Perfectionist by Euphonics
Perfectionistby Euphie
The name's Alexis Niko. And I'm, by definition, a perfectionist. 'Do it, and do it perfectly.' That's the motto I live by. But in a world where nearly everything has b...
  • perfect
  • modern
  • system
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The House of Beautiful Lotus  by Jan-Jan2000
The House of Beautiful Lotus by JANICE
"So, what do you think?" I heard Jingam's voice as I glanced over my shoulder, finding him standing behind me. He regarded me a soft smile that I returned inno...
  • imperial
  • historical
  • romance
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Wrath by Riaurix
Wrathby Riaurix
Let's watch our hell catch fire. For a long time Dylan has been intrigued by a girl he only saw a few times a day from a distance. He knew pain and loneliness when he sa...
  • eric
  • thriller
  • columbine
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Never Enough (Dylan Klebold)  by marshall_matherss
Never Enough (Dylan Klebold) by destruction
love; is it ever enough? Kaitlyn Towney thought so, until the one she loved most did the unthinkable.
  • school
  • dylan
  • mass
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Precious Sins by marshall_matherss
Precious Sinsby destruction
Aubrey Merrill. An anxiety ridden high school student with a hard home life befriends three misfits, changing her outlook on life, as well of the course of history, fore...
  • ericharris
  • suicide
  • bullying
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Salvation: Songs of the Savages by SamiCoops
Salvation: Songs of the Savagesby SamiCoops
*First place winner in the Horror Genre in the Pen and Ink Awards* *First place winner in the Horror Genre in the Recognition Awards* Welcome to Salvation, a town that w...
  • copyrighted
  • thecreativeawards2018
  • graphiccontent
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~ Eddsworld x Readers ~ by NovaInk
~ Eddsworld x Readers ~by NovaInk
Anything from first impressions to some sour-ass lemons.. it's Eddsworld x Reader! Requests open and wanted! Please! <3 I made the cover but the art on it isn't mine!
  • yeah
  • edd
  • lemons
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Naruto's New Mom?! *Read Description* by ForbiddenHappiness
Naruto's New Mom?! *Read ForbiddenHappiness
This version is DISCONTINUED!!!! NEW VERSION IS UP! It's called: Anything For You The day my village was attacked by the Nine Tailed Fox changed everything. I lost many...
  • parent
  • itachi
  • hokage
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FORBIDDEN - Thomas Hewitt/Leatherface x Reader  by vanillabean_spice
FORBIDDEN - Thomas Hewitt/ Wit🌙h
"Please! Please have mercy.." I cried out my face stained with salty tears as Thomas stopped, his hand that held a cleaver was in mid-air, "please don't d...
  • chainsawmassacre
  • love
  • bubbaxreader
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Down 918 Rabbit Holes by Hafferby
Down 918 Rabbit Holesby EHafferby
A unique Wattpad experiment. 18/11/78: 918 people die in a mass suicide deep in the Guyanese jungle. But what is the real story behind the Jonestown massacre? Two years...
  • featured
  • jonestown
  • cult
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The Imperfect Twins of the Uchiha Clan by Miwa_Uchiha
The Imperfect Twins of the Miwa Uchiha
*The Uchiha's Sister, rewritten* Started: 7/7/18 ------------------- Seiren Uchiha. The name is rather unknown and uncared for, as she never much stood out. Her brothers...
  • team7
  • tailedbeasts
  • uchiha
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Arlene by wrathdomine
Arleneby 🔪
Do you ever watch someone walk away not wanting to let them go and whisper "God I love you" and never tell them so?
  • vodka
  • columbine
  • truecrime
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How To Save A Life by SarahSwartz
How To Save A Lifeby Sarah Swartz
IF YOU KNEW WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH HIS HEAD, THEN WOULD YOU SAY SOMETHING? A bullied teen, Colin Christian Cortes is planning a school massacre so big that it will take...
  • ashamed
  • havefaith
  • sandy
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The Phantom of the Akatsuki (A Sakura Haruno fanfic) by lazychan_zzie
The Phantom of the Akatsuki (A lazychan_zzie
Akatsuki The largest and most famous organization all throughout the world. With its leader Madara Uchiha. Its unstoppable. But as the years pass, a problem starts to ar...
  • konoha
  • leader
  • haruno
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You're An Old Hex by Glaucusfanfic
You're An Old Hexby Glaucusfanfic
A heavily medicated Raine returns home from Germany after learning that her would be killers are alive and currently in a psychiatric facility. Nothing is as it seems an...
  • massacre
  • killers
  • pretend
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World Domination: Guelvaria Empire by Regis-x-Altina
World Domination: Guelvaria Empireby Regis d' Auric
A hundred years of tranquility shattered for an empire rose to raise havoc among the populant of the continent that will break the very foundation of the world.
  • atrocity
  • fatality
  • brutality
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Class Of 1996 by vocalrocky
Class Of 1996by ᴬ
Welcome to hell
  • random
  • killings
  • horror
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Rose Among the Shadows by daniellearosa
Rose Among the Shadowsby Daniellé Rose
After the massacre that broke out in her town. A girl seeks to take revenge on the man that took her mother away and end his reign of terrany. But in her quest for venge...
  • violence
  • youngadult
  • nightmares
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Bitterroot by AllenWarfield
Bitterrootby Allen Warfield
[Ongoing] Benjamin Blackmont desperately needed to find an escape from his old life for a while. He and a few friends find a secluded national park in the Bitterroot Mou...
  • meloncholy
  • featured
  • scary
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  • hadas
  • dragonball
  • maldad
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