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My Phoenix by Sweet_anime97
My Phoenixby Nikki Mortensen
This is my naruto fanficetion about a love story of Sasuke because I have always love Sasuke, not in a fangirl like Sakura.
A GLIMPSE OF THE FUTUREby saraha___senju
"Where are we?" "THE FUTURE!"
Always Mine by serijae
Always Mineby seri
(Sasuke x Oc) {Was Sarada's Real Mother} ______________________________ Mother And Child 'The Greatest Bond' Father And Daughter 'An Unconditional Embrace' Circumstanc...
Bittersweet Revenge by evaviolet63
Bittersweet Revengeby Eva
Alone, hateful and forced to be a ninja, that much sums up who Eve is. A girl who lost everything dear to her heart - her mother, her sister and her former peaceful lif...
Nikita of the Kiriyu[Naruto Fan fiction] by Valerie_Satomi
Nikita of the Kiriyu[Naruto Fan MiYuSaKi
She was a girl that seen and felt pain. Her family, her clan, her friends. All of them...Died. It was a miracle that she still has a will to live. Others could have just...
𝐈 𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐥 | Sasuke Uchiha by weshko_
𝐈 𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐥 | Sasuke Uchihaby winneky
「 𝐈 𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐥┊'cause all I ever wanted is here 」 ✩ After so much pain, there is no peace, he knows that. There is simply nothing. But then, what is that little firefly s...
The icy kekkei genkai (sasuke x oc) by em234ilia234
The icy kekkei genkai (sasuke x oc)by emilia
They saw me as the Gojo kid with the powers, never as Hanako. That was until I met him. This is the story of Hanako Gojo, an OC inspired by Satoru Gojo. Non massacre A...
The Moon Ninja |Sasuke x Oc| by I_am_inhaling
The Moon Ninja |Sasuke x Oc|by I_amInhaling
"I fucking died to a truck named 'Truck-kun' and maybe an insane barista? What the fuck." Amara Paice was an average, anime-loving child. Or as average as a ch...
𝐃𝐀𝐘𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌. ❪ 𝗌𝖺𝗌𝗎𝗄𝖾.𝗎 ❫ by lcvykuna
𝐃𝐀𝐘𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌. ❪ 𝗌𝖺𝗌𝗎𝗄𝖾.� 𝐊.
Shy, reserved, and innocent. Can Misa become a shinobi? 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘁𝘂𝘀; 𝖼𝗈𝗆𝗉𝗅𝖾𝗍𝖾 ✓ 𝙽𝙰𝚁𝚄𝚃𝙾 𝗌𝖺𝗌𝗎𝗄𝖾 𝗎𝖼𝗁𝗂𝗁𝖺 𝙭 𝖿𝖾𝗆𝖺𝗅𝖾!𝗈𝖼 𝖻𝗈𝗈𝗄 𝗈𝗇𝖾 �...
Sarashi Hatake (kakashi's daughter) by tiger_girl333
Sarashi Hatake (kakashi's daughter)by tiger_girl333
Sarashi's mother died after giving birth to Sarashi leaveing Kakashi to be a widower and single father.Sarashi was trained at age 4 she started getting trained by a now...
Rise of the Senju by PrettyLilyAnime
Rise of the Senjuby PrettyLilyAnime
With the fourth Shinobi world war looming over all of the nations, Haru Senju finds herself stuck in between the Will of fire her ancestors created and the goals of her...
Metanoia: Sasuke Uchiha by VividSprinter
Metanoia: Sasuke Uchihaby VividSprinter
Sasuke and his best friend Rinn grew up in the village together, but by a cruel twist of fate she was taken away for special training merely days after his family was ki...
To Play with Fire (Modern! Sasuke Uchiha) by NikkisDreamin
To Play with Fire (Modern! NikkisDreamin
They were from two completely different worlds. She was sweet and he was sour. She preferred a good fairy tale while he preferred a horror film. They were the exact oppo...
MIRAI  by Sushi_s4ma
MIRAI by Sushi
Team 7 (-kakashi) was suddenly sent to a mysterious room by an unknown voice and simply told them to react to their future. Naruto Shipudden Naruto:The last Sasuke x Rea...
Are you sure your heart is that cold? ~Sasuke Love Story~ by Chakra_nature
Are you sure your heart is that jessica
Rukia holds a deep grudge against everyone. Being an outcast for her whole life has been difficult. Nothing will ever be the same. A jerk not far from her apartmen...
burn [naruto universe fanfic] by breakyouapart
burn [naruto universe fanfic]by sly
𝒅𝒆𝒆𝒑 𝒅𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒊𝒅𝒆, 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒅𝒐𝒏'𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕 𝒕𝒐 𝒃𝒆 𝒂𝒍𝒐𝒏𝒆 It's not a coincidence that Sora ends up in Konoha. And it's not a coincidence that she se...
Phoenix Princess (Sasuke love story) *COMPLETED* by AmeraDragneel
Phoenix Princess (Sasuke love Amera Dragneel
Emiko Shihio is your everyday Shinobi who came from the Village Hidden in the Sand. Or is she? Emi has a powerful kekkei genkai which allows her to talk with the Phoenix...
Ninja's Life Remake by Kiragirl18
Ninja's Life Remakeby Kira
Remake of my original story Ninja's life. I started rereading it and noticed a lot of things that seemed mary sue so I'm fixing it up and making her out to be more belie...