Psychopath Brothers (Dobre Fanfic) by dragon_dobre_army
Psychopath Brothers (Dobre Fanfic)by Dragon_Dobre_Army
WARNING: If you want to use my ideas please ask cause I hate Copycats. Story Description: The Dobre brothers are known for their wild killing sprees all over the United...
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Married To Dobre  by zariahunter
Married To Dobre by Zaria Hunter
"Hi! We're the Dobre Brothers and we do backflips!" "Hi! We're Zara and Mara and we're to lazy to do backflips!" Meet Zara and Mara! No, they aren't...
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My Childish Psycho Boyfriend by Dark_Ace99
My Childish Psycho Boyfriendby S O N I X
" si doll dawn ay para lamang Kay baby darius" Sabi niya habang hawak hung kamay KO at kumakain ng lollipop niya . "Ang aagaw Kay doll dawn ay papatayin n...
  • killing
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Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete*** by romolavinia91
Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete***by Lavinia
Warning!!!! This is a first draft. If you want the new edited version please check out "Royal Pain (Rewritten)" I will be continuing the story in that book fro...
  • brothers
  • deva
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Dobre Smut by Maddidog
Dobre Smutby BloodHOUND
R rated Me(Maddison) and my best friend (Ayssa) go to LA for the first time and meet the Dobre Bros. I'm 20 years old and Ayssa's 18, Ayssa's little sister is 17 years o...
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Trapped with my bully // Marcus Dobre by itsmehulyssess
Trapped with my bully // Marcus Do...by Itsmehbich
Read it to find out
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Lyanna ✔ by HerMajestyMaha
Lyanna ✔by ☞Maha☜
*Completed* A lady must be kind, patient and beautiful. A lord must be ruthless, strong and bold. For Lady Lyanna and Lord Darius, their duty to the realm has always bee...
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  • historical-fiction
  • romance
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Dyrus (Darius x Cyrus Fanfic) by dragon_dobre_army
Dyrus (Darius x Cyrus Fanfic)by Dragon_Dobre_Army
This idea originally came from @dobrepauler so check out her book about Cyrus and Darius too if it's still up or she might have taken it down. A Cyrus and Darius Love s...
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League Of Legends: Champion Lores by disnoca
League Of Legends: Champion Loresby disnoca
This is a book with the lores of the League of Legends Champions. Each one of these tell a little (or big) story about League of Legends Champions. All of these lores ar...
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Ignite by siouxxanne
Igniteby sueanne
Leona, Alpha of the Flame Shadows, one of the most cold-hearted female Alphas around, with one traumatic past that cant seem to leave her. Domenico, top warrior of the...
  • werewolf
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Connection {A Cyrus Dobre Story} by skatergirl1345
Connection {A Cyrus Dobre Story}by Haley
"You really like him don't you." Dari asks me sitting next to me. "Yeah I do." I say looking down at the gym floor. "Do something about it.&q...
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In love with Darius Dobre by dobre_army_01
In love with Darius Dobreby Dobre_Army
These book is about a girl(aka you)in love with Darius Dobre and you live in L.A and well read to find out more and warning some of this might be a little dirty
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Love Bites (Cyrus Dobre Fanfic) by dragon_dobre_army
Love Bites (Cyrus Dobre Fanfic)by Dragon_Dobre_Army
WARNING: If you want to use my ideas please ask cause I hate Copycats. A/N: This was when Cyrus had blonde hair. Lola had a normal life till a hot vampire named Cyrus D...
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Instagram M.D by ybntay
Instagram M.Dby NUMBA NIE
- @marusdobre followed you. - @lucas_dobre followed you. - Highest ranking: #2 in marcusdobre
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The Sights of Orsterra [Octopath Traveler Oneshots] by DrunkPenguinDying
The Sights of Orsterra [Octopath T...by TheSecondOne
REQUESTS OPEN Will update randomly, so please be patient. I do X Reader, Ships, and Scenarios, but NOT LEMONS OR LIMES. I accept requests in comments and in PM. Please b...
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~Married with my Bully~ (A Marcus Dobre FanFiction by foolish4you
~Married with my Bully~ (A Marcus...by mvltifanfic
Marcus Dobre bullies Lidia but soon has an arranged marriage with her. Read to find out what happens next!
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  • cyrusdobre
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My Boyfriend- Marcus Dobre  by nana14278
My Boyfriend- Marcus Dobre by nana14278
This book is going to be filled with all types of things such as love hate fantasy cheaters friends secrets And a whole lot of others stuff with yours truly MARCUS DOBRE
  • hate
  • beststoryever
  • love
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Welcome Back Dobre by zariahunter
Welcome Back Dobreby Zaria Hunter
Book 2 baby! Wooooo! If you have not yet read the first book, Married To Dobre, read it! I'm pretty sure you would want to get the connection with the characters and tha...
  • darius
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Love with a vampire vol.2 by Savagekathryn14
Love with a vampire vol.2by Savagekathryn14
Part 2 baby!!! If you haven't seen the first one, go check it out first then read this
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Full Moon Rising (Dobre Fanfic) by dragon_dobre_army
Full Moon Rising (Dobre Fanfic)by Dragon_Dobre_Army
WARNING: If you want to use my ideas please ask cause I hate Copycats. Story Description: Alex moved to Maryland to start a new life with her best friend named Lizzie. T...
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