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The Vessels ni hara_angelica
The Vesselsni Angge
Vessels of Martiri #4 Join Alesia, Zayuri and Shacyne in their battle as the vessels against Martiri. Let's see how they will handle the surprises that the organization...
Hepta Oculars ni EPebrero
Hepta Ocularsni E. Pebrero
Oculars: those who have a special vision. Join the seven men as they discover the truth about their weird eye abilities. Date Started: June 22, 2020
Ponchiya Zarcus, isang babaeng kakaiba, napakaganda, at napakamakapangyarihang Zaria sa kanilang angkan. Siya ang susunod na uupo bilang isang Reyna ng yuniberso. Ngunit...
Summoners Path: The Supreme One ni EternalReign
Summoners Path: The Supreme Oneni Reality Is Not Real
Sol Magi the greatest human is embarking on his new adventure with his Summoned. He will face new enemies, explore new lands and save his true love on the hands of the i...
Teleported to back our love ni mizukidoo
Teleported to back our loveni rai
A one story that all about one-sided love, One girl who named Misaki Mirai Collentez a 16 years old girl, she still love his ex-boyfriend but one day she woke up, she st...
Moon Stars ni jgabequilla
Moon Starsni jgabequilla
One mistakenly met the teenage boy who has the strange visual disorder, and it became a big threat that needs to be deciphered. As time clashed their revolving worlds, a...
Serenity The Goddess Of Fury ni NoNorioki
Serenity The Goddess Of Furyni Note Comet
She is a mysterious woman. A dangerous one. She is the goddess of FURY. Her name is SERENITY.
Friendship Fallin  ni LucianaMaecc
Friendship Fallin ni LUNA
They say that loving your boybestfriend is difficult and not easy. You know the word "No matter how much you want to forget the person you love if he or she is alw...
Zombie Outbreak: Rise of the Undead ni Nixzelle_03
Zombie Outbreak: Rise of the Undeadni Angel_Alexandra
Science and Technology is at their peak at our generation. Using this, we create innovations and different useful items or food. Cure for diseases, machines to make eve...
The Virtual World ni Xiam19
The Virtual Worldni Xiam 19
Fantasy-Romance-Comedy Tatlong senior students ang mapapadpad sa mundo ng online gaming world. Paano kaya kung mameet nila ang virtual character n...
Fate In Your Hands ni PlumeFilipina
Fate In Your Handsni
Every on of us before we were born we have our own fate. You can't change it.
Monarch ni Lethal_Writer
Monarchni Celerino Jhon
Year 2821 in the civilization of Nova, the Monarchy Fortress build an army as defense from the invasion of Nexus in the Earth but then they are been defeated from the st...
My Artificial Lover ni pennywanda
My Artificial Loverni Wanda Valientes
Karylle Ann Ramirez got her heart broken after her boyfriend dumped her. After that, she lost hoped and believe in love. Siya nalang ang meron siya pagkatapos mamatay an...
[3] Under Her Scars ni AteNarin
[3] Under Her Scarsni (づ。 •́ ᴥ •̀ 。)づ
Scarlet Loren had a terrible accident but still ends up living the next day. She had no idea how she survive and how she grew up living alone in a house in the middle o...
Nobilium High ni Artuvs
Nobilium Highni ART
Maraming gustong pumasok sa Nobilium High na umaasang magiging marangya ang kanilang kinabukasan. Ngunit, hindi nila ito makakamit kung hindi dahil sa mga matitinding pa...
 Le Conseil des Porteurs: The LVA Project ni miharushii
Le Conseil des Porteurs: The Miha de Fruu
"We live for her and so we'd die for her. When she no longer desires to govern, then we, in her place, shall hold all the responsibility of handling our race. We ar...
Isn't a dream (Lost Series) ni Itsme_yournik
Isn't a dream (Lost Series)ni NIKS
Maaari kayang maging totoo ang panaginip? na mangyari ito sa totoong buhay? or it's just a deja vu?. Saphira Diamond Zaulde isang babaeng baliw na collage student na sin...
Lily ni ParkYoola
Lilyni ParkYoola
Isang araw nagising nalang si Elaya Hovinsky na wala na ang kanyang memorya.Ni-isang memory wala siyang maalala.Pero kahit ganoon ay inalagaan parin siya ng lolo niya na...
Ocean Astronauts ni bunshung
Ocean Astronautsni Nikko Mendoza
Put your one hand on the submarine and preserve your another hand for yourself. 10 years ago, Ex-Captain Lauren Alcott and his team discovered a big hole under the water...