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She's The Man (Olivia x Viola fanfic) by pifflechase
She's The Man (Olivia x Viola fanf...by pifflechase
This story is obviously an FxF (lesbian) starring Olivia and Viola of She's The Man, so if you're uncomfortable with the pairing, please lets not give each other a hard...
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Depression War (Pitch Perfect Fanfiction) by DJDotAK
Depression War (Pitch Perfect Fanf...by Arin
This is different from most fanfiction. I mean, by the pairing. OC: Ella and Beca pairing. This whole thing was war. My depression was war. It was time that I surrender...
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Love is Love (Lesbian Stories) by hennyxhoes
Love is Love (Lesbian Stories)by Britt📚🎓
This book it about how the love for someone is so strong, it can get you in messy situations. Even when you don't even see it coming.
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Camilla's Struggle. by SamsonPetrova
Camilla's Struggle.by Samson Alexei Petrova
(Hope and Hellfire) Camilla Bennett is just your regular twenty two year old, with a regular mom and a regular job as a waitress at a cafe. But one night, she finds hers...
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Ready by RedWritingHood09
Readyby Leigh Austin
{{Watty Award winner-"The Breakthroughs"- 2017!}} "Theo and I have been together for one hundred and fifteen years. You and your best friend have matching...
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How I Met Her || French by Ari_BMB
How I Met Her || Frenchby Moonlightbae
Hey ! Je m'appelle Y/N (ton prénom),je suis lycéenne à Miami mais en réalité j'habite à 25 mins de la ville.Je vie une vie horrible si on peut dire ça comme ça.Je franch...
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IRL: In Real Life by pifflechase
IRL: In Real Lifeby pifflechase
Here's another She's The Man fanfiction. (OliviaxViola) Could people we chat online be really the same person In Real Life?
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I Will Always Save You (A Sterek FanFiction) boyxboy by CSwartz
I Will Always Save You (A Sterek F...by CSwartz
There were only so many times that a person could depend on someone else to save them. He'd been saved so many times that it would be difficult to count on two hands. It...
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Jackie and Hyde by clevenger
Jackie and Hydeby Chris S Clevenger
Jackie awakes to a new world of sorts, in the mater of a few weeks she learns she is not crazy but has something else all together going on in her life... Midlife crisis...
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Azula's Sex Slaves (Avatar: The Last Airbender BDSM) by LastAirbenderGal
Azula's Sex Slaves (Avatar: The La...by LastAirbenderGal
Alternative Universe: Aang lost the war and Fire Lord Azula (yes she is now Fire Lord) is keeping all of the girls that the avatar knew as sex slaves. (Suki, Katara, Top...
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When the Sun Hits by pgbetwixt
When the Sun Hitsby Dick Grayson
A short story for Rae Kitano's LGBT Short Story Prompts. Doomed from the start—the inevitable has come for two lovers.
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Iron and Wood #Wattys2017 by ninedaysqueen
Iron and Wood #Wattys2017by JD Brandon
Shal has had her future laid out for her for as long as she can remember. Cursed with vampirism and trained as a killer, she has accepted her fate as an enforcer for th...
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Broken by Bandit26139
Brokenby Bandit26139
Cold hearted and ruthless, Amber McKinely knows how to kill a man within three seconds, create explosives, and best anyone with any type of weapon. She had lost everythi...
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Old New Hollywood by breadisgod
Old New Hollywoodby Lauren
Set in the 1920s, a talent-scout finds a young woman and soon she is soon full of idealized notions of success in Hollywood. To Avril, Hollywood represents the birthplac...
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One Hundred Sleepless Nights by xrogueleaderx
One Hundred Sleepless Nightsby Shauna Marie
Annie and Emma are best friends, but Annie has a dream that could change everything.
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THE COMPANY (girlxgirl) by ymarto
THE COMPANY (girlxgirl)by ymarto
Natalia is a smart, successful woman which a drastic family accident made her change towards everybody. After graduating from the FBI Academy she is assigned to go under...
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The Last Flight ( girlxgirl / lesbian ) by FeliusTabby
The Last Flight ( girlxgirl / lesb...by Cat
When Detective Magnolia Norbert of LAPD boarded the morning flight to New York she had not thought that any of the event could ever happen to her. But evidently she was...
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Sprinkles by ChaosLoveChaos
Sprinklesby Chaos Love
Two best friends, May and Haley, don't realize they have feelings for each other, until they make cupcakes.
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Bubbles by residuos01
Bubblesby residuos01
I like bubbles in the air - I like watching them meander upwards, into the clouds. She likes bubbles in her alcohol - she likes them searing down her throat, and settlin...
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