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BATTLE SYMPHONY ni brettguevarraocto8
BATTLE SYMPHONYni Keneth Geñorga Lapeña
In 2041, the world was at war. The Robot Battle Program was created to pick millions of soldiers around the world to fought this deadly war. Harold Joey "Zeke"...
AXIS OF ACES ni ms_mxaila
AXIS OF ACESni ms_mxaila
An Island girl who gains a scholarship joins men's soccer team. Joining the team, she will encounter life-spinning events. She will gain friends and enemies that will ch...
Dust In Mars ni mush_WP
Dust In Marsni Mush 🤍
"Hey! I'm the one who talked to you few years ago, and from now on, I am your buddy, your bodyguard here in Mars, you saved me then I saved you too. quits?"...
The Last ni ita_lic
The Lastni chen
Zywie Hilaria has a task to find "The Last," who will happen to save the Earth from the coming havoc that will wipe out humankind. In order to find the prophec...
Paano kung makahanap ka ng katapat mo? Ang inaaakala mong babae lang ay hindi pala basta-bastang babae 'lang'. Avyanna Hernandez Lopez, ang babaeng hindi basta babae la...
FROSTMACHINE ni derah2002
Nelson 'Frostmachine' Doronela, one of the criminal rookies during the SWO-Mesa Alta War, faces his greatest challenge as he fights the SWO Officers and troops in a peri...
Breaking the Code  ni LikeIamNova
Breaking the Code ni Nova
She is named as Sabina Kylise Dalton, a name holds so much power that everybody is vying for her royal-like life. Then, tragedy after tragedy crushed her fairytale-like...
The Walking Plague  ni Sweet_refuge
The Walking Plague ni Graceyyy_abby
Sometimes you have to 'be brave and not give up on' the steps you 'take or the people you are with.. Because of the greed of other countries, you all felt helpless and h...
Killing Us Softly  ni zhuojirayu
Killing Us Softly ni Makabagong Manunulat
Isang sekretong samahan na ang kanilang layunin ay bawasan ang populasyon ng mundo. Isang sakit na pinakalat sa buong mundo upang maisakatuparan nila ang hangaring sapi...
Where's Rainbow? ni MaryNelCache
Where's Rainbow?ni Aclenairam
What if the world turns black and white? And in her world, she got lost... "Gone. Can I still bring it back?" Synopsis: Matagal nang wala ang bestfriend ni Rai...
Beauty is the Beast ni eymalwayshungryyy
Beauty is the Beastni .
In the year 2090, a new era has emerged where 90% of the population in the territory of Teradell are stunningly gorgeous. In that year, beauty is the power, the money...
Eridutio 2130 ni cvhagen
Eridutio 2130ni Von
She pledge to protect the nation until she discovered the stain behind the shining title of her beloved country, Eridutio. ------- It's the year 2130 and Eridutio is the...
11.11  ni itsu_no
11.11 ni Itsuno
What if one time bigla ka nalang napasok sa isang unfamiliar place in unfamiliar time, mamuhay sa ibang kataohan na ibang iba sa karakter mo at makakilala ng babaeng aag...
Je Vous Aime  ni itsclairexx
Je Vous Aime ni Ms. Jhellyace
"You're kinda cute." he said as he was looking at me. Alam kong nang-aasar lang sya. "Cute enough to be your type?" I reply sarcastically "Not E...
Pandora ni AvianSilhua
Pandorani 💙💙💙
Born able to see what normal people don't, she lives her life acting as if everything is normal. Mav was put in a situation that will force her to acknowledge her gift...
ALTER-EARTH ni ElEstranghero
ALTER-EARTHni Spider Ma'am
After so many years of planning, finally kahit papaano at nasimulan ko na na bigyan ng mas mahabang version ang Alter-Earth para bigyang linaw ang mga butas ng kuwento...
Kid's Travel ni mrwrite__
Kid's Travelni Juan Tamad
Isang maigsing kwento ng isang bata na nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na maglakbay sa panahon at nakasaksi ng maraming rebelasyon tungkol sa kaniyang buhay. Ang paikot-ikot na...
We're Good As Dead ni HeneralAlcalde
We're Good As Deadni HeneralAlcalde
A high school student should be holding a pen and a notebook, not a gun and bloody knife. Like Eiteinne, Yves, and their other friends, those were their weapons to conti...
CODE RED ni MissKalihim
One needs to sacrifice to save the world