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Lost In Time by TheRobbyExchange
Lost In Timeby RebbysVodka
After Kasey Baker is killed in a school shooting all she wants is to live again. All she has to do is stop the shooting that jumpstarted her life. Columbine
  • columbinemassacre
  • massacre
  • schoolshooting
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Orphan Wolf by Vesper_Kai
Orphan Wolfby Vesper_Kai
The story of how the beast, Vesper, came to be. Vesper can be known as a monster of legend. He may seem to look like one who is weak, but once his chainsaw is brought in...
  • massacre
  • chainsaw
  • beast
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DRAFT by Bethany_Davies1
DRAFTby Bethany Davies
- U N D E R M A J O R C O N S T R U C T I O N - Numerous years ago, a group of children disappeared - ending in a group massacre. With only one known survivor - th...
  • daemons
  • supernatural
  • thirdperson
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The Cool Kids Club by HeyPleaseStop
The Cool Kids Clubby S T O P
The same window every morning and the same room after class. Most of the school Called them the freaks. They called themselves the cool kids. Wanting to end the year wit...
  • crime
  • blood
  • horror
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4276 by taintlesstowa16
4276by taintlesstowa16
Liahona was living the kind of life she wanted to. She had a family and friends that loved her. They barley got by, but she wouldn't have it any other way. She was livin...
  • jonah
  • taintlesstowa
  • 4276
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FRIGHT by lexameowmeow
FRIGHTby a l e x a n d r a
My original collection of horror and thrilling stories. Read on as long as you can whether its just a short story or a long one.
  • fright
  • monsters
  • short
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Redress by willowsabi
Redressby Willow Park
When Mitchells father dies, in a mass shooting he finds himself in a orphanage. Unaware of what is going on Mitchell makes it his duty to avenge his death. Taking down e...
  • revenge
  • massacres
  • death
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School Dormitory: The Mystery In The Darkness by joanakylemarie028
School Dormitory: The Mystery In joanakylemarie028
Si Yunnies ay isang dalagang maganda... Mabait.... At hangad lang ay ang makapag tapos sa pag aaral ... Kasama nya ang pinsan nyang si Fiona... Na kasalungat sa kanyang...
  • mystery
  • spirits
  • shock
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The Crimson Massacre by Drummerboy95
The Crimson Massacreby Gavin M
  • death
  • massacre
  • gore
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My Little Pony Massacre by GlitterKittyLitter
My Little Pony Massacreby GlitterKittyLitter
This a quick read which illustrates the story of Derpy Hooves-- gone rogue. Derpy decides to get her revenge on the writers of My Little Pony for leaving her in the back...
  • pony
  • derpy
  • brony
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The Columbine Massacre by ebonyhailey
The Columbine Massacreby Ebony
  • massacre
  • death
  • teenagers
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Original Fairy Tale by TheBloodBeast
Original Fairy Taleby Resident CheesePuff
Its about magic and stuff. Oh and a massacre
  • massacre
  • wolf-spirit
  • death
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Blood Red Sun by LennonLover
Blood Red Sunby LennonLover
This poem is based upon the Myth of Masada. The Sicarri and there families were running from the Romans and found refuge in Masada, which was once a safe haven for Herod...
  • suicide
  • history
  • masada
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The War in the Heavens by TheCrimsonAdmiral
The War in the Heavensby TheCrimsonAdmiral
A thousand years from now, Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer find themselves stuck in a desperate struggle. Michael, the all-powerful angle backed by the king, His Radiance...
  • angels
  • death
  • sci-fi
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