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~ In Between ~ || Jailey Fanfic || by luv_zzz
~ In Between ~ || Jailey Fanfic ||by BROO 😍😍
Jake Sterling and Hailey Austin met at a summer camp when they were very young, and became the best of friends. That is until summer camp ended. The day it ended Hailey...
Hurt  - Story Complete by ScarWinters
Hurt - Story Completeby Winters Scar
Steele tries to make Jenna fall for him, even though she seems to start liking Balto. You are in love with Steele, but your also half dog half wolf like Balto, and Steel...
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Jailey and Drake one shots (the music freaks) by Cheriobowl
Jailey and Drake one shots (the gay.
Hi! I've never done any sort of fanfic before so it may be a bit iffy but I hope I can get better and make fun oneshots for you! All characters belong to rosyclozy and t...
𝑮𝑯𝑶𝑺𝑻 |✔️  by GabriellaPalm
𝑮𝑯𝑶𝑺𝑻 |✔️ by ✨Z. Dragonborn✨
Ghost is a wolf who lives in Nome, Alaska. She has feared the people of Nome and the dogs there. Balto meets her once and feels a strong bond with her. Can they be frie...
My Pervert StepBrother (Taehyung X Y/N) by leylajungkook
My Pervert StepBrother (Taehyung leylajungkook
Taehyung:" I want you... " Y/N:" we can't Tae... " Taehyung:" No metter what I will have you...just wait and we will be together "
Love Like The Star by Achimbyeol
Love Like The Starby Morpho🦋
Summer 'Shamara' is Zyaire's first love but Zyaire doesn't know that Shamara and Summer are the same person. He's been looking for her for a long time and Shamara did th...
Rosy Peach | Jakehoon by Jakeu_Cakeu
Rosy Peach | Jakehoonby 제이크_케이크
The taste of peach still lingered on my lips from the nights before. You glossy pink lips where the taste of peach, I only had a taste but I couldn't help but get myself...
Trust | A TMF  Fanfiction by FanficBookworm452
Trust | A TMF Fanfictionby Chat Noir Simp
Jake is torn between the Music Club and his gang of "friends". He wants to be with the Music Club but he doesn't want to get bullied so he continues hanging ou...
♫𝑇𝑀𝐹 𝑂𝑛𝑒 𝑆ℎ𝑜𝑡 𝐵𝑜𝑜𝑘♫ (Requests Open) by JakeSimp123
♫𝑇𝑀𝐹 𝑂𝑛𝑒 𝑆ℎ𝑜𝑡 𝐵𝑜𝑜𝑘♫ ( ♬ 𝕁𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕊𝕚𝕞𝕡 ♬
Welcome to my TMF One Shot book! Here I will be writing stories about @RosyClozy amazing characters. DM me if you have a request, I would love to do it! I don't do illeg...
Of All People, Why You (St. Mary's U Series #2) by MeganChinita
Of All People, Why You (St. Mary' Zam ♡
I can say I'm typical type of a girl. Yung tipo na mabilis magkaroon ng crush sa isang guy. Noong una, mahiyain ako. Kapag may crush ako, itinatago ko lang. But as time...
Truth or Dare Blamasu  by gkhaliq
Truth or Dare Blamasu by Rosy
Hello mortals, Rosy here and we are going to be doing a truth and dare\ask book for you all ask us anything, hear me out, there will be some nsfw/smut/lemon here, so if...
A Hidden Purpose (Shadow x OC Book 2) by ryahdenisetamayo
A Hidden Purpose (Shadow x OC ryahdenisetamayo
It's been a week since New Year's Day and everyone is having a great time! It's Runa's first day in G.U.N. Agent along with the five chao. They were put together in a te...
The music freaks oneshots/smut by WpSapnap
The music freaks oneshots/smutby Nightmare Rose
I'm really here, in this world?! YAY!(Naruto fan fiction) (ON HOLD!!) by LOLmythLOL
I'm really here, in this world?! a maaadd name
On hold!! Sorry guys, but my last years of school have hit me hard and I find it hard to find time for this story. I'm continuing writing but not on this account. I find...
Little Diego was roaming around and suddenly saw a beautiful little saber cub named Shira. He immediately went up to her and became very best friends. They started to li...
🎶 | The Music Freaks | Book of the Series | A The Music Freaks Fanfic by AquaGacha123
🎶 | The Music Freaks | Book of ❃Lily❃
Heyo everyone! I'm kinda trying something new today UwU This is a book of the very popular Gacha series, The Music Freaks!! Written by yours truly UwU. Just wanted to c...
The Alone Girl by CarbonMoon
The Alone Girlby Abbie
Avery wants nothing more than to read in her tree away from people, away from the family that she ran away from but what happens when she meets the sweet and kind Alpha...
💬 | What is going on?! | The Music Club Group Chat | A The Music Freaks Fanfic by AquaGacha123
💬 | What is going on?! | The ❃Lily❃
Hailey makes a group chat for the club XD All characters belong to RosyClozy!
rosy | a loona fanfiction by loonathelatte
rosy | a loona fanfictionby loonathelatte
SEMI HIATUS where an all girls training school is spilt into twelve cohorts of twelve there is romance along the way, and of course a bit of drama ~usually 500-1500words...
Jayde the Hedgehog • Rising Adversity [2] by LostInYesteryear
Jayde the Hedgehog • Rising LostInYesteryear
COMPLETED Book 1: Jayde and the Seven Shards Book 2: Rising Adversity [A/N: definitely recommended to read the first book to understand this book better] --- Every Mobi...