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Contract Marriage with Mr. Kim Taehyung  by kimkookie570
Contract Marriage with Mr. Kim Tae...by kimkookie570
y/n is a poor girl who lives with her auntie and uncle. who doesn't care about her . But they need her cause they gonna use her for their business by getting her married...
The First Light by AelinAshryver07
The First Lightby AELIN
" One black coffee." A deep voice said and I snapped my head to the side to see a raven head and as he turned, my eyes found the devastatingly beautiful featur...
Anastasius  by WhyIzzGamora
Anastasius by WhyIzzGamora
This is a male Anastasia x reader (female) It follows the plot of the movie Anastasia, and all the credits go to fox and disney. If you have any thoughts while you read...
MY PROFESSOR IS MY COLD HUSBAND by the_sweetest_moment
you as park soo jin marrying Kim teahyung because of his parents but he didn't like it.He is a professor and a coming up CEO of Kim industry.He treat you like a student...
Unexpected Pregnancy by hearttoheart2
Unexpected Pregnancyby heart to heart
Jungkook: we both are young i stil had to make my career. Your dreams and all. We can't do this and what will i tell my parents? I make a guy pregnant? Jimin: ....... It...
اوركيدتي السوداء|| My black orchid  by SarangKim071
اوركيدتي السوداء|| My black orchid by Sarang Kim
من كان ليصدق ان فتاه بعمر الثامنة عشر ستكون مطلوبه من قِبل اقوى مافيا بالبلاد لحيازتها على شئ يبيح لها دمارهم؟ كان هو العميل المُرسل لجلب ما يخص زعيمه ولكن لم يحدث ذلك...
Must Read Tagalog Stories by Simpleme6
Must Read Tagalog Storiesby shadow
Tagalog Stories That You've Surely Love To Read! ^___^
wings of fire: Flash of hope ( abandoned :( ) by Mariefollet76
wings of fire: Flash of hope ( aba...by Marie Follet
(Winter is a female in this story). After seeing Qibli with Moon, Winter decides to leave forever. But she will take with her some unexpected things... or sooner someone
Hearts Ensnared: A Mafia Seduction. by JulianneCol27
Hearts Ensnared: A Mafia Seduction.by Beks
"You strangled me like an addiction, Ophelia. And I'd rather never breath again if not breathing the same air as yours." -----♡----- Killian Salvatore, the fea...
Fantasy | Completed by straight4zade
Fantasy | Completedby straight4zade
Book 2: The East Series "All my life I lived in complete Fantasy. Never believed anything or anyone could hurt me...until that day when I was 5. The day I lost all...
Transformers *My Little Sister* Book Two by Midnight_433334
Transformers *My Little Sister* Bo...by Midnight_433334
Moonlight is back.Two years has past since she reunited with her two older brothers. Optimus Prime and Megatron. Careful with what you wish. Cause that wish could come...
My Chance by ghostlyprogram
My Chanceby ghostlyprogram
Astro goes to the surface and finds his new 'family' but one member stands out.
Meeting Him  |✔| by chocolateballoon
Meeting Him |✔|by RoyalBloodQueen
I wish I had met you sooner, so I could love you longer. ••••••••••••••••••• "Zavian!!" I shouted as I stood in front in front of Jason. "Iris, move."...
Nashville One Shots by MissyDoe2017
Nashville One Shotsby Lynn Walker
What trouble could they all get into.....
Whattpad's best reads by thatsilentarmy
Whattpad's best readsby thatsilentarmy
All my favourite stories (ONLY COMPLETED BOOKS) with a great plot, good grammar, and interesting characters!
The White Sharingan by Soulranger555
The White Sharinganby Soul
Reave hatake is a child of adultry as well as the jinchiriki for the nine tails. Reave has a unique sharingan and even more unique squad mates that help him find a purpo...
my grizzly bear by claire_bear1997
my grizzly bearby claire_bear1997
Lucy Ann Kingston is a 23 year old 5 foot kind loving and innocent girl who has never had a boyfriend let alone her first kiss. she has long red hair and emerald green e...
Jonathan x dio (is this love or torture?) by EarthySlay
Jonathan x dio (is this love or to...by JenzBombian 🫤
Jonathan was a good, honest, kind, and positive men who could be a great son to his father, but when dio came to his life all hell broke lose, dio would bully him and be...