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Danny By TheNinjaHug Completed

Riona Willow has known darkness and refuses to ever be helpless again. 

When this modern day warrior woman lands in 12th century Scotland, things are bound to go awry. But with her delinquent brother and oblivious twin sister in tow, Ri will have a tough enough time finding a way home, let alone keeping them alive long enough to make the journey.

Shaw Logan has faced great adversity and works to protect his people and their lands.

When a strange, otherworldly beauty saves his life, nearly dying in the process, Shaw is determined to discover what could make such a bonnie lass learn to fight with the grace of an angel and the deadly force of the most skilled warrior. Her younger siblings are driving him crazy with their bickering and antics, while she herself frustrates him in an entirely different way.

The longer they spend together, the more Ri allows him in, and the closer Shaw comes to learning about her past. But her siblings are restless and afraid, even if they won't admit it, and as Ri begins to fall for Shaw, she starts to wonder if she really wants to go home after all. 

Something lurks in the shadows, watching, waiting. A darkness threatens the happiness Ri and Shaw have found in each other and the life they might build together. Ri is getting closer to finding a way home, which will put her family out of danger, but if Ri and Shaw are to have a future in any century, they'll need to find this threat and eliminate it.

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googie234 googie234 Jun 27
The deep haitian in me me just went ballistic, my mom would have just killed him first
Lifewhereareyou Lifewhereareyou Dec 16, 2017
If Alexandria’s genesis is real...... omg this lucky woman.😒😒😞😞
This is an unflatterimg mash of my name and my sisters name.
epicsakura101 epicsakura101 Sep 18, 2016
THIS. THIS is my life. I like this MC already! ʕ•ٹ•ʔ (≧∇≦)b
Jacki21 Jacki21 Feb 26, 2016
Elizabeth Taylor had something like that. The purple eyes, inability to grow hair except on the head, eyelashes, and eyebrows, and fertility without menstruation are true. I forgot what it's called, though.
jaminallnight jaminallnight Apr 20, 2016
hey you guys should check out this book I read called The Curse of the Unseen! its sooooo good!