Second Chance At Life. Second Chance At Love.

Second Chance At Life. Second Chance At Love.

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Sinead By IrishShewolf Completed

Katie Knight found her mate at the age of 16 and were madly in love. But when he dies after a rogue attack he makes her promise that she will find someone else to love and start a family. Grief stricken she goes rogue running for 6 months. She is heartbroken to find out that she cant have pups after she is attacked and raped by a group of rogues. Depressed with her life, she decides that life isn't worth living.

That is until she meets a group of young children aged 2-12, all orphans when their pack was attacked and parents killed. She finally found a reason to live. She adopts them and becomes their mother.

Now a year later aged 17, her and her family are still running rogue. Except they are trained in fighting and are the most strongest rogue pack in the world. They gain respect as packs around the world ask for help.

Katie and her family have a new mission. Fly to California and train the Blue Moon Pack.

What happens when Katie meets the Alpha and pack?