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Cherry Blossoms | The Haruno Sisters  by rave_ren
Cherry Blossoms | The Haruno Author
[Naruto x Reader Various] "Sister to sister, heart to heart, bounded together from the start." Sakura Haruno, wasn't born alone. She was gifted with a twin...
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Cloak (A Naruto Various x Reader fanfic) by Animu_Natura
Cloak (A Naruto Various x Reader Ephidi and Fujo
That damn bloody Cloak... ⚠️ | Naruto does not belong to me | ⚠️ Highest rank: #540 in fanfiction! ✔ Completed ✔ • • • Just a fair warning, this book is horrible. Pleas...
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Yandere Naruto ONESHOTS! X3 by Neko-Sasuke
Yandere Naruto ONESHOTS! X3by misanthropy
I will be taking lemon requests for this as well. Hope you like it peeps! :p Don't forget to vote and follow!
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My Way Of Life by BestWriterReader_18
My Way Of Lifeby Gjean Ranette V Marquez
(Naruto Various! X Reader) "Smile for me....Everyday...." That's the last thing (Y/N) (L/N) Heard from his Brother (B/N). (Y/N) smiled weakly as she watch Fuyu...
  • senseixreader
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The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It!  by rave_ren
The Uzumaki Twins | Believe It! by Author
[Naruto x Reader Various] In this bizarre world of shinobi there lived two extremely clumsy, knuckleheaded ninjas; also know as the Uzumaki Twins. They were inseparabl...
  • temari
  • kakashi
  • narutoxreader
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Naruto Characters X Readers! by ShikasGirlForLife
Naruto Characters X Readers!by GeneralT
Dedicated to all y'all who love Naruto Characters! Also Thank you guys who have read this for getting over 2,000 views!
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Ya Know? 【Naruto Various x Reader 】Under Heavy EDITING  by bbyshownu
Ya Know? 【Naruto Various x mina
[ NarutoVarious x Reader ] [Reader is Naruto's sister ] __________ 《 A story in which two clumsy ninjas find their way to the top. 》 The two are inseparable, they are th...
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11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader] by kkouchii_
11:11 [Naruto!Various! x Reader]by On Hiatus
[Y/N] [L/N] is a Cheerful, Kind and a BIG Otaku who loves the anime called Naruto. She live with her Wicked Step Mother and sisters who seems to boss her around like a m...
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You're My Home  by Anime__5580
You're My Home by Zumoshi
Naruto X (Fem)Reader [COMPLETED] You've been captured by Orochimaru ever since you were little. Being there for years you've slowly lost hope, that is until you meet a c...
  • orochimaru
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  • narutofanfic
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Princess copy kitten (various naruto x OC) by ninja_mika_savage
Princess copy kitten (various Mika savage
kyuma hatake is a 12 year old girl living with her mother (m/n) waiting to become the next keeper princess of her clan, the sugia clan. Then one night her entire clan an...
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Sasuke x Reader •  PAIN  • by bakarima
Sasuke x Reader • PAIN •by 『さくら』
Blunt, stern, and cold he was. Very different from other boys in your eyes. He was perfect, handsome, and any girl would be happy as hell to have him.. But what you didn...
  • sasukeuchiha
  • narutouzumaki
  • fanfiction
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The Girl Who Never Stopped Smiling Various Naruto x Reader by MyseriousThing
The Girl Who Never Stopped MyseriousThing
She was hurt, physically and Mentally but she always wore a grin from ear to ear, because that's who she was: The girl who never stopped smiling. This is a story of y...
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Twisted || Naruto Various x Reader by Byabrie
Twisted || Naruto Various x Readerby Byabrie
The beautiful [Y/n] [L/n] has a questionable past and an unbelievable amount of power. You learn new things about your past and your clan every day, including the fact...
  • itachiuchiha
  • sasuke
  • nejilovestory
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rise » uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto by malikjuana
rise » uchiha sasuke/uzumaki narutoby kushina
→ what he did was despicable, but he's been given the chance to try and put things right one more time. will this opportunity make or break his future? {sequel to mine...
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Naruto characters X reader by KczKoala
Naruto characters X readerby K.C.Zahorodniuk
Naruto one shots
  • hatake
  • uzumaki
  • uchiha
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Zero (A Naruto Various x Reader Fanfiction) by Nvswift
Zero (A Naruto Various x Reader Nvswift
Will (y/n) be able to start over and get over her past? Will she be able to restart from zero? Or will her past overshadow her future? (May create a better description...
  • naruto
  • kibainuzuka
  • sasuke
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Life With A Blonde Shinobi (A Naruto x Uke Male! Reader Story) by Junichiro0304
Life With A Blonde Shinobi (A Junichiro Saruwatari
Y/N was your average fan of Naruto. The only exception to that was that he had the biggest crush on Naruto Uzamaki. After a fight with his parents Y/N re watches his fav...
  • narutoxreader
  • wattys2017
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Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios by emerald_stars
Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenariosby emerald_stars
Just a little something
  • itachi
  • sasori
  • obito
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Float On (Naruto Various x Reader) by feelmelancholy
Float On (Naruto Various x Reader)by Feel Melancholy
Avatar (Y/n) of the Earth Kingdom always lived her life inside metal walls of her city, and now it's time for her to explore the rest of the world! Although it's not eas...
  • sasuke
  • kiba
  • jiraiya
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In time Sasuke x reader x Naruto by Izanami_
In time Sasuke x reader x Narutoby 🐙Anime and kpop🐙
Akuma kami. A girl who was rejected from her clan and was beaten almost to death. Until her Sensei put it to a stop. When they left to the hidden leaf akuma is very frig...
  • anime
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