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Weak by caesarhamato22
Weakby The Holy Chalupa
"I didn't want to seem weak." Chase doesn't like to ask for help if he thinks he doesn't need it. He's the only police pup in Adventure Bay (that we know of)...
My First And Only  by kekeisme123
My First And Only by lyrical.writings
Explicit Content 💦👅 2 Kids In Love Tryna Make It. 😩
Chance by BroDab
Chanceby Lucy
Devin is a warlock, the most powerful one yet. But he's a teenager and full power comes to only adults. As random creatures begin attacking humans, and most importantly...
Recommended Books by Soda_Freak
Recommended Booksby Lala
This is a list of recommended books that I have enjoyed so far. They range from many different genres. Each of the books if still on Wattpad can be found in my reading l...
Laurance X Garroth FanFiction!!!!!! WARNING IS FOR MATURE AUDIANCE!!!!  by LiterallTrash123
Laurance X Garroth LiterallTrash123
Swasan-enough For Eachother by hellomyalienvmin
Swasan-enough For Eachotherby hellomyalien
'Thank you for being in my life' Completed
Recommended Books 2 by Soda_Freak
Recommended Books 2by Lala
This is a list of recommended books that I have enjoyed so far. They range from many different genres. Each of the books if still on Wattpad can be found in my reading...
The orphan and the clown Jerome Valeska by harleyquinn64
The orphan and the clown Jerome Lee Silfee
Chance was a runaway and Jerome is the one who found who found her in one of the trailers and soon he befriends the small quiet girl. Now four years later the two are be...
The Mystery Girl by taylorwritesdreams
The Mystery Girlby taylor.writes
Emmaline Johnson is a 18-year old girl who has dealt with things that no girl should deal with. She deals with this the best way possible which has caused her to do thin...
EAH: Dizzie Fanfic by fangirl_queen_ouat_
EAH: Dizzie Fanficby Red
This is a Dizzie story! I do not own any EAH things, I hope you will all enjoy! Also, some mention of Rexter and Huntlynn! Some of Kitty Cheshire too.
Super Pops: A Totally Tv Teen Original Show by Lumna10
Super Pops: A Totally Tv Teen Lumna10
Information about characters I really like which romance is my favorite, which spin-off Episodes are my favorite and which songs are my favorite with lyrics written down...
Gibbs Rules by booksadict11
Gibbs Rulesby booksadict
this are the Rules from the one and only Leroy Jethro Gibbs <3
Stuck In Black Butler!!! (Slow Update)  by vasachirock2005
Stuck In Black Butler!!! (Slow Kuro girl 101
Alex (your name) has always been an open but complicated being she's grown up around people who have always misunderstand her and tease her for being different due to he...
Read Books & Love Wattpad by mtlove
Read Books & Love Wattpadby M&Ms
These are some really good books that I love on wattpad personally. We all get a time even if your new to Wattpad or have been here for years, where we need a FRICKING g...
Wings of fire e' reader by Puffin90065
Wings of fire e' readerby Puffin90065
Action packed, love, edventure, and dragons. the full packege!
Diriliş Chat  by Alxxza23
Diriliş Chat by Aleeza x
What if all Diriliş Ertuğrul characters have a chat? ... Read this story to find out! This is just a fanfic. This is a hilarious comic-type book. Y'all will luv it! ...
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Yurio x Otabek  by totally_me23rt
Yurio x Otabek by Angelic
Love at first sight Yurio and Otabek meet up at the local cafe and Otabek surprises Yurio with something that could lead to the most amazing or tragic event of their liv...
Short Stories! by Raythewriterforever
Short Stories!by Ray Tag
This is a collection of short stories by me! If I have a friend who wrote it I will tag them in it! If you have any suggestions, please tell me! I am always happy to wri...
Digimon x Reader (On-Hold) by RJ_Star
Digimon x Reader (On-Hold)by R.A.
Hey if your looking for a story that puts u with the gang in the first generation and go on the same journey as them then read this!