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Kokichi Ouma head cannons by abbyreese13
Kokichi Ouma head cannonsby ★Violet The Hedgehog★
Just random head cannons about one of my favourite characters of all time~ Also yes I know that head canon is spelt wrong... I'm not changing it though-
  • oma
  • ouma
  • kokichi
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His 3 Year Wishes by hlamin_taetzukook
His 3 Year Wishesby hlamin_taetzukook
"Three years ago you made a wish to find a girl that would bring you happiness and would always be there with you" she said with teary eyes "So I came to...
  • fanfic
  • mina
  • fairytale
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Imagine NCT (requests - OPEN) by UDreamof127
Imagine NCT (requests - OPEN)by 🔥🌻🔥
Legal Members Only for 18+. Smut & Fluff Do not force me to do anything
  • nct127smut
  • fluffimagine
  • imagine
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My Possessive Billionaire by oreolover4ever1290
My Possessive Billionaireby oreolover4ever1290
He pinned me to the wall, putting both of my arms over my head. At this point, the both of us were just staring intensely at each other. He then whispered something that...
  • love
  • billionaire
  • boyfriend
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STELLAR ACADEMY✔ by MoiSelle_Unicorn
Stellar Academy. [School for supernaturals] "In order to have power is to take it" ©All rights reserved MoiSelle_Unicorn's Fantasy Collection started: Feb 6...
  • stellar
  • power
  • astrals
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#Sprousehart by babydaddyy
#Sprousehartby Alexandra Grey
"the more you hide your feelings for someone,the more you fall for them" Started on:April 16,2017
  • sprouse
  • dylan
  • costars
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His Damsel In Distress . by chocolatesandcandies
His Damsel In Distress .by chocolatesandcandies
An Islamic love story of Aamir Khan and Afrah huzaif Abdallah.. Currently under proper EDITING!! COMPLETED!!!
  • lovestory
  • islamic
  • islamiclovestory
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Bodyguard; Seulrene ✓ by blackvelstaethics
Bodyguard; Seulrene ✓by (•ө•)
"Ride me." Credits to @dnthrs for the book cover and for editing the book itself
  • fictional
  • irenexseulgi
  • seulgixirene
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Life Going Wild With Plug-Ins (MM translation) by horumi
Life Going Wild With Plug-Ins ( Jue🌸
ကိုယ္ပိုင္ကမ႓ာတစ္ခုကိုစိတ္တိုင္းက်ဖန္တီးၿပီးဝင္ေနထိုင္လို႔ရေနတဲ့ေခတ္ႀကီးမွာ mcတစ္ေယာက္ကေတာ့ကမ႓ာတစ္ခုကိုမေတာ္တဆဖန္တီးမိသြားတယ္ အဲ့ကမ႓ာထဲကိုမေျပာမဆိုေရာက္သြားၿပီးအဲ့ဒီကမ႓ာ...
  • translation
  • comedy
  • drama
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best friends brother by bellevo
best friends brotherby bellevo
Just read it ;)
  • rich
  • falling
  • drama
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Love i never knew... (bwwm) by shyone123
Love i never knew... (bwwm)by shyone123
This is one of many stories I have been trying to write but didn't know where to start. I adore the black woman, white man relationship as I have been in a couple and da...
  • interracial
  • fictional
  • love
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My Secret Life With Dad by someone1996
My Secret Life With Dadby Someone
Hayden Collins a simple teenager with a simple life but when he develops a forbidden relationship he must face the consequences of his new secret life, how long is he go...
  • forbidden
  • boyxman
  • sexual
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The Difference Between Us ? by fashionistacraz
The Difference Between Us ?by fashionistacraz
As she vigorously fought six men to their demise. She thought that the men's bulky figures were unassuming due to steriods and their horrible knowledge in fighting. They...
  • spies
  • love
  • romance
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Marvel one shots and preferences by MarvelGal0
Marvel one shots and preferencesby CarolBaby
A collection of one shots and preferences about my(and I hope your) favorite people in this whole friggin universe!?? Includes Tony Stark Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes Steph...
  • avengers
  • preferences
  • fluff
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PLOT IDEAS by ParkChop
PLOT IDEASby mischief
Need help with ideas for your book? You have come to the right place! (Also available for fanfiction purposes)
  • bookplot
  • fanfiction
  • winner
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My Gif Imagines by Sawyer_Cade_Howelter
My Gif Imaginesby Sawyer Skywalker Jackson Mell...
You may request just look at the form (First Page). The imagines start out short then become longer. I tired to make them gender neutral. I do not own any characters!
  • fictional
  • nico
  • potter
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nicotine ✧ shadowhunters by wingsofhyun
nicotine ✧ shadowhuntersby *・῾ ᵎ⌇sabrina.
❝I taste you on my lips and I can't get rid of you, so I say, 'Damn your kiss and the awful things you do!', yeah, you're worse than nicotine.❞ Rosie has always known th...
  • benoist
  • alec
  • abc
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last composition ↪️ x l.jh ✔️ by daredevil_king
last composition ↪️ x l.jh ✔️by Trés
❝ Kwon Soonyoung ❞ ❝ Hmm? ❞ ❝ I love you ❞ - A story in which the korean boy band, Seventeen, got in an accident that causes them to lost a precious and important member.
  • junhao
  • chan
  • angst
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Secrets and School by James_Thomas_Louis
Secrets and Schoolby James_Thomas_Louis
Jake is your average teenager... well almost. Jake was born as a little girl named Jade. He has been accepted by his parents and siblings as female to male transgender...
  • femaletomale
  • friendship
  • selfharm
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The Strongest MC by WhitePewDiePie
The Strongest MCby WhitePewDiePie
Story of a person dying then being reincarnated in a cultivation world
  • adventure
  • anime
  • system
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