Savage Marriage by PirateKing289
Savage Marriageby PirateKing289
Since being liberated from the Romans, the hatred has shifted towards the Highlanders of the North. Her father swore that not one of his children would marry a highlande...
  • historical
  • highland
  • chieftain
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My Mafia Boss Husband by ThatsTalia
My Mafia Boss Husbandby Natalia
Violet Lucia is a feisty little brunette who's also a model. She then finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with the girl that she claims is her best friend...
  • generalfiction
  • sassy
  • barbarapalvin
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A Highlander's Promise by NaomiNaami
A Highlander's Promiseby נעמי נעמי
Leora never expected to find herself in a different country, let alone another time period. She has no idea how she ended up in the magnificent Scottish Highlands, 700 y...
  • scottish
  • love
  • youngadult
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The Highlanders English Lass by wincherster_girl
The Highlanders English Lassby Mary bileske
It was a time when young girls where raised to be proper lady wives. men battled for the best wife, families payed to have there daughters married off. young and carefr...
  • scottish
  • highlander
  • romance
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The Outlaw (outlander Series Fanfic ) by sbookaddict
The Outlaw (outlander Series sbookaddict
Diana is Claire's long lost younger sister . After a very long time Diana gets a clue to Claire's whereabouts following the path that Claire has before. She goes back i...
  • tvshowfanfic
  • folklore
  • outlander
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The Life Of MackeyGhostGirl by MackeyGhostGirl
The Life Of MackeyGhostGirlby Mackey Kirk
Yeeno. I'm Mackey. Enjoy this book about a Scottish bitches life.
  • life
  • mackeyghostgirl
  • scottish
A Scotsman's Promise by Courtsalourts
A Scotsman's Promiseby Courtney Palmer
When French Canadian aristocracy and Scottish pride clash, the results can never be predicted. Micara DeMonae, a budding socialite in late 1700's Canada, is entrusted by...
  • 1700s
  • stlawrence
  • courerdebois
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Pancorvo Series 1: The Art Has A Secret by blushinginred
Pancorvo Series 1: The Art Has A Moe Haruka
Magic isn't always coming from magicians. Sometimes, it comes from strangers of the past. ---- Started: Nov. 8, 2017 Republished at: March 18, 2018 Finished:
  • ph
  • baguio
  • province
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Highlander's Embrace by amyisan
Highlander's Embraceby Amy Isan
1540, Scotland A storm is brewing on the Highlands... When headstrong and stubborn Gavin MacKenzie is driven to seek vengeance after the murder of his father, he seeks h...
  • scotland
  • kilts
  • historical
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Timeless by TheNinjaHug
Timelessby Danny
Riona Willow has known darkness and refuses to ever be helpless again. When this modern day warrior woman lands in 12th century Scotland, things are bound to go awry. B...
  • adventure
  • romance
  • clan
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Adamina's Circle by Spookyspackles
Adamina's Circleby Spookyspackles
Adamina wakes up alone. Alone in a land of treacherous fantasies, and tailed by a crooked creature bound by death. Alone with her simple wits to find out what stained...
  • monsters
  • blood
  • kelpie
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Adopted by One Direction by SarahMikaelson13
Adopted by One Directionby Sarah⚜️
Angela May Jackson is only thirteen and is originally from Delaware but was sent to an orphanage in London when she was ten. Her parents died in a car crash when she was...
  • adopted
  • adoptedbyonedirection
  • pranks
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Highland Wolf Bride by whitepuppybooks
Highland Wolf Brideby Whitepuppy Books
Taken by the barbarian Highland Wolf... Note: This is a sample. Read to find out how to get the whole book FREE and more. Lady Berthilda Brooke Howard is born to the Ear...
  • romance
  • scottish
  • highlander
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Master's Apprentice by EdgemoonPR
Master's Apprenticeby Edge
"Men like me aren't born, they're made." Meet Tomas, a German-American accounting student living in the 1980s. Day in and day out, his only contact with people...
  • gear
  • adoption
  • villain
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The highlander's Vengeance by mghtyRoar
The highlander's Vengeanceby mghtyRoar
"Don't do this...please Ewan...I beg of you..please don't do it.." I pleaded but they fell onto deafening ears. "But I can mo incredh," he said with...
  • history
  • love
  • sexy
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Highland Games by jamadoria
Highland Gamesby jamadoria
#Wattys2016 Laird Gavin Sinclair enters to win first prize in the Highland Games to earn all the gold put up by Laird Sutherland. When Gavin finds out that it entails ma...
  • scotland
  • romance
  • scottish
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Kiss me Quick by littlemissroadtrip
Kiss me Quickby littlemissroadtrip
~Randy fanfic ~ Smut ~ Explicit language Started: 13th July 2018
  • scottish
  • randy
  • yourownperson
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British Words Translated by English_Fangirl
British Words Translatedby Molliver
**CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING** So in this book I am going to be basically translating British Words/ Phrases. I myself am from England (if my username hasn't given th...
  • words
  • welsh
  • scotland
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Her Healing Touch. by MaggieFleischauer
Her Healing Megan Cutter
For as long as Bella Skye could remember, she has lived in seclusion, and far away from the people she called family. For reasons, she could not explain, the villagers h...
  • family
  • scottish
  • romance
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Please Don't Let Go by UnderTheStars94
Please Don't Let Goby Anastasia
Elizabeth O'Brian could never forget Jamie Fraser. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't forget him... she didn't want to. Jamie Fraser could never forget Elizabeth...
  • english
  • fight
  • love
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