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Murder of Order ni SVSuison
Murder of Orderni SVSuison
Every human is sinful. We were born destroyers and killers. God gave us the resources we needed to survive but being a congenital ungrateful skunks, we abused everythin...
World Without Order ni SVSuison
World Without Orderni SVSuison
For a child who grew up from a horribly strict and authoritarian politician parents, being out of the cage is like winning the lottery. And for a morally aware person wh...
Under the Influence  ni EysTheAce
Under the Influence ni Eyalixiah
This story is written in Taglish / tagalog-english
WELCOME TO LAVOISIER ACADEMY Where failing is a big deal. It is a sin and once you commit it, death is the punishment. Would you dare to study in the academy inspite of...
LET ME IN ni EmelynGetigan
LET ME INni Emelyn Getigan
Sila kirsteen brey at kirsteen bryle ay magkambal ngunit magkaiba ang kanilang anyo at kinalakihan si bryle ay nawala nung apat na taon pa lamang ,siya'y kinupkop ng...
Celeste, Forest Fairy ni deyaniraaa_
Celeste, Forest Fairyni Aviana Kair
A beautiful and mesmerizing forest fairy who was sent to the real world and was cursed to find her groom for so many decades as her punishment for what she did. Ano nga...
Somniator's Stories ni Somniator_lux09
Somniator's Storiesni Somniator_lux09
You can find in this book are the Completed/ On-Going/ Up-Coming/ One Shot Somniator Stories. Included in the book is the Description/ Genre/ and the story's Status. I w...
The Vedestra Epidemic ni empresscaliber
The Vedestra Epidemicni 🌛
Highest rank: #1 in Apocalypse *** A cosmetic scientist, who is living in Vedestra City, discovers a new beauty medicine. A medicine that can make someone's skin spotles...
Save Us ni alwaysbe_urfangurl
Save Usni au
If anyone knows the current situation inside Juanico High. Please come and Save Us ____________ Most impressive rankings #1 Squad out of 1.39k stories #4 Horror-Thri...
Uncanny: The Unknown World ni deityingray
Uncanny: The Unknown Worldni deity
There is a girl who doesn't know her existence. She is an outcast in her normal world who doesn't even know her name. People around her call her freak, they bully her an...
Scarcity of Chances ni Mirklore
Scarcity of Chancesni ᴍᴏᴍɪᴊɪ
What would you do if one day you started living the life of someone that looked exactly like you, had the same identity as you, and lived in the same place as you, but i...
Blinded Journey  ni starry_potato
Blinded Journey ni cosmos
Zodiac Saga 1, Milasanthra Angelique, a blind empath, feels she is a mistake to her family. She who is unable to perceive brilliant hues yet has been chosen to be the d...
"Past Time Forward" Book 2 "Ang Hiwaga Ng Nibreska" ni MrY0so
"Past Time Forward" Book 2 "Ang MrY0so
Walang pagsidlan ang kasiyahan ni Gabo sa sandaling kapiling na nyang muli si Elisa ang kaligayahan at pangarap nya para sa kanilang dalawa ay untiunti na niyang nasisil...
Capes 1: Charge ni Imcrazyyouknow
Capes 1: Chargeni Jacob
Capes Series 1 In a world where mankind has unimaginable abilities, and supernatural skills, humans called people like them an abomination. Here's Lockey who wanted to c...
DEAR OTHER SELF ni luxuriusgreed
Maraming 'what if' sa isipan ni Jester McKinley Solomon na patuloy na nagpapabulabog sa kanya na sana hiniling na lang niya na matupad iyon. Maraming katanungan na hindi...
It Started Again ni EmlieNostalgia
It Started Againni M. M.🔸
The Sequel of It Started With The Test Paper ___ And then everything starts again, Seekers are getting ready for the most anticipating mission they need to conquer. This...
Tales of the Wordsmiths ni selereles
Tales of the Wordsmithsni Seles
There is a fine thread between fiction and reality. What will happen if both crosses each other? ❝❞ The mysterious disappearances of fiction writers that have plagued t...
What Happened To July? (Part One) ni CalyxCreeper
What Happened To July? (Part One)ni 🌱
June was devastated after knowing about July's death until she discovered a familiar mark on his dead body. **** Alien, UFOs, extraterrestrial beings -- those are the th...
Musical Mania Online ni Ampolanch
Musical Mania Onlineni John Lloyd Olipani
Musical Mania is a PD-VRMMORPG that brought a fresh new concept to the same old fantasy adventuring game. Unlike any of the other games, Musical Mania supports and influ...
THE UNION and the Crystal Sphere ni IJ_Castro
THE UNION and the Crystal Sphereni 🍂🍃malaya🍃🍂
My WORLD is not the same as your world... My LIFE is not normal as yours... My FATE has no clear path... and, My SPIRIT does not belong to me... I am Yoonah, living in...