My Muted Alpha

My Muted Alpha

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Rhea Grey has been traveling the world for her mate, looking aimlessly for many years with no luck. Disappointed and with little hope left, she decides to return back to her old pack and try her luck one last time. Little did Rhea know, her mate was not just an Alpha, but he had been broken beyond repair.

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I just realized, in Greek mythology,Kronos and Rhea are married. The Greek Myth part of their marriage is slightly disgusting though, crossing my fingers Kronos doesn't decide to eat his children (if he ever has any) in this book and I just kinda fangirled over Greek Mythology didn't I?
cocoflake cocoflake Jul 12
Well how about a different racial lead or different racial love interest too?🤨
I like the way white wolves look but I'm almost positive that you're talking about their skin color then which I agree more diversity is needed
JustSwam JustSwam Jul 09
And, I mean, they don't have to read it, this book is pretty much YOUR opinion. :)
Im really looking forward to this book, the last one i read like this was called "her human mate" and i thoroughly enjoyed it
crynge_ crynge_ 5 days ago
this book caught my attention because rhea is my sisters name and i usually don’t see her name, or mine, used very often as main characters in books. but i’m actually really excited to read it, it seems really interesting