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My Neighbor's TV (girlxgirl) by veri_7
My Neighbor's TV (girlxgirl)by veri_7
Cam spends most of her time at home, her days are dull, her life is not going anywhere and she's trapped in her total indifference towards the world. That is until her...
  • fxf
  • gxg
  • lesbian
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Iron and Wood #Wattys2017 by ninedaysqueen
Iron and Wood #Wattys2017by JD Brandon
Shal has had her future laid out for her for as long as she can remember. Cursed with vampirism and trained as a killer, she has accepted her fate as an enforcer for th...
  • epic
  • vampire
  • swords
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Fire and Ice (GxG SPG) by Kryzl_Cassandra
Fire and Ice (GxG SPG)by Kryzl_Cassandra
(COMPLETED March 2019-April 2019) "Gusto mong makauwi ng buhay mamayang gabi" - Ryne "Tinatakot mo ba ko?" - Ash "Hindi, tinatanong kita."...
  • delavega
  • gaylove
  • lgbt
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fickle spirits | r. diaz  by astralawsten
fickle spirits | r. diaz by reece🌻
↳ feelings and the heart are fickle; they change with any brush of the wind and cannot be trusted. so i choose to live without. [rosa diaz x fem!oc] [season five-??] [pl...
  • fxf
  • b99fic
  • lgbt
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girls/girls (girlxgirl) ✔ by FlamingFandom
girls/girls (girlxgirl) ✔by jail is super
girlxgirl "Did I mention I'm into girls?" Highest Ranking #468 in Romance completed story c: f f.
  • soproud
  • texting
  • asfuck
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Billie Eilish (👁-lish) imagines  by relishismyname
Billie Eilish (👁-lish) imagines by Granny Jojo Seaweed
So... ummm... this is my first book, I literally don't know how to write books but imma try it anyway :) ... THIS BOOK IS ABOUT BILLIE RELISH IMAGINES BUT I DONT THINK U...
  • billiexreader
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbt
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Want A Ride? B.E. by relishismyname
Want A Ride? B.E.by Granny Jojo Seaweed
Billie eilish x reader story Your life's great you got a new boyfriend named Kyle, your grades are the doing better and your friends are the best. One day Kyle acted we...
  • story
  • lesbianromance
  • fanfic
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Atypical Love Story by yahelle08
Atypical Love Storyby Yahelle
HEARTBREAK.. it feels like you have fallen into a cactus and your heart has been punctured a million times over by tiny pins. It stings at first, but now it feels as if...
  • gxg
  • caseyxizzie
  • lgbt
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The Boy Who Ran And The Girl Who Returned by ElizaCayne
The Boy Who Ran And The Girl Who R...by Isla Cayne
Five year old Harry Potter runs away from home from the abuse an neglect of his parents who only send time with his older twin brother Henry who is believed to be the bo...
  • genderswap
  • action-adventure
  • smartharry
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When They Became Mine  by wraithprincess
When They Became Mine by wraithprincess
Berkeley Jane Williams fell head over heels in love with North Taylor in High School but he had 8 other guys he always were with not including the other 5 that he was se...
  • academy
  • mxmxm
  • mdlg
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Love Like This (Teacher x Student, LESBIAN) by mixedmotions
Love Like This (Teacher x Student...by mixedmotions
Jamie is not your typical hardheaded, badass looking type of girl. All her life, she strives for a sense of normalcy and acceptation. But of course, everyone has their l...
  • girlxgirl
  • girlongirl
  • lesbian
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Sommergewitter by MsLauraMichelle
Sommergewitterby MsLauraMichelle
Frida steht auf Frau Sommer, ohne sie eigentlich näher zu kennen. Frau Sommer verliebt sich in Frida, ohne zu wissen, wer sie wirklich ist. Eine Lehrerin-Schülerin-Sto...
  • love
  • romance
  • gay
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Girl at the Café Store(Girlxgirl)(Completed) by stutiwriter
Girl at the Café Store(Girlxgirl)(...by stuti khanna
The story revolves between two girl who are stuck in there busy schedule. Betty who work at cafe store and Carmen who is a doctor, how they both met at cafe store and en...
  • gxg
  • lgbtlove
  • gxglesbianlgbt
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Flithy by Lowkeyfan
Flithyby L.Fox/ Heathen
Hermione Granger save Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts. Cover by @mutvnts
  • lestrange
  • hermione
  • hogwarts
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Baby Girl [Harley x Ivy] by ilovewolfs1234
Baby Girl [Harley x Ivy]by •|«Aubree»|•
"You come here often? " "For God's sake, we do this everyday Harley. " /// If Harley was in the jokers place and Pamela Isley had taken up physcology...
  • harley
  • poison
  • ivy
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Lesbian Oneshots by sapphichloe
Lesbian Oneshotsby chloe
Lesbian Oneshots for Pride Month 2019! All written by me - do not repost here or on any other sites without permission
  • girlxgirl
  • lgbtlove
  • lgbtpride
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Nico Robin x Female Reader (LEMON) by Nouis_Horanson2319
Nico Robin x Female Reader (LEMON)by Nico-Robin2319
I felt the need to do a FxF with Nico Robin because dang she is just too damn sexy.
  • nouis
  • horanson2319
  • fxf
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Everything is Twisted  (Flippy X Flaky) by FlippyWintila
Everything is Twisted (Flippy X F...by Flippy Wintila
Flippy and Flaky start to get to know each other through an online game called Vanquish by their avatars Flitz and Ice. After meeting up, Flippy attempts to work a relat...
  • fxf
  • fliqpy
  • anime
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The Mistress (GirlxGirl) (TeacherxStudent) by SpectatorOfTheWorld
The Mistress (GirlxGirl) (Teacherx...by Just Jess
Alex James, got into a sticky situation with falling in love with her teacher. AN: This will be my first attempt to write in full English, so forgive me if there are goi...
  • fxf
  • gxg
  • lovestory
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 Characters (Male/Female) X (Male/Female) readers by XxCyberBlazexX
Characters (Male/Female) X (Male...by XxCyberBlazexX
You guys like Male x female reader stories? we got them. you like gay or lesbian x reader stories? we got them too. x reader books are still relevant god dammit.
  • fxf
  • mxm
  • malereader
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