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A Ninken's Recovery by Ash54thegravekeeper
A Ninken's Recoveryby WolfsBane54
Kaito is an abused ninken, who belongs to a band of rogue shinobi. That is until one day he is captured one night when a mission goes wrong. He is captured by the leaf s...
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She's Tragic, He's Magic | A Hozier FanFic by Katrarelyseen
She's Tragic, He's Magic | A Hozie...by Autumn Mayfair
Andrew Hozier-Byrne is in love with the small pixie of a girl that won his heart two years ago. She has a past darker than the night and carries a huge chip on her shoul...
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Two Options by Agnotius
Two Optionsby Agnostos
Choose one. Being the one who leaves? Or Being the one who lost it?
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Another Sleepless Night [Oneshot] by wedgetail_blue
Another Sleepless Night [Oneshot]by Alexis J
After the Battle of New York, Thor has brought Loki back to Asgard and Odin has pronounced his sentence. Loki is to spend the rest of his days in the dungeons. That was...
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NCT Ot21 One Shots by Linkin_Psycho
NCT Ot21 One Shotsby Linkin_Psycho
Title says it, various NCT ships and stories, Prepare for a lot of angst But there will be fluff, too Almost always happy endings If they are not smutty All of the m...
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Am I really that useless? (KagaKuro) by salty_watermelon
Am I really that useless? (KagaKur...by Salty Watermelon
For some reason the Seirin team has been losing their games recently. After the game against Too academy, the team has been completely broken inside. Especially Kuroko. ...
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BMC AU Michael In The Bathroom by AwkwardlyObsessing
BMC AU Michael In The Bathroomby AwkwardlyObsessing
Mature because of some trigger warnings: Self harm, panic attacks, cursing In which, hopefully, I write about the emotional comfort that should've taken place after Mich...
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Broken Trust by BluePlanetTrash
Broken Trustby BluePlanetTrash
Lance is used to being unappreciated on the team but he didn't think that the team would blatantly ignore the efforts that he put in.
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Against All Odds (BBC The Musketeers) by knights-musketeers
Against All Odds (BBC The Musketee...by knights-musketeers
When our four Musketeers are ambushed by a group of dissidents while on their way to Chartres to retrieve some provisions, they are put in a difficult situation where th...
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Fantastic Beasts and What Happened to Them (Pt. 1) by SavingPeter
Fantastic Beasts and What Happened...by Anaik
Newt Scamander has finally returned to New York with his new book, and now after seems like an eternity, the old gang is back, including a reignited spark between Newt a...
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Lost In The Tower by ElenCelebrindal
Lost In The Towerby ElenCelebrindal
Screams coming from the deepest pit of his memory, anguished cries making their way into his mind from outside, ripping at his mind and ears as he finally moved and cove...
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the worst birthday, and after that (Miyuki x Sawamura) by SouYukina
the worst birthday, and after that...by Yukina Sou
Sawamura Eijun had the worst birthday ever. The team is worried about him and Miyuki comes up with a steep idea. What will happen... Warning! Male x Male relationship(s)...
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I love him and you love me! (Miyuki x Sawamura) by SouYukina
I love him and you love me! (Miyuk...by Yukina Sou
"Can you wait for me?" "I won't wait. I'll chase after you until you give in." Warning! Male x Male relationship! Don't like it, don't read it! You'v...
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Lifeline by KuriQuinn
Lifelineby KuriQuinn
The remorse swirls up inside him again, threatening to drown him, but Sakura doesn't leave his side. She murmurs softly in his ear, mostly nonsensical repetitions of &qu...
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Who I Am by AdorkableNovelist
Who I Amby Adorkable Author
Post Series. Veronica is working with her father at Mars Investigations, but gets into a bind that she can't call him in. Even though it's been years since she's seen or...
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To Fall for the Fae | A Hozier FanFic by Katrarelyseen
To Fall for the Fae | A Hozier Fan...by Autumn Mayfair
Andrew Hozier-Byrne unknowingly searches for the woman that pulled him from the bog 3,000 years ago. Unknown to either of them that in this modern world their souls are...
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I am a father?! {Finding myself and the place I belong to: Side story 1, Book 1} by kurenohikari
I am a father?! {Finding myself an...by kurenohikari
Two weeks had passed since Stiles left Beacon Hills. Peter surveyed the changes that happened during that time amused by it all, but enjoying them at the same time. Howe...
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The tale of a summer love by you-make-me-wander
The tale of a summer loveby you-make-me-wander
What happens if you fall in love with your best friend? Lydia meets Stiles when they're only 5 year olds, and the friendship of a lifetime is formed. Can she accept that...
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There (Magic Kaito Spoken Word/Free Verse Poem) by ArcanaJade
There (Magic Kaito Spoken Word/Fre...by ArcanaJade
She tries to hate him, is shocked, betrayed, and hurt, only to realize that he was in more pain than she ever could have been. (Magic Kaito Spoken Word/Free Verse Poem) ...
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