Neko Yandere X Reader by ThePerfectBlur
Neko Yandere X Readerby Baka
You're new to a school. Not very popular and bad relationship with your parents. You bump into a new face. Will you remain strangers? Will you find out a hidden secret...
  • dealth
  • lemon
  • yanderexreader
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Kisah dunia percintaan si Maya yang penuh liku2 berduri. Kesakitan, kekecewaan hampir membuat si Maya putus harapan namun percayalah akan ada pelangi selepas hujan, ada...
  • jodoh
  • sabahan
  • sadlovestory
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Sin For Me《Katsuki X Villain!Male!reader X Izuku》 by Lazy-mad-hatter
Sin For Me《Katsuki X Villain! Cereza.A Campbell
What happens when you tell the twin of M/n he can't be a hero?M/n turns his back to the world and becomes a villain.M/n runs away from home at a young age and is thought...
  • bnha
  • izuku
  • villainreader
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Ereri/Riren One-Shot❗REQUESTS ARE OPEN❗ by pastel_yaoi_prince
Ereri/Riren One-Shot❗REQUESTS Alexis °•×•°
Here are some lemon and fuff one-shots of Attack on titan favorite yaoi ship. Ereri/Riren!!! May have misspell and grammar mistakes. REQUEST ARE OPEN JUST COMMENT OR MEE...
  • ererifanfic
  • rirenfanfic
  • sweet
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GoodBye [ Jimin X Reader ] by Kpop_trashie
GoodBye [ Jimin X Reader ]by 지국❤️
How does it feel falling in love with your bully? How does it feel dating your bully? Read to find out :) A book full of angsty shit 😉🌚 10K❤️ - July 15 2018 20K❤ - Se...
  • sadending
  • minyoongi
  • fanfic
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I ONLY LOVED YOU ( jjk.fanfic) by jn_minchiii18
I ONLY LOVED YOU ( jjk.fanfic)by
'' I realized that, I ONLY LOVED YOU '' Plagiarism is a crime √
  • jimin
  • sadending
  • wattys2018
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BABAI JODOH by Mayakuatmakan
BABAI JODOHby Maya Kuat Makan
Cerita ini mengisahkan tentang kehidupan saya selepas berkahwin dengan abang kandung tunang saya sendiri. Perkahwinan tanpa cinta ini memang susah. Tapi ini bukan kahwin...
  • sadlovestory
  • sadending
  • cinta
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Nếu mùa hạ ấy, em không gặp anh by sam8602
Nếu mùa hạ ấy, em không gặp anhby Sam
Tác giả: Tuyết Tiểu Thiền Thể loại: Hiện đại, thanh xuân vườn trường, yêu thầm, GE (thiên về SE) Độ dài: 36 chương Đó là tên của một bức tranh sơn dầu. Ngày hôm đó, khi...
  • hiendai
  • sadending
  • thanhxuanvuontruong
It Was My Mistake (Jeon Jungkook ff) by HayleyXiong
It Was My Mistake (Jeon Jungkook HayleyXiong
Every time I close my eyes, I think of her. I regret everything I've done wrong to her. She was my everything and now she's gone. I wanted to be a father, my dreams of h...
  • tragedy
  • bts
  • jungkook
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My Alpha mate  by _1love1_
My Alpha mate by _1love1_
Caroline is your typical 18 years old werewolf nerd. Being in the strongest pack on earth isn't as pleasant as it seems. Her life has been hell since her parents died tr...
  • king
  • caleb
  • sadending
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Shklance one shots!  by hikiomori
Shklance one shots! by juvi
Just a voltron stan writing some trashy stories of my boys
  • keithkogane
  • hunk
  • klance
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Can I Have Your Attention Please by _Mendes_Veteran_
Can I Have Your Attention Pleaseby KC
"I'm Kason Ryhawks, darling. Womanizer. Player. Fuckboy. Whatever you want to call me. And I make peoples' lives a flaming hell." I smirked, a twinkle in my e...
  • cliche
  • homeless
  • romance
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Save Me Not || Jeon Jungkook by -trashcan-
Save Me Not || Jeon Jungkookby D(ADDIE).
Where a girl is thinking of committing suicide and Jungkook tries to stop her. ft. Jeon Jungkook
  • kimnamjoom
  • jimin
  • jin
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Destined to Fight (GhiraLink) by ForestTemple
Destined to Fight (GhiraLink)by 🗡
Connected by a thread of fate, Ghirahim had said. Destined to fight. He wasn't entirely wrong. Six years after the eradication of Demise, that thread pulls Link and Ghir...
  • angst
  • sadending
  • ghirahimxlink
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Love Marathon by TayBookworm
Love Marathonby Tay Li Teng
(At the age of 10) "I like you. Can I be your bride when I grow up so that we can be together forever?" "How can you be my bride? You are a boy. Boy can o...
  • sadness
  • beam
  • depressing
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Hidden Behind Smile || BTS ANGST AU (SLOW UPDATES) by jikook_4eva
Hidden Behind Smile || BTS ANGST erdi1110
"Does trusting you means to leave you?" Who knows what's hidden behind those bright personality? Who knows that the smile was just a fake one to cover the pain...
  • wattys2018
  • sad
  • broken
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Akakuro One-shots  by MyHeartisHollow
Akakuro One-shots by Aimi
~ One shots of Akashi x Kuroko REQUEST'S CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Just basically a bunch of mini stories of Akakuro I take requests and would love to hear anything yo...
  • feelings
  • fluff
  • knb
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Demon Love (Rin Okumura x Reader) by ivegotnojmass
Demon Love (Rin Okumura x Reader)by MARI MARI
[COMPLETED] This is a story about the reader demon and Rin Okumura getting in love they both are demons and they both have a dark past.
  • anime
  • mephisto
  • sadending
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overwatch x reader oneshots by KeiOrtem
overwatch x reader oneshotsby Kei Ortem
I wanna work on my writing, so give me 2 overwatch characters you ship or even a character and you. I'm fine with whatever, lemons, limes, fluff, all that stuff, just le...
  • gency
  • genjixgenericreader
  • zaryaxmei
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Providence by JMH_Writer
Providenceby JMH_Writer
Ryan and Evelyn met one night at a college party, unaware that that one meeting would lead to the formation of an endearing bond between them. Three years later, at the...
  • love
  • bittersweet
  • fate
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