntraOnWP
Started off as Roommatesby Antra B
"Suddenly he let go of the handrail and purposefully cut the distance between us while not releasing me from his gaze. He stood in front of me but I averted my gaze...
  • teenfiction
  • love
  • chances
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The Arrogant Duke  by Dani_Ferrer
The Arrogant Duke by Dani
Grace Hamilton always had the reputation of being the Baron's prized daughter. She was young, and very, very beautiful. But when she fails to resist the charms of a weal...
  • edward
  • mature
  • duke
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Love Metamorphosis by KTMunson
Love Metamorphosisby K.T. Munson
Life can change so unexpectedly. One moment it was going to be the happiest day of Jemma Turner's life. Then the next moment she is standing in her wedding dress in th...
  • metamorphosis
  • complete
  • chances
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chances ♡ jmb ✔️ by angeeluhh
chances ♡ jmb ✔️by angel ₹
love was confusing. | MagconBabyx®
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Slowly Falling For The Mean Teacher (BBIEAL BALDI X READER) by XxGirl_Gamer15xX
Slowly Falling For The Mean ❤Super Psycho Love❤
You are a new teacher in a new school, but there is a mean teacher that has a dark secret. Is there a reason why he is doing this kind of abuse? Warning: Some gore is he...
  • baldisbasicsineducationandlearining
  • chances
  • bbieal
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Everything Has Change (JoshLia) by ruinedt_10
Everything Has Change (JoshLia)by $
I never thought on loving someone. To the point na halos isugal ko ang lahat for her. But then I realized, hindi lang sakanya iikot ang mundo ko. Natauhan ako at hindi k...
  • chances
  • love
  • joshlia
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Second Chances by TattooBaby1994
Second Chancesby TattooBaby1994
She was your typical girl. She went to school. She worked. She was a teenager. There were things that her mother warned her about but she never listened. She only had he...
  • chances
  • second
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Sincerely Scarlett (Letters Of Change Series Book 2)(Completed) by Kassilassie
Sincerely Scarlett (Letters Of K.C. Goodwin
**COMPLETED** (FIRST DRAFT) He smiled slightly remembering her love for literature. Curiosity got the better of him as he followed Scarlett out the back door. He kept a...
  • feelings
  • fight
  • help
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Cherished Rose by stephaniegr728
Cherished Roseby stephaniegr728
COMPLETED! Rose Wilson has been the girl that was always there for everybody. Always willing to give help to those who needed it. When her best friend, Nellie, asked her...
  • friendships
  • sweetheart
  • forgiveness
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by fallintome
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby ---
[ DISCONTINUED ] [ NO LONGER ACTIVE ON WATTPAD ] [STILL LOVE YOU GUYS THO <3 ] [ STAY CLASSY ((: ] --- You love Shawn. I love Shawn. We all love Shawn. Coincidence? I...
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