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🦖Life Finds a Way🦕 by awhlqvely
🦖Life Finds a Way🦕by awhlqvely
We thought it would be fun... We thought we'd be safe... But. We didn't realize the horror for us... Waiting on the island... Claws, teeth, screaming. So much screaming...
Camp Cretaceous (Kenji x Reader)  by TarciK
Camp Cretaceous (Kenji x Reader) by TarciK
You're Dave's niece. You were in Jurassic World many times before already. And Dave got you into Camp Cretaceous. You're a bit introverted but always stand up for others...
By Your Side (JWCC Darius x Oc) by FlamingRiver06
By Your Side (JWCC Darius x Oc)by FlamingRiver06
Evelyn Grady is Owen Grady's daughter. Evelyn is the T-Rex trainer at Jurassic world. When Evelyn's dad tells her she has to go to Camp Cretaceous she never expected wha...
Grim, Speak the Shadows by spiderwiz
Grim, Speak the Shadowsby Spiderwiz
Hunter thought he knew what he was--a teen prodigy, the emperor's right hand man, and a powerless witch who was given a chance--but after infiltrating Hexside and accide...
Hunters  escape  by Chocolate_chip207
Hunters escape by Roi breadbox
Takes place right after the events of "hollow mind" Hunter goes on the run from belos and becomes a part of the clawthorns. Falling for edric in the process
Feral by MooneWriting
Feralby Moone
A lot happens to the Camp Cretaceous kids once they make it off the island. It's not easy for life to return to normal. Their families notice, they can see it everyday a...
Alone Time by MooneWriting
Alone Timeby Moone
There's only so much to think about when you're alone. Darius try as he might, can't help but suffer alone. This was his plan after all. Still that doesn't erase the new...
The Bards (Y/N X The Owl House) by justyourfriendlybard
The Bards (Y/N X The Owl House)by hales
y/n is 16 lives in the castle, and is in the bard coven, Raine is their mentor. What will happened in this relationship? Will Raine replace their deadbeat parents? Who k...
The Owl House group Chat -By Raine by Toh_OfficalRaine
The Owl House group Chat -By Raineby Raine Whispers
Seen alot, and though I could make some I mean, I have alot of stuff thats happened to me- MY BEST RATINGS #1 in Eber and WillowxHunter #2 in Lilith, Raeda and GusxMatth...
ᴊᴏᴜʀɴᴇʏ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ɪꜱʟᴀɴᴅ (Darius Bowman x Reader) by RomanticWaltz2764
ᴊᴏᴜʀɴᴇʏ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ɪꜱʟᴀɴᴅ (Darius Bowm...by Jaмιe
You loved dinosaurs. It was a given fact that everyone around you knew. Having dreams of seeing them walk in front of you in living flesh, and when you heard that there...
Dino Jurassic squad (completed) by Tacidiacon
Dino Jurassic squad (completed)by Tacidiacon
Veloci is speeding up his efforts to return the world to the dinosaurs while other companies work to control the genetic power that has just been released. This fanfitio...
If Only We Knew - Camp Cretaceous - (Brooklynn x Male Reader) by anokwriter69
If Only We Knew - Camp Cretaceous...by anokwriter
(Y/N) is a normal kid who just turned 16, with a 30 million subscribers on your gaming YouTube channel that has been on the decline recently. He has just been invited to...
The Owl House x Reader One-Shots // StarRadio (REQUESTS CLOSED) by StarRadio
The Owl House x Reader One-Shots...by StarRadio
Just me doing random stuff so I don't have to commit to one main storyline because I'm bad at that lol Things I Will Do: Platonic/Friendships Romantic Things I Will NO...
Welcome To Jurassic Hell by HarrietJ12
Welcome To Jurassic Hellby Harriet J. Perry
Blake Pincus, the twin sister of Ben Pincus, isn't exactly like her brother in many aspects. She doesn't carry hand sanitizer around everywhere she goes, she doesn't fea...
From Rejected to Rogue by ElizabethClark9
From Rejected to Rogueby Elizabeth Cassady
[Read Disclaimer at the end of the description] Created by ElizabethClark9 PLEASE DON'T COPY! "No, I'm not your mate and I never ever will be I reject a worthless...
The Goo of a Broken Heart by Captain_Ridiri
The Goo of a Broken Heartby Captain_Ridiri
This is a fanfiction of Alador x Darius Prompt: What if the rivalry between Alador and Darius is because of a broken promise to marry each other?
The owl house group chat by EggoPancake
The owl house group chatby Eggo Waffle
I've seen many of these so I thought why not make my own
Camp Cretaceous: Apex Predator  by Don_Hoodini
Camp Cretaceous: Apex Predator by Hayama_soma Leonardo
You're an interesting person to say the least. You're unique, you can eat more than your body weight, people gets warnings in their head around you to be cautious for un...
The Owl House Hunter/Golden Guard oneshots by BunnyKittyGirl
The Owl House Hunter/Golden Guard...by BunnyKittyGirl
oneshots about Hunter/The Golden Guard, I will be taking requests as well as putting down my own ideas. conditions rules, and more will be in the first chapter.
His Alpha Her Omega (COMPLETED) by MexicanChihuahua497
His Alpha Her Omega (COMPLETED)by Broken Wolf
Darius Jackson isn't your average werewolf he is an omega. The only omega to be exact. He is the pack punching bag and is abused in many ways. His family always thought...